Christina Aguilera Masterclass Complete Review- Is it Worth the Hype?

Whether you’re a professional singer looking to tweak your style and polish up on imperfections in your technique, or a complete beginner looking to learn a new skill, hundreds of online singing courses exist. Despite this, for some, it can be difficult to find the perfect course for their vocal capabilities and genre. Specifically tailored … Read more

Singorama 2.0 Review- Should You Buy this Singing Lesson?

Everyone has this opinion they can sing. Of course we do. We sing aloud in the clubs when our favorite song comes on, we hum and dance alone when we find a delightful song and we sing to our loved ones as well. Often times, people might tend to try out singing as a profession. … Read more

Top 10 Best Epiphone Guitars in 2020 Ultimate Review

An instrument is much more than just a piece of gear for a passionate musician, it is a companion they share their journey with and a partner they turn to in their highs and lows. However, finding the ideal instrument from a plethora of online catalogues can be a difficult and time consuming task. So … Read more

Best Guitar Amp Speakers

Everything you need to know before you buy or upgrade a guitar speaker for your amp or cabinet! Guitar players are forever in pursuit of a ‘sound’ that supports their creative expression and sets them apart from other guitar players. But tone is a complex and multi-faceted notion influenced by various components of your guitar, … Read more

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