Best Piano Keyboard Under $300

If you’re curious about what the Best Piano Keyboard under $300 is, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a budding musician, somebody who’s been in the business for a while, or just looking to learn to play piano, we’ve rounded up some top models of piano keyboards for you to enjoy.

What is a piano keyboard? A piano keyboard is an instrument with a power source that has about 61 to 76 keys. It differs from a piano in this manner- the keys are not weighted, and a full-size piano has 88 keys.

The keys on a keyboard are light to your touch, and they don’t respond as well to the fingers compared to a piano.

Piano notes also differ in sound thanks to what’s called “graded hammer effect,” meaning the notes are lighter as they climb to the top and heavier in bass.

Keyboards have rhythm banks that pianos do not have. Piano keyboards also contain lots of different instrument sounds, such as the flute or the organ. It’s easy to create the sound you want.

Best Piano Keyboard Under $300

Let’s dive right into the my recommendations. If you have some feedback or some pianos you think should be on the list; be sure to comment below.

Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61

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This keyboard features 400 tones and 150 rhythms, bringing you a massive range of music to make your own.

You can use the included headphones to hear how you are coming along without bothering others, and if creating EDM is your goal, the added Dance Music mode will have you remixing and creating all day long.

You can choose between many drumbeats, synth parts, bass lines, and more. It’s easy to add in flanger, gate, low-fi, and roll, plus many other effects. There are 46 world rhythms included.

You can also play anywhere you like using the AC adapter or simply use batteries to operate your instrument. The keyboard is lightweight but also rugged in construction.

  • Comes bundled with stand and headphonesnFully portable keyboardnCan run on battery or using the AC adapter
  • The keyboard is NOT midi capable, which helps you run performance assessment software

Alesis Melody 61 MKII

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This model is a 61-keyboard instrument with piano-style keys. It is perfect for beginners or those that want to show their abilities to friends or jam with others. It features 300 built-in tones that are complete with layer and split modes.

There’s also a one-touch song mode that has 300 rhythms built right in. Everything is easy to assemble, and the bench has settings for three different heights so that everyone can play.

Headphones are also included so you can keep track of how your progress is coming without bothering other people.

The power adapter plugs into the wall for continuous enjoyment without fearing your keyboard’s battery dying. There are 40 demo songs included so you can play right along or make your own music

  • 2 months of unlimited free live classes includednSounds included are pianos, strings, percussions, guitars and more
  • Users noted the quality of the sound was lacking.

Yamaha YPT260 61 Key

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The name Yamaha is known for its top-quality and great sound. That’s what you get with this keyboard. It features 61 keys and a power adapter.

The Yamaha YPT260 has 400 voices, 130 accompaniment styles with backing tracks included, and over 100 onboard songs.

It is also an excellent piano for the beginners out there-the Yamaha Education suite is included, which has lessons you can benefit from.

The recording and playback function help you keep track of how you’re doing and what to work on. The keyboard can be plugged in, but if need be can be powered by AA batteries.

The keys are full size, and the touch is quite sensitive, considering it is a keyboard. Add in the fact that it is portable, and you have a winner.

  • Comes with aux inputnHigh quality of sound for the price, say usersnSuitable for kids who are learning
  • No USB connection included

Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner

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With this great digital piano, you can play anywhere you like. It has USB outputs, RCA outputs, a pedal input, and a load of premium sounds you can enjoy.

Some of these sounds include electric piano, synth, organ, and bass. Chorus and reverb are also included, and the two 20W speakers sound excellent.

You can use headphones, amplifiers, and even a sustain pedal with this keyboard. It is portable and can be operated anywhere using 6 D batteries or a power adapter.

It is great for people learning to play piano thanks to the great educational features like split, layer, and the lesson modes that have a 128 note max polyphony.

  • Features 88 premium weighted full-size keysnYou can learn using Skoove online piano lessonsnIncludes metronome and lesson modes, great for students
  • There is a lot of feedback noise that comes from the piano upon plugging in the headphones.

RockJam 61 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

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It is a true, full-size keyboard, completed with an LCD screen and playback, plus record to easily keep track of your progress.

It is an ideal keyboard for beginners, as it has all the basics needed to get started. You get a stool, a power supply that will adequately power your keyboard, and even lessons to get you off the ground and learning the foundations of playing the keyboard.

The keys are full size, and you can learn to play using your iPhone or Android-powered device.

You will learn sight-reading, technique, and how to play with two hands. The headphones included will keep you on track and avoid disturbing others as you practice.

And when it’s time to pack it up and go, you can simply fold up the stand and set it up anywhere.

  • Packed with extras for beginnersnGreat pricenCan be powered by 6 D batteries if needed
  • Sound is a bit lacking compared to higher-end piano keyboards.

Which One Would You Pick?

In my opinion, the Alesis 88 key recital keyboard is probably the best bet yet. Why is this?

First off, the price is right, and it has 88 semi-weighted keys. You don’t usually get this when buying a keyboard.

Second, the connectivity of this particular keyboard takes the cake. There is a stereo headphone output for practicing in private, stereo RCA outputs for the use of amplifiers or speakers, and a quarter-inch sustain pedal input included.

Unlike some of the other models we featured, this model has USB capability. Using the Recital program, just connect the keyboard to your computer or Mac using the midi output, and you can instantly use educational software or virtual instrument plugins with ease.

The sound on this keyboard is the best out of all models featured, and there are also five realistic voices included on this instrument, including Electric piano, organ, bass, synth, and acoustic piano.

You can use layer mode to combine the voices. You can also assign them to only left or right hands in split mode, so you can play in a way that works well for you.

Lastly, the great price makes it accessible to everyone.

No products found.

Final Words

Best Piano Keyboard Under $300

If you are just starting out and looking to learn to play piano; I have recently done a post recommending the best online piano lessons worth checking out.

I hope this article has been helpful to you in your search for one of the Best Piano Keyboard Under $300.

Use the Amazon reviews of these great products as a helper in deciding which of these piano keyboards works for you.

Read both the positive and negative reviews, so you get a well-rounded look. Enjoy making, practicing, and perfecting your music.


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