Top 10 Best Metronomes for Guitar Players & Musicians in 2020

Black metronome is used by musician to help keep a steady tempo as he play

Metronomes rank among the best and most essential practice tool for musicians at any level of expertise. These innocuous gadgets simply provide a consistent “tock-tick-tick-tick” while you labor away to hone your tempo and rhythm. Their sounds range from clicks/ticks to beeps to a drumbeat. And, you can modify their time signature to create simple … Read more

Taylor GS Mini VS the Baby Taylor : Which is better?

The Taylor GS Mini and Baby Taylor are highly regarded options in the travel guitar or parlor guitar segment. Which one of these is a better guitar for you? If you are looking for a portable and small-size guitar, Taylor’s GS Mini and Baby Taylor are equally formidable choices. It is common for most people … Read more

Best Guitars for Musicians with Small Hands

Musicians with small hands often struggle with chunky guitar necks, large body shapes of larger-sized instruments. Most commonly, the design of these ‘full-sized’ guitars makes it hard to play certain chords or traverse the neck with comfort and ease. Many manufacturers have recognized this issue and created compact instruments for children, young adults, or people … Read more

Top 8 Best Guitars for Country Music

As a genre, traditional and modern country music rides on the coattails of stringed instruments like the mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and guitar. The genre has evolved through the decades and modern country music, especially the radio-friendly version, is heavily guitar-influenced. Country music can mean a lot of different things – it can refer to Country-punk, … Read more

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