Best Acoustic Guitars with Low Action and Thin Neck

In this post we are looking at the best acoustic guitars with low action and thin neck. However, there aren’t too many options for you to choose from.

We have kept it easy and narrowed it down to two excellent options for you to choose from.

At the heart of the best acoustic guitar is comfort (and ease of use), and for the best strumming acoustic guitar experience, you need an acoustic guitar with low action that has a thin neck.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can always tell that the lower the guitar action, the more comfortable the guitar is.

The good news is that there is a good number of these super-comfortable thin neck, low-action guitars on the market, and we’ll introduce you to some of the best options you could try.

But First, What is Guitar Action?

Best Acoustic Guitars with Low Action and Thin Neck

An acoustic guitar’s action is the length of the guitar strings above its fretboard. This length determines the playability and the general feel of the guitar.

While a guitar’s string height is determined at its 12th fret because this centred measurement gives you an excellent point of reference for how tall the strings, action could also be measured from the first fret, which is why a low action guitar means that the strings are too low off the fretboard.

Understanding the action is important because the best acoustic guitar’s action controls not just the playability and the comfort of the guitar, but also allows you to maintain the guitar’s intonation while keeping it in tune.

All these functions come about because an acoustic guitar’s action determines the amount of pressure that you will apply when pressing on the strings.

The low action and thin neck design of an acoustic guitar mean easier fretting hence longer practiced times; you can play faster, and it’s perfect for fingerpicking, fingerstyle, and the lead; and it’s also great for better intonation.

The only downsides of a low-action guitar include less volume sometimes and fretting buzz when the action is extremely low, which means that you won’t be able to strum too hard.

In case you are wondering about what a high-action acoustic guitar would feel like, it has a longer sustain.

The sound is stronger hence a good option for bluegrass flatpickers and strumming, it’s great for bends, has a less fret buzz; and on the flipside, its barre chords are challenging, and your fingers get tired too soon.

With these in mind, you can obviously see why the low-action, thin neck acoustic guitars are a preferred option for many people.

Other important considerations

Size: a bigger guitar, think dreadnoughts, and the big jumbos will deliver more of the bottom end sounds than the smaller guitars, and they are ideal for unaccompanied gigs.

Material: Sitka spruce, which is the most common wood used in acoustic guitars, will deliver more clarity, a dynamic range, and balanced tones.

Mahogany (hardwood) offers a greater definition and more direct sound, while Cedar gives off softer sounds, less natural compression, and a dynamic range. Then you have male, which gives off strong midranges and more punchy bottom ends, a good combination for strumming.

Now that you know that to expect from the low-action guitar let’s look at some of the best options for you to consider.

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Best Acoustic Guitar with Low Action and Thin Neck

Fender CD-60S

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An all-mahogany low-action acoustic guitar, this Fender CD-60S is one of the best low-action acoustic guitars on the market, and with mahogany being the most popular of the tonewoods, you really cannot go wrong with this one.

Now, you’d obviously expect this guitar to be unbelievably pricey and way above your price range, but the surprising bit is that this is one of the most affordable acoustic guitars on the market.

As a result of the price and the combination of the features, this guitar is often an excellent choice for beginners, especially because you wouldn’t want to spend all your savings on the most expensive acoustic guitar, especially if you will only use it for a few months.

Beyond the friendly price, this guitar promises and delivers the most authentic sound, which means that you won’t be bummed by poor quality sound, just because you needed to buy a cheap guitar.

With its rolled fingerboard edges, beginners find it easy to play with it; top that with the guitar’s beautiful resonance, epic volume, and the vibrant sounds, and you have a great guitar to kick off your career with.

Its mahogany body means that you get more than you bargained for since mahogany delivers a robust sound with a very dynamic range – you can play any genre of music and play in a different style with this guitar.

The sides and the back are also made of mahogany, and thanks to its all-mahogany build, it will have more emphasis on its midrange and an even stronger sound.

Its tones are well-balanced, and it boasts an excellent volume, all thanks to its tonewoods and craftsmanship. The guitar’s build makes it a great option for anyone who likes strumming, flatpicking, or fingerpicking.

It’s worth noting that the guitar’s tonewoods blend well with the other features of the guitar, balancing out the tones while offering more emphasis on its midrange. Add that to its X Bracing, and you have a guitar with a significant level of projection.

The other reason why this Fender CD-60S (Check Price) is a great low-action guitar has to do with its dreadnought body, as well as the Quartersawn Scalloped X Bracing that gives the guitar its sturdiness.

It also boasts an appealing glossy finish, which you might like if you are into that classy, traditional look. The solid top means that the guitar is built to last, making this a great investment.

Since we are looking at the best low-action guitar with a thin neck, you will be happy to know that this Fender CD-60S has a unique neck that enhances its playability. Its the reason we recommended it as one of the most playable acoustic guitars.

The rolled rosewood fingerboard edges ensure the low action while the thin neck with a glossy finish means ease of playing because you can shift between the frets with ease. Tuning is easy thanks to the chrome die-cast tuning machine.

With its 25.3” scale and the 20 frets that are joined at the 14th fret, playing on this guitar promises to be fun.


  • Thin neck and low-action make this a great fit for beginners
  • Works for different playing styles
  • Comes with accessories like picks, tuners, a bag, strap, and extra strings
  • Affordable
  • Built to last


  • Fret buzzing
  • Not for pros

Taylor 114E – Fender CD-60S’ Alternative

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The brand Tayloe might not be as popular as Fender, but if you need a low-action, thin neck acoustic guitar, this brand (specifically, the Taylor 114E is worth considering(Check Price Here).

It’s an ideal option for you if you are looking for an all-purpose, affordable, and versatile Grand Auditorium-style guitar.

Its top boasts excellent craftsmanship thanks to the use of Solid Sitka Spruce wood, which blends well with the laminated walnut used for the sides and the back.

These tonewoods and its matte finish give the guitar a cool finish, and the walnut is the reason for the guitar’s warm tones.

Though it’s not a dreadnought, it boasts excellent playability. It delivers a nice midrange focus, a sweet sustain, and a boomy bass.


  • Low-action
  • Narrow nut width
  • Thin neck
  • Affordable
  • Solid craftsmanship
  • Great tones and playability


  • None

Conclusion – Best Acoustic Guitars with Low Action and Thin Neck

For a good start in your journey to being the best guitarist, an investment in a low-action, thin neck guitar is one of the smartest moves you can make.

The shape of the guitar is also important, but the good news is that you can adjust the action of most other guitars on the market.

The two guitars above are great options for beginners starting to learn guitar, and the price is just right.

I hope you enjoyed my post discussing the best acoustic guitars with low action and thin neck. I know I haven’t mentioned a lot of options and limited to two; but I think this makes it easier to decide on one.

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