30 Day Singer Ultimate Review 2022 | Does It Work? [Free Trial]

30 Day Singer is rising to be one of the most popular online singing programs available right now. I was very excited to do my 30 Day Singer Review.

30 Day Singer Review Summary:

  • This is without a doubt one of the best online singing courses available.
  • It offers some amazing content that will not only make you a better singer, but do it quickly in 30 days.
  • Their short and snappy lessons are quick and easy to follow and a perfect fit for any busy schedule.
  • 30 Day Singer puts you in control to learn to sing as quickly as you like.
  • Does it work? Yes.
  • Would I recommend it? Yes – I would 100% recommend 30 Day Singer to anyone who wants to learn to sing or improve their voice.

In this 30 Day Singer Review we will be covering the following in detail:

  • What is 30 Day Singer?
  • Course Content & How It Works?
  • 30 Day Singer Cost
  • Does 30 Day Singer Work?
  • Do you have to pay for 30 Day singer?
  • 30 Day Singer Free Trial

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What is the 30 Day Singer?

30 Day Singer Review

The goal here is in the name, 30DS (30 Day Singer) want to make you a better, much-improved singer in 30 days. Taking you from an absolute beginner/novice to a much higher level. But quickly.

30DS is challenging, pushes you to learn, and improve your vocals quickly but in my opinion is the best online singing lesson available right now.

30DS is a fun, easy to follow step by step singing course that teaches you the fundamentals how to become a better singer.

You will learn the correct singing techniques, vocal exercises, strengthen your vocals and develop your confidence using this program.

If this is something you are interested in, then make sure you read on as I break this course down in detail on how it works and what it can do for you.

Why Should You Try 30 Day Singer?

The cost of one to one lessons can set you back a fortune if you are getting them every week or fortnight.

But the worst thing about them is it can take months to see some proper improvements as you can only get lessons weekly or biweekly.

With an online singing course like 30DS, you are in control. You are not restricted to a schedule or weekly lessons, you can improve your voice anytime and anywhere with 30DS.

If you are looking to improve your voice quickly, I would sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial (Try It Here For Free) and at least try it out.

I am very confident that you will get some benefit from the free trial and what you can achieve even in 14 days of lessons.

How Does 30 Day Singer Work?

By the end of 30 days using the 30DS you should have extended your vocal range, improved your vocal power, and more importantly built up your confidence, which I feel is key to being a better singer.

When you sign up; you will be greeted with a few options like this below.

You can browse through each section and have a nose to see what’s going on. I am guessing, for the most part, you will all be beginners or simply want to improve your swing voice.

So for argument’s sake, let’s look at the beginner courses section.

When you click the beginner courses, you get to choose from 3 instructors.

Each of them is brilliant. You can mix and match between the three to find which instructor is right for you.

Choose Your Instructor

This is very much like the way they teach beginners in Guitar Tricks. Giving the individual the right to choose their instructor.

It’s up to you which one you choose, but it’s common enough for males and females and match up here. Mainly because their voices are easier to match; but it’s completely up to you.

When you have full access you can do each three as you go. However, I would normally pick an instructor and stick with them until the end of their course.

Johnathan Estabrooks

For this 30 Day Singer Review; lets look at the 2nd instructor Jonathan Estabrooks.

What I like about this singing course and why I think it’s one of the best is how easy it is to follow.

All you need is 10-20 minutes a day to see some real improvements. After 30 days you will find your voice has had a tremendous improvement.

Here’s an example of some of the lessons below.

The lessons are specifically tailored to follow each other for 30 Days.

By doing this you are learning the fundamentals in the right way; you will notice your singing voice improving as you progress through the lessons.

Once you reach the final lessons, Jonathan focuses on your development as a singer and how to take what you’ve learned and start performing.

There’s a particular video (#27) that’s very good that helps grow your confidence and battle those nerves.

If you would like to see more of the lessons and tutorials that are available, Click HERE to watch an explainer video that covers it in more detail.

30 Day Singer Review

Section 2: Advanced Singing Lessons

30 Day Singer Review

While doing my 30 Day Singer Review, I was really surprised at the amount of content that’s available.

When you go into the advanced singing lessons you will see they go into huge detail to try and cover all types of singing and genres.

In the advanced section, you will find lessons specifically designed for county, R&B, A Capella, and even Christmas songs (I kid you not).

Sing Like Your Favorite Singers

I thought this was really cool. 30DS teach you how to sing your like favorite artists.

You can learn to sing like Adele, Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, and more.

Section 3: Singing Tricks Techniques

I wasn’t lying when I said there’s heaps of content. There’s another section here called ‘Singing Tricks & Techniques‘.

This section goes into more detail on particular singing techniques and goes into much more detail on how to master them.

For example, learning to breathe correctly while singing, improving your singing tone, Vibrato, and many more. You can check out more of the lessons HERE.

Section 4: Vocal Exercises & Vocal Warm Ups

This is a really important part of not only improving your voice, but also maintaining your voice.

You must know how to warm up properly to get the best out of your voice and avoid any vocal strain.

One lesson I thought was very good here and is so important for improving and maintaining your voice is the ‘Daily Routine Practice Plan for Beginner Singers‘ by Camille van Niekerk.

It’s a great short 5 part lesson going through a good daily routine for beginners. It discusses how long to practice for, when, and where to practice and more.

30 Day Singer Cost

30 Day Singer Cost

Unlike other singing programs like Singorama and Superior Singing Method, the 30DS is a subscription-based program.

The 30DS cost is a recurring cost of $29.95 a month. With the amount of content already included along with the amount of content being added; it’s a very good price.

But before you commit to a subscription, you can try it completely free for 14 days HERE.

There is a discount if you were to go with an annual membership. It can vary from time to time depending on the time of year.

However, at the time of this article, there was a ridiculous offer for $99 for the year. That’s just over $260 a year in savings which is pretty amazing.

Book A Live One To One Lesson With An Instructor

30 Day Singer Free Trial

The guys at 30DS do offer an amazing service. If you feel you need one to one learning, you can do that with this course.

You can book a live one to one lesson online with one of the 30DS singing instructors which I think is pretty cool.

Now I would love to tell you that this is free and included in the monthly subscription but unfortunately it’s not.

One to one lessons are 30 minutes or 1 hour long. 30 Mins will set you back $45 and 60 mins will cost you $85.

You probably won’t need to get one to one lessons to be honest, but it’s great to have the option.

For example you had a big gig or an important performance coming up, a one to one lesson might give you that extra bit of confidence you need.

30DaySinger.com Online Singing Lessons

Excellent Forum

Does 30 Day Singer Work?

Forums are great for learning more from everyday people. I know sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to learn a new skill.

Forums are a great place to find answers to some questions you might have. There’s nearly always a strong possibility your question and answer are on the forum; but if not you can simply just post your question.

Their forum is very interesting and full of active users. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself and become active on the forum.

Do You Have To Pay For 30 Day Singer?

30 Day Singer Free Trial

Yes, you do need to pay for full access to the 30 Day Singer.

However, there are beginner lessons available for free and there’s also a full access 14-day free trial available to check out the program and see what you think.

30DS offer a 14 Day Free Trial (Try It Here) that is well worth trying. It will give you a good idea of what’s on offer and gives you enough time to decide if it’s for you.

What I suggest you should do try is the 30DS by signing up for a free trial. After the 14 Day Trial, if you like it and then maybe try the first month.

If it’s for you, then the annual membership might be worth considering when you look at how much you could save.

Does 30 Day Singer Work?

Yes. Without a doubt. I think this is the best online singing course available. It offers some amazing content that will 100% make you a better singer.

The short lessons are perfect for squeezing in a quick lesson every day. 20 minutes a day is all you need to become a better singer.

What I like as well is that you are given a bit more control over how you learn. Rather than just simply follow a course step by step.

You can pick your instructors from the three at the beginner course when you start. But you can also focus your learning on a particular type of music style and genre.

There’s been some singing courses out there with a while like Singorama and you probably heard of the Superior Singing Method. You can also take a look at our best online singing lessons review to find out which singing program is right for you.


The 30 Day Singer has modernized and improved learning to sing at home and anywhere you want. In the past you, if you wanted to be a better singer, you need one to one lessons.

Does the 30DS Work? After doing my 30 Day Singer Review; I can say YES! This course 100% works once you put the effort in.

30DaySinger.com Online Singing Lessons


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