Best Piano Keyboard Under $200

In this post we discuss our recommendations for the Best Piano Keyboard Under $200. We look at their designs, build quality, sound quality, prices and more to help you find the right fit for you. 

A grand piano might be one of the items on your grand dream list, but the truth is that it might be a long way before you can afford that piece.

So, between now and then, you might want to look for the best affordable piano keyboard that offers almost the same feel as the grand piano, but at a fraction of the price, especially if you are still learning.

It also means that you need to tread carefully in your choices because some of the cheap piano keyboards on the market are worth every buck, but others could be a waste of your hard-earned money.

Today, we’ll help you with your search by recommending some of the best piano keyboards under $200, but look and feeling nothing close to cheap.

Whether you are a student learning to play the piano, a teacher, or even a pro looking for an affordable and portable piano keyboard to play at home or on the road, the options below would be a good start for you.

Bear in mind that a piano keyboard refers to a musical instrument with 61-76 keys and a power source.

Unlike the piano, the piano keyboard has keys that aren’t weighted or, and it’s not a full-size 88-key piano. Its keys are light to the touch, and though some are weighted or semi-weighted, the response of your fingers is not as realistic.

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Best Piano Keyboards Under $200

Casio SA-76 44-Key Mini Personal Keyboard

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A 44-key mini-sized personal piano keyboard, this Casio SA-76 features 5 percussion pads, and it’s one of the cheapest piano keyboards on the market today.

It boasts an excellent level of portability, and with its 44 keys, it’s ideal for beginners, seniors, and children.

It features an amp output and gives you a simple selection of tones, including organ, piano, and melody, on and off lesson functions.

The LCD is easy to read, and you can see all the notes effortlessly, and with 100 sounds, 50 drum beats, 5 drum pads which could also be used as keys, and 10 songs to practice with, this mini keyboard might be the cheap piano keyboard you have been looking for.


  • Great piano keyboard for kids, seniors, and beginners
  • Great battery usage
  • 2 octaves that are fully functional
  • It looks great
  • The keys are big enough for adults


  • The tone comes muted, and you won’t enjoy a full-bodied sound
  • No MIDI input, adapter, or earplugs provided
  • Not durable

Casio CTK-3500

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The Casio CTK-3500 is one of the best 61-key piano keyboards under $200, and since it’s made by a reputable company, this piano keyboard offers great value for money.

But don’t take our word for it – this piano keyboard boasts all the right features you need with a host of sounds and features common with the high-end models.

As a 61-key piano keyboard, it’s not a full-size piano keyboard, but it’s still big enough for two-handed melodies.

It features touch-sensitive keys, meaning that you can play in different volumes and speeds, and it’s a good option for musicians who compose on the fly and also beginners.

With 400 tones and 150 rhythms built into the keyboard’s memory along with the Dance Music Mode, you will have loads of fun with it.

You might also like that it offers a variety of effects like reverb, flanger, and chorus all for ease of sound alteration and for the addition of dimension to your melodies. Its pitch bend wheel is an excellent feature that wouldn’t be ordinarily found in a cheap keyboard.

For connectivity, your options include the MIDI-supported USB, and you could also collect a music player then listen through the built-in speakers.


  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • 50 dance music modes and 48 polyphonies
  • Sampling function
  • MIDI and USB support
  • Chordana app integration
  • It’s ultra-lightweight


  • It lacks weighted keys
  • No connectivity via Bluetooth

Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard

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The Yamaha range of musical instruments has been on the market for decades now, and Yamaha remains consistent in the delivery of high-quality and affordable items, as seen in this 61-key portable keyboard.

While this keyboard lacks the hammer action, the keys boast the best of touch sensitivity function, allowing you to play with the different dynamics depending on the amount of pressure you apply on the keys.

The keys are full-sized, making this piano a good option for anyone learning different playing techniques.

It comes with 100 built-in songs, and it’s compatible with Yamaha’s Education Suite, meaning that you can learn how to play the piano with ease and without the need of a tutor.

If you already have a tutor, you might like the fact that the keyboard has a split function for learning/ playing.

This splitting is made possible by the keyboard’s duo mode, and this makes this keyboard ideal for beginners and learners. It also allows you to easily develop your right and left fingering techniques.

The 400 instrument voices incorporated into the keyboard and the 130 accompanying styles, along with the preset songs, make this the perfect keyboard for students.

You might also like the Chord Study mode that will teach you how to play different chords. The other elegant features offered by this portable keyboard piano include the headphone output and the AUX input.

It boasts great connectivity, and you could play along to songs on your phone or any other mobile device.


  • 400 voices and 130 styles
  • Recording mode present
  • 9-step lesson function
  • Dual-mode/ Split function for learners
  • It boasts a compact design, and it’s portable
  • It comes with an aux input line and an auto power-off


  • No power cord

RockJam RJ761 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

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RockJam might not be the biggest piano keyboard brands you’ve come across, but this RockJam RJ761 is one of the best 61-key electronic piano keyboards you could try.

It comes with a host of essential functions, and being a 61-key keyboard, you will build on your playing skills faster.

It comes with several inbuilt sounds including 200 tones, 200 rhythms, along with 30 songs that you can play along with.

Its record/ playback option allows you to record what you are producing or practicing to make changes to and enhance your playing style/ technique.

This keyboard also comes with a wide range of essential accessories for a keyboard under $200.

The accessories included include a super-comfortable padded stool that works great with the keyboard stand (included, as well as a set of headphones, and a sustain pedal that you will need for the addition of more tonal characteristics while playing.

Connectivity is also great, and you can connect to the keyboard using either a MIDI or a USB, hence more control and access to the software when you hook it up to your computer.


  • It’s highly adaptable
  • It comes with great accessories including a stand, headphones, and padded stool
  • Ideal for beginners and aspiring musicians
  • 3 effects and controls that allow you to easily add more musical styles to your music
  • Recording and playback functions
  • It’s easy to use
  • Semi-weighted keys
  • Affordable
  • Value for money


  • The app is not free

Alesis Melody 61 MKII

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Another 61-key piano keyboard, this Alesis keyboard, could be a great option for you if you are looking for an affordable keyboard with piano-style keys.

If you like entertaining your friends prefer jamming with other music lovers or a beginner, you might like this piano.

It boasts 300 in-built tunes and 300 rhythms, along with its one-touch song mode, which enhances the performance of this piano keyboard.

You might also like this piano keyboard because it has easy-to-assemble parts, and its bench features different settings/ 3 adjustable heights, meaning that anyone can play the keyboard.

And since it comes with headphones, you can easily track your progress and play without having to worry about who you could be bothering – you can play/ practice late into the night without having to worry about disturbing the peace.

And with the power adapter that plugs into the wall, you can finally look forward to continuous enjoyment/ learning without having to worry about the battery dying and being interrupted in the middle of a song.

You get to choose and learn from the 40 saved demo songs – you can play along to these songs or use the demos to make your own music.

Its easy assembly and the flexibility of the keyboard means that the keyboard will remain secure even in some of the most rigorous performances you will put the keyboard through.

This piano keyboard comes with 2 months’ access to free and unlimited live lessons/ classes from the TakeLessons App


  • Adjustable height settings
  • Great sound options
  • 2 months unlimited access to the TakeLessons app
  • Flexible
  • It comes with all the important accessories you might need, hence a great value for money


  • The quality of the sound could be better.

What is the Best Piano Keyboard Under $200?

Best Piano Keyboard Under $200?

The market has so many options of affordable piano keyboards for you to choose from; but before you choose one, you need to take a look a few things.

You need to consider the features of the keyboard, the number of keys, whether they are weighted or not, the durability, portability, accessories, recording functions, styles/sounds/rhythms available, modes/functions, and even the accessories included.

In this review, the 5 piano keyboards reviewed are among the best on the market; but when it comes to value for money, versatility, performance, and durability, this Yamaha PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard takes the day.

Winner: Yamaha PSR-E263

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