Here at Instrumental Global we offer tips and guides on how to learn to play music in the comfort of your own home.

Before we built this site, we noticed that the music industry is not catered for enough for home learning.

Sure, you will find some websites that help; but few if any provide detailed and more importantly honest reviews.

We are here to give our readers the most helpful and insightful information they need in order to help them make the most informative decision they can when buying equipment, softwares and online music courses.

We also offer in depth reviews of the latest online music courses for learning guitar, piano and also improving your singing voice. 

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You don’t need expensive one to one lessons anymore to learn to play guitar.

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Can You Learn to Sing or is it Natural?

Do you want to improve you singing voice; but don’t want to get expensive lessons?

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Do you want to learn to play piano in the comfort of your own home?

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What Your Choice of Guitar Style Could Say About You

The guitar style you decided to play can say a lot about your personality. Music impacts us in different ways. Some people like rock, blues, classical, country, heavy metal, jazz, and a wide range of other genres. When we are younger, we may gravitate to one specific genre, such as

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Best Guitar for Grunge

In the 1990s through the early 2000s, grunge guitar was quite popular. This style of music uses power chords, loud distortion, And a lot of riffs. There aren’t as many solos in grunge guitar compared to rock music or heavy metal. This music does take some influence from punk rock, rock,

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How to Improve Piano Technique

The piano is a wonderfully expressive instrument and many new players dream about running their fingers on the notes to create exciting music. However, we all have to start somewhere, and playing in a large venue may be a distant dream, for now. If you’re really passionate about learning piano,

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How to Practice Piano Without a Piano

A traditional piano can take up a lot of space in your home and many people ask the question “Can I learn piano if I don’t have a piano?”. Sadly, the short answer is no. But, there are some techniques that you can practice to improve your playing when you

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Am I Too Old to Learn Piano?

A desire to learn piano is laudable, but some people don’t follow their dream later in life because they believe they are too old. But, studies have shown that playing an instrument can improve your memory and reduce stress at any age. If you play with other musicians, you can

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Best 1/2 Size Guitars

For younger students and those new to the guitar, it’s often difficult to play a full-size guitar. Younger children will struggle with a regular guitar and may end up quitting as a result. Thankfully, you can buy what are called ½ sized guitars which are ideal for younger students that are

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