Zoom G3XN Vs Boss Gt1

zoom g3xn vs boss gt1

In this post we are looking at two amazing multi effects pedals, the Zoom G3XN and Boss GT1. I will discuss each pedal briefly first and then put the Zoom G3XN Vs Boss Gt1 head to head for performance, design and of course price. Boss guitar effects pedals have a great reputation. These stompboxes are … Read more

Best Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals for Beginners

If you’re a budding guitarist, who’s looking for the best guitar multi-effects pedals for beginners out there, then you’ve come to the right place. Multi effects pedals can take an electric guitar’s versatility to another level. They’re also an excellent way for you to experiment and discover your playing style. The best part is that … Read more

Yamaha Fd01s Vs Fg800


We’ll try to battle out the Yamaha Fd01s Vs Fg800, establishing which one is more of a bang for your buck, their features, and general pros (perhaps even some cons). Yamaha guitars have become a staple in any musician’s arsenal. It’s no surprise really, as they produce well-made, affordable guitars and also exquisitely crafted high-end … Read more

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