Best Multi Effects Pedal Under $300

best multi effects pedal under $300

There are thousands of different effects units on the market and picking the best multi effects pedal under $300 can be particularly tricky, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Effects units or pedals are electronic devices through which you can alter the sound of a specific musical instrument such as electric guitar and bass … Read more

Best Weighted Keyboards Under 300

Best Weighted Keyboard Under 300

I’ll be honest right from the get go; there aren’t many options available for the best weighted keyboards under 300. If you want a good weighted keyboard piano, I think you might need to willing to spend a little more but I will give you best options I can find under $300. Alesis Recital The … Read more

Yamaha P45 vs P71 | Which One is Better?

Yamaha P45 vs P71

If you are reading this, you are more than likely looking to buy a digital piano and are stuck between two options – the Yamaha P45 vs P71. Ok, first off, you are heading in the right direction. Both the Yamaha P45 and P71 are excellent digital pianos. Both the P45 & P71 are designed … Read more

Learning Guitar at 30

Learning Guitar In Your 30's

Learning to guitar at 30 might sound a little daunting. You might think you need to learn from a young age or maybe you won’t be able to find the time around your busy schedule. I am here to guide you in the right direction and show how easy it can be to learn guitar … Read more

Best Digital Pianos for Classical Pianists | Top 5 Picks

Best Digital Pianos for Classical Pianists

Classical pianists take their piano playing to whole other level. They are passionate about playing and have an acute ear for sound quality. Performance and sound quality are crucial to meet their demands. Now if you are reading this post, you are likely looking for the best digital pianos for classical pianists. I have compiled … Read more

YAMAHA P-45 Review

Yamaha P-45 Review

The Yamaha P-45 is probably one of the most popular and best keyboard pianos for beginners. For the performance you get and features like hammer weighted keys, it’s easy to see why the P-45 is so popular. But let’s go into some more details and find out is it right for you? Here’s my full … Read more

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