Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Are Guitar Lessons Worth It? Honestly, I would say no. Don’t get me wrong, guitar lessons work and you will learn to play guitar, but it will cost you. I think there’s a better way to learn. But let’s look a little deeper to see are guitar lessons worth it?

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

How Much Do Guitar Lessons Cost?

Guitar lessons are quiet expensive. You can expect pay between $50-$75 for a one hour lesson. Now that doesn’t seem too bad. But you’re not going to learn to play guitar with just one lesson. You will likely need 20 or so lessons.

Now lets do the math on that. Assuming you need 20 lessons, and I’ll split the difference between the higher ($75) and lower ($50) lessons costs.

$62.50 x 20 = $1,250

That’s over $1200 before you factor in commuting costs to lessons (fuel, bus passes, etc) and even buying yourself a guitar.

To me that’s pretty expensive. What’s worse is you might actually need more lessons. Some people can learn to play quicker than others, so maybe they won’t need a lot of lessons. But what if you do?

Are guitar lessons worth it? In my opinion, No. But, it’s not all bad. One to one lessons do have some benefits also.

For one, the hands on approach is brilliant. You are learning from someone in person which is a huge help when starting to learn guitar. Especially learning the chords. It can be tricky getting finger placement right at the beginning.

One to one lessons are also very handy if you don’t own a guitar. Most professional guitar instructors take pride in their equipment and sound quality, so it’s very likely you will be learning with some pretty good equipment.

Do these positives make guitar lessons worth it? I’m not sure they do to be honest.

I think the best option is to teach yourself to play guitar with online guitar lessons.

Can I Teach Myself Guitar?

Can I Teach Myself Guitar?

Yes, you can teach yourself guitar. It’s actually pretty easy to do with the right approach.

How do you teach yourself guitar? You get online guitar lessons.

Online guitar lessons are the best and most affordable way to learn guitar (in my opinion).

I have a reviewed some of the best online guitar lessons available. It goes through each one and discusses the courses, pros & cons, pricing, etc. You can find that post.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Are Online Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Yes, I think they are. Like I said, I have reviewed some of the best online guitar courses. But why do I think online guitar lessons are worth it? Well, there’s a number of reasons.


Online guitar lessons are so much cheaper than one to one lessons. I mentioned at the beginning of this post that one to one lessons can set you back around $50-$75 per lesson.

Online guitar lessons can vary in pricing depending on who you go to. For example Guitar Tricks, Fender Play & Jam Play all work with a subscription based product that you pay monthly.

Guitar Tricks & Jam Play cost $19.99 a month, and Fender Play the new player on the block can start at $9.99 a month.

Jamaorama ($99) is also a very popular option that does not have a subscription cost, but instead works with a single one off purchase that is yours to keep.


Learning to play guitar online is a lot more convenient than one to one lessons. You don’t need worry about commuting, which can be a pain if you don’t own a car.

You also don’t need to try and fit lessons into your busy schedule. This can be difficult if you have a demanding job or have a family.

You can learn to play guitar in your bedroom wearing your PJ’s. All you need is a laptop or tablet and you are good to go.

Guitar Lessons online give you the freedom to learn whenever and wherever you want. Whether it’s 20 minutes to spare on monday afternoon or 3 hours on a Saturday morning; you can fit learning guitar into your schedule.

Speed Of Learning

One other reason why I do think online guitar lessons are worth it, is the the speed at which you can learn.

Learning to play guitar with one to one lessons can be slow. You are confined to the one hour lesson slot you have. This can be difficult at the beginning as it’s likely you haven’t learned enough to start practing on your own.

With an online course, there’s no time constraints. If you want to thrash out a 8 an hour session, you can. If you want to fast track your learning by practicing 1-2 hours a day, you can.

What Is The Best Online Guitar Course?

I think Guitar Tricks is the best one out there. Why? You can read my full review HERE. Guitar Tricks offers a 2 weeks free trial. It’s well worth checking out.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

In my opinion one to one guitar lessons are not worth it. Yes you get a great learning experience, but the costs and inconvenience of getting lessons does not outweigh the benefit of online guitar lessons I think.

I think online guitar lessons are the better option. You can learn to play quicker, at your own convenience and at a fraction of the cost. The cost saving of an online course can be used to buying a guitar.

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