Here at Instrumental Global we offer tips and guides on how to learn to play music in the comfort of your own home.

Before we built this site, we noticed that the music industry is not catered for enough for home learning.

Sure, you will find some websites that help; but few if any provide detailed and more importantly honest reviews.

We are here to give our readers the most helpful and insightful information they need in order to help them make the most informative decision they can when buying equipment, softwares and online music courses.

We also offer in depth reviews of the latest online music courses for learning guitar, piano and also improving your singing voice. 

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You don’t need expensive one to one lessons anymore to learn to play guitar.

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Can You Learn to Sing or is it Natural?

Do you want to improve you singing voice; but don’t want to get expensive lessons?

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Do you want to learn to play piano in the comfort of your own home?

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Best 3/4 Size Guitars

Most guitars are regular size, but there is a problem with these instruments for some players. Younger children may find it hard to hold a full-size dreadnought acoustic, making it difficult for them to learn to play properly which leads to frustration and eventually quitting. Older players may find a

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What Is the Difference Between a Riff and a Lick?

As a guitar player, you have probably heard the terms riff and lick, but you may not know how to distinguish the two of them. In this article, we’ll take a look at the two terms, so you finally understand them. We tend to get the terms riff and lick

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How Often Should You Change Your Strings?

All guitars eventually need a string change. Your instrument will sound better with a fresh set of strings on it. You may not know how often you should be changing the strings on your guitar. This guide will help you determine when to make a proper change. Why Change Guitar

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Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under $500

It can be difficult to find the best acoustic/electric guitar under $500. This guide takes a look at several of these guitars that you can get for a reasonable price. All of these instruments would be suitable for beginners or intermediate players looking to purchase their first acoustic-electric guitar. Purchasing

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Can Anyone Learn How to Sing? (And How to Go About It)

Experts say that anyone who can talk can sing. Except for physical disabilities or disease, any individual can learn how to sing reasonably well. It does require some training and effort to sing intermediate to advanced songs. Nevertheless, you do not need any musical background, inherent genetics, or family history

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Top 7 Best Guitar Amps With Built-In Digital Effects in 2021

Looking for a guitar amp with built-in digital effects? From wireless marvels to powerhouse portable amps, from workhorses to premium options, we’ve rounded up the best options available to help you make the right choice. Musicians are tremendously hungry for portability and convenience. In fact, the early digital amps like

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