Best Acoustic Amps for Vocals – 5 Options To Consider

In this post we look at the best acoustic amps for vocals. We look discuss our recommendations, key features, design, sound quality and more.

You might be the best acoustic guitarist with friends, family, and acquaintances praising your skills; but if you want to make sure that your vocals will be well heard and not be overpowered by the instruments, which is why you need an acoustic amp for vocals.

The best amplifier will create a huge and full-bodied sound that lends life to your guitar, allowing you and your audience to enjoy the sound with exceptional depth and clarity.

The best acoustic amps will allow you to see the fulfilment of your wildest sonic dreams, which is why you shouldn’t rush the search or the purchase process.

Best Acoustic Amps for Vocals

Remember that a good guitar is a difference between a happy crowd and the total annihilation of what you perceived as your musical genius.

Below, we look at some of the best acoustic amps for vocals that you might want to consider. Contrary to popular belief, a high-priced acoustic amp doesn’t always mean a high-quality amp, which is why when shopping for an acoustic amp, you need to look at other elements besides the price such as:

The built-in effects – solid-state and high-end amps will have built-in features such as chorus, reverb, and echo.

Half-stack amps – these are stage amplifiers, and they feature a head and the cab. These are weighty, bulky, and they are more functional than most other amps, like the combos.

Solid-state amps – these amplifiers have no tubes, they are lighter, and they use a circuit board. These amps are a go-to option for truists and purists.

Combo amps – If you travel often, a tube combo amp might be a good option for you because it’s more practical, especially for the gigging musicians.

Tube amps – these tubes have been set in a way that allows them to create/ produce their own tone, and the tubes could be changed in other models for a change in the overall impression and the warmth of the tone.

You also need to take into account accessories, among other features

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Best Acoustic Amps for Vocals

Boss Acoustic Singer Pro

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BOSS is an elite brand when it comes to musical instruments, and if you are looking for the best portable acoustic amp for the vocals, then this BOSS Acoustic Singer Pro is what you need to take your performance to the next level.

It’s regarded as one of the best portable PA as it comes with some excellent and advanced features and functions, as well as multi-effects and connectivity features for vocals and guitar.

Some of the effects of this Singer Pro include the 120-watt combo, which boasts a wide range of features and functions such as reverb, chorus, echo/delay, harmony, a built-in looper, and the anti-feedback function.

Note that the Harmony effect works via the real-time chord/ key analysis of your guitar’s input. It also allows recording via a USB output, and you could also add the XLR DI jacks. So, if you are looking for the best full-featured acoustic amp, this might be the best option for you.

This acoustic amp (Check The Price SP) is also one of the most versatile amps on the market. Its construction with features that incorporate the latest technological advancements mean that this amp is a powerhouse.

It produces vibrant and rich sounds with an unmatched level of clarity and punch.  You might also like its 3-band EQ, which means that this amp will deliver studio-quality sound.

The other features of the amp include looping, effects, automatic vocal harmonies, and Acoustic resonance, among others.


  • Rich, vibrant sounds
  • High-quality amp and sound
  • Recording feature present
  • Impressive clarity
  • It’s quite intuitive
  • Great vocal harmonizing
  • It’s a 2-channel amp with a 1” tweeter and an 8” woofer.


  • Looper is a little touchy

Behringer Ultratone K900FX Keyboard Amplifier

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If you are looking for a keyboard amplifier with the best level of flexibility, you might like this Behringer Ultratone that comes with a great sound magnifier, as well as a PA system all in one.

It is a 3-channel amp that uses 90W of power, and thanks to the 3-channel setup, you can easily connect as many as 3 different musical instruments and still get to enjoy separate levels of control for the FX send and volume.

You could also plug in a microphone into the amp’s XLR port (in channel 1), which makes it an excellent karaoke partner.

To boost the performance of this amp, even more, is the powerful 12-inch professional-grade BUGERA woofer that comes connected through its 1” tweeter.

Whether you are playing the guitar or the piano keyboards, this speaker will enhance the sound effects of the instrument you are playing.

It also comes with a Feedback Detection System that will automatically clear up the feedback system, allowing you to actually concentrate on your performance.


  • It comes with an onboard digital FX processor (24-bit) which features 100 presets
  • It’s integrated with a powerful 5-band graphical EQ
  • It features a professional-grade 1” tweeter, 12” woofer, and 90W power that boost your experience around the use of this amplifier
  • An impressive feedback protection system
  • It’s a 3-channel amplifier
  • Great for karaoke
  • Exceptional quality sound
  • It serves as a sound magnifier too


  • Expensive

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Amplifier

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This Fender Frontman acoustic amp is one of the most affordable electric guitar amplifiers on the market, and you might fall in love with how it enhances your vocals.

Despite its affordability, this amplifier promises nothing than great value, and it’s a great option for anyone looking for an advanced amplifier that will not break the budget. It’s easy to control/ use, and all its buttons/ controls are straightforward.

Its 2-band EQ and the closed-back body design ensure a high-quality tone, hence the ideal use of this acoustic amp for practice singing or singing to smaller crowds.

Some of the control buttons include the ones for volume, gain, treble, and bass. The treble controls allow you to shape the high and low frequencies for the best outcome.

It also comes with a front panel that holds all the switches and buttons, as well as a 6” speaker, an 1/8” headphone, and an aux jack. Its compact and small design allows for its setup in small spaces and for portability.


  • Small and compact design
  • It has a closed-back design
  • 2-band, high-quality EQ
  • Intuitive controls
  • 1/8” output jack
  • It’s easy to use


  • Not an ideal pick for use in professional settings

Fender Acoustasonic 15

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The tube amps call for the use of some of the most expensive components and not the mass-produced integrated circuit board, and most of the practice amps on the market don’t use the tube circuitry system.

But even with these elements under consideration, some of the solid-state amps for practice also work as imitations of the coveted tube sounds, features that make this Fender amp one of the best on the market.

This Fender Accoustasonic 15 is designed specifically for practice runs, and it boasts a super-smooth tone, great connectivity, onboard effects, and a 2-channel connection system.

Out of the Accoustasonic series of amplifiers by Fender – 3, this Fender Acoustasonic 15 is the smallest one, and it’s been designed to meet specific songwriting and practice sessions although this amp wouldn’t embarrass you if you chose to use it at one of the smaller gigs.

It a 15W amp unit, and it come with a small 6” speaker at the front. Besides being small and compact, it’s also very lightweight and ultra-portable.

The other features of this amp include the built-in chorus effect, the EQ and volume controls, mic, and headphone jacks, all positioned on the control panel.


  • 2 channels
  • It has a nice vintage feel
  • Built-in effects like chorus
  • 6” speaker for a high-frequency response
  • Can be used in small gigs
  • It has an excellent tone
  • It comes with a headphones output for your silent practice sessions
  • Works with a looper pedal
  • Powerful for the size


  • It hums

Marshall AS50D

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Marshall is a renowned brand when it comes to amps, and the brand boasts a long line of some of the loudest acoustic amps.

This AS50D is one of the best acoustic amps by Marshall, and it comes with 2 powerful 8” speakers as well as a tweeter, both designed to provide a wide range of acoustic sounds.

The other reason why this is an excellent acoustic amp for vocals has to do with the fact that it’s designed to provide high-quality vocals and backing of tracks, and it’s also quite affordable.

This acoustic vocal amp also features a microphone input that you could use with the condenser mics, a stereo phono input that connects to an MP3 player, and the drum machine, among others. It also sports an anti-feedback feeder, a digital reverb, assignable channel chorus, the DI output, and the effects loop.


  • It’s affordable
  • Versatile
  • It comes with powerful speakers and tweeters
  • Impressive sound clarity
  • Great for solo gigs
  • 2-Channel Amp


  • You have to buy the footswitch separately
  • The sound is distorted when you turn up the volume

Conclusion – Best Amps for Vocals

If you are planning to invest in a high-quality acoustic amp for vocals, choose one that offers more controls for customization, effects for enhanced sound quality, and one that fits your budget.

The 5 amps above are some of the best for your vocals, and they are feature-packed to ensure that they get the job done.

I hope you found this post discussing our recommendations for the Best Acoustic Amps for Vocals. If you have any questions or feedback, please make sure you comment below.


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