How to find your singing voice?

Every vocal enthusiast and beginner muses over what he or she sounds like. We’ve all heard terms like baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano used to describe vocalists and singers. Yet, what must you do to figure out your voice type? Just like an individual, each voice is distinct and unique. Luckily, figuring out what voice … Read more

What Note Am I Singing?

So you’re in your bedroom singing along to the greatest rock concert in history happening in your head. Your voice soars through, the crowd goes wild, and then; in an inspired moment of passion, you belt out the most amazing note you’ve ever sung. You snap back to reality as you’re surprised at yourself for … Read more

Best Worship Guitars for Praise and Church Musicians

A bible leaning on a guitar

Gospel Church musicians often need a versatile electric or acoustic guitar that can sound motivational, mellifluous, and can stir up the audience to their feet when the time is right. We’ve looked at some guitars that are commonly used for praise and shortlisted those that are capable of breathtaking sounds. From  Hillsong to Jesus Culture … Read more

Top 10 Best Pickups for Metal in 2021

Closeup of old six-string electric guitar

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of electric guitar picks to choose from, of which many are specifically designed for metal guitarists. From classics to power metal to nu-metal to djent – metal vastly varies in its subgenres. Fortunately, the one thread common among each of these styles is the heavy riffing, assertive guitar … Read more

Best Guitars for Musicians with Small Hands

Musicians with small hands often struggle with chunky guitar necks, large body shapes of larger-sized instruments. Most commonly, the design of these ‘full-sized’ guitars makes it hard to play certain chords or traverse the neck with comfort and ease. Many manufacturers have recognized this issue and created compact instruments for children, young adults, or people … Read more

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