Best Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys – 5 Options For You

In this post we look at our recommendations for the Best Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys currently on the market. We discuss their key features, designs and prices to give you the information you need to find the right one for you.

While digital pianos are lightweight and portable, the only way for you to experience that authentic feel of the keys is by use of the weighted keys.

And this is the reason why in as much as music lovers and pianists will invest so much money in digital pianos and piano keyboards, they always look for ways to simulate the upright and hefty traditional pianos.

The weighted keys offer that realistic and natural feel of the classic pianos, with the pianos whose keys aren’t weighted feeling and sounding off.

Thanks to the weighted keys, you’ll have the freedom to play either more harshly or gently, and you also experience significant differences in the velocity of sound produced because it will be affected by how hard you press the piano’s keys.

Some of the best piano keyboards on the market today feature weighted keys, and there are others which also boast a graded hammer action: meaning that the lower keys will feel heavier than the higher keys, the same way an acoustic piano would feel.

Why Buy Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys?

Other than the need for more realism and naturalness in how the keyboard keys feel; the primary reason why the market for digital pianos with weighted keys has been on the rise has to do with the fact that in as much as every pianist would love to own and use a grand piano.

No matter wether you’re at the beginner or pro/ maestro level, people just love the look of the grand pianos. However, these hefty and powerful instruments are very expensive, and most people cannot afford them.

Even if you could afford a grand piano, the piano is just too big, and it might not fit into your home.

Since digital pianos are a lot more compact, lightweight, portable, and reasonably priced, they are a go-to option for most people.

And for your digital piano to feel just as powerful as the grand piano, you need a piano keyboard with weighted keys – it will feel as magnificent as the grand piano.

Besides retaining the feeling of the good ol’ grand piano, the other reason why the weighted keys are preferable is that the extra weight on the keys will help you build finger strength quicker, improving your playing technique, while also forming healthy techniques for the fingers.

Playing with weighted keys will enhance your response, dexterity, as well as the dynamics of your fingers within a short time.

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Best Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys

Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

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The Yamaha P71 is one of the most popular full-sized 88-key pianos on the market today. The P71 is the same as Yamaha P45, except the P71 is sold exclusively on Amazon.

It has the same features, design, etc; it just has a different label. This confused some people so we eventually did a post on the Yamaha P45 vs P71 to clear it up for our readers.

The Yamaha P71 comes with a Sustain pedal, and it boasts great weighted-key action giving you that real acoustic piano feel.

With each key feeling different from the other, you will learn and improve your playing skills in no time.

Yamaha P71 (Check Price SP) alloys you to use up to 10 voices, and you could combine any two voices to create unique sound combinations – think of string and piano voices that allow you to easily play an old tune in a new sound.

Then there’s the sustain pedal, which enhances the versatility of the piano keyboard, creating even more endless combinations of voices and musical tunes.

Our favorite feature of this digital piano has got to be its slim and super-elegant design, as well as the fact that this piano is small and compact to fit even the tightest spots.

It has a depth of 12 inches, and you can move it easily or carry it with you since it only weighs 25lbs.

This Amazon-exclusive digital piano is only available online, and it’s ideal for use by entry-level pianists looking for a digital piano with a classical feel.

You might also like this piano because, in as much as all the 88 keyboard keys can be weighted, you could remove or reduce the weighting of the keys altogether thanks to the touch sensitivity of the keyboard.

The reverb settings are adjustable, and you could make the piano sound like you are either playing it on the stage or in a hall.


  • 88-weighted keyboard keys that simulate the natural feel of the acoustic piano
  • 10 unique voice digitally sampled from Yamaha grand pianos
  • It comes with a sustain pedal and a power adapter
  • Its dual mode allows for easy combination of 2 voices, for example, strings and piano
  • It’s slim, compact, and elegant
  • Lightweight
  • The keys come fully weighted
  • The weighting of keys is adjustable
  • Sustain pedal allows for dynamic playing
  • 2 players can play at the same time
  • A good option for beginners


  • There’s some annoying clicking noise that’s produced when pressing the keys

Casio Privia PX770

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Available in white, black, and brown, this Casio PX770 could be an excellent option of a piano keyboard with weighted keys.

Especially if you are looking for a high-end piano keyboard that boasts an excellent key heft and a near life-like underhand resistance.

With Casio being one of the piano keyboard brands known for excellence, this would be a great investment for you.

Some of the unique features of this piano keyboard include its use of actual hammers rather than springs, a design feature that gives this piano the same sensation of mechanical resistance that you’d feel when playing a real piano.

The best feature of this piano, however, has to be the fact that the weighted keys are the best 88-key weighted keys that make use of the best possible sensor-technology.

The keyboard features the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II built into the piano keys, meaning that instead of one or two sensors, each weighted key has 3 electronic sensors built into them.

As a result, the keyboard allows for note playing and repetitive depression with no need to release the keys back to their original position.

The sensors installed are quite sensitive, and they will register even the subtlest of strokes, yielding maximum responsiveness.

The other features of this Casio PX770 (Check Price SP) include 3 pedals as well as an ivory inlay on the weighted keys, a feature that adds texture to the keys; helping you play better while replicating the feel of an actual acoustic grand piano. It also comes with 2 high-quality speakers, and for versatility, you get 18 tones.


  • Reasonable price
  • High-quality keyboard with remarkable sensors
  • It comes with a furniture stand
  • It has 3 pedals and 18 unique tones
  • Seamless dynamics and powerful performance from the AiR engine
  • Sensors enhance accuracy and speed
  • Powerful stereo amplification for optimal listening
  • Duet mode that will split the piano into two equal pitch ranges
  • Concert play mode has 10 recordings of renowned orchestras
  • Connects to Android and iOS devices
  • Slim, compact design


  • The keys might feel a little squeaky when playing fast-paced music
  • It feels a little mushy

Yamaha DGX-660

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Yamaha is known for its wide range of acoustic and electrical musical instruments, and this Yamaha DGX-660 is the other top-rated piano keyboard from the brand.

It’s one of the best 88-key weighted keyboard pianos that come with extensive and elegant features that make this digital piano a smart choice for beginners, as well as pros.

Although this piano isn’t anywhere close to cheap, it offers great value with Yamaha, clearly having gone to great lengths to ensure that the piano produces a remarkable quality of sound.

The sound details are exquisite, especially because this piano makes use of sampled voices and sounds from the Grand Yamaha pianos.

You can set up different voices depending on the room you are playing from, and the sound feels amazing, especially when you use high-quality speakers.

Like all other products by Yamaha, the quality of this piano is unquestionable, and this piano feels and works just as great as it looks.

The keys and the buttons boast a hardy construction, and you don’t have to worry about the keyboard falling apart while traveling.

It also has a nice design with all the important components laid out nicely. The LCD screen looks good, and the size is perfect.

Regarding its performance, you might like the life-like resistance from the weighted keys, which encouraged a more grand-piano-like natural feel and faster learning for students working on building their playing technique and for easy retention of muscle memory.

The weighted keys offer pros a more seamless transition between the acoustic and the digital pianos.

Additional features of this Yamaha GGX-660 (Check Price SP) include the polyphony function, an integrated microphone input, enhanced digital effects, and the piano room feature. It also offers lessons and a recording feature.


  • Functional LCD screen
  • Works with iOS devices
  • Available in either white or black
  • You can read the score and the lyric display easily
  • It features a damper resonance for a truer sound
  • Authentic grand piano feel from the 88-note weighted keyboard (GHS)
  • It’s portable
  • High-quality build
  • Top-notch versatility
  • It comes with an AC adapter


  • You have to buy the pedal components separately
  • Pricey

Alesis Recital Pro 88-Key Digital Piano

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Designed with 88-key hammer action keys, voice layering, and split keyboard, this Alesis Professional piano keyboard would be a good option for you, especially if you are int the electronic music industry and if you need a piano keyboard that offers excellent weighting for its keys.

The Coda range of Alesis products is one of the best-sellers, and it’s quite versatile thanks to the excellent features that make this masterpiece.

It has great sound features, including 20 voices, as well as a split/ layering function, which allows you to work with two voices at the same time. All these features make it easier to learn how to play the piano.

You might also like the 60 song presets and the duet mode, which comes with 50 accompaniment patters.

Its construction is superb, and the hammer-action of the weighted keys give it an 88-keyed digital piano keyboard feel. The keys are made well, and they feel great.

It looks nice, and the black finish, symmetrical design, and its angular speakers give it a bespoke finish.

The highlights are in red, and this digital piano will look great in your house/ room. It comes with an adapter and a sustain pedal.


  • Compatible with Windows and Mac IOS devices
  • It boasts Pro-level playability
  • Comes with a sustain pedal
  • 20 built-in voices
  • Voice split and layering functions available
  • 60 songs to play along to
  • You can connect an aux device
  • Hammer-action for a more realistic feel
  • Good quality
  • Great speakers


  • Speakers are not loud
  • A limited number of voices
  • No difference in the heavy action bars

Korg LP380 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano Keyboard

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If you envision becoming one of the best pianists of our time, then you might want to invest in this Korg LP380 digital piano keyboard that comes with 88 weighted keys.

This piano keyboard is ideal for serious students, and you might also like it because of its energy efficiency.

This piano is a great all-round digital piano that features 3 pedals (Sostenuto, soft, and damper), and 3 levels of sound/ graphic effects (reverb, brilliance, and chorus), all designed to give you the grand piano feel.

Since you won’t have to buy extra pedals, this is a cost-effective option. The big catch, however, is that this piano keyboard is not as portable since it weighs 82lbs.

However, it has a sleek design, it will fit any space easily, has a slim finishing, and it will add an elegant flair to your home.

Thanks to the wooden cover top, the keys are protected from dust. Note that this wooden cover top comes with a soft-landing mechanism that ensures a very gentle closure of the piano when it isn’t in use. You might also like the icy, white finish which adds to the elegance of the piano keyboard.

The keyboard is also designed to offer excellent performance. Some of the features of the keyboard include the full 88-keys weighting and the real weighted hammer action of the keys. It also boasts 3 high-level keyboard capabilities, and it looks (and feels) like a grand piano.

The RH3 feature gives the keys within the low register range a massive response, and the keys in the higher register a lighter response.

The response time is also excellent, and it feels great when you play repeated keystrokes, unlike other keyboard models, where this is a challenge.

The Key Touch Control Function enhances the capabilities of this keyboard, as is the case with the 3-level customization and the adjustment functions.

The three modes (normal, heavy, and light) allow easy playing depending on your preference, and it also comes with the partner and layering modes.

The sound quality is also great, and you get to learn from 30 demo songs, as well as 5 acoustic sound and 6 electric piano sounds.

The other sound options include jazz organs, a grand electric sound, harpsichord, strings, choir, pipe organs, and clavichord. It also boasts a 120-notes polyphony. The metronome and connectivity features are also impressive.


  • Great for serious students
  • Real weighted hammer action enhances the feel and sound of the keyboard
  • It’s versatile
  • It is elegantly designed
  • Wooden cover top prevents dust
  • Energy efficient
  • MIDI connectivity


  • Issues connecting with the audio player
  • It’s too heavy to move around

Best Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys

Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys

Overall, there are tons of incredible options for piano keyboards with weighted keys that you can choose from on the market.

The ones reviewed above are some of the good options you could try. However, for the most realistic weighted keys action, you need to make sure that the keyboard’s features are as good as you’d expect for a great learning and musical performance.

For the best piano keyboard with weighted keys, look out for features like the keys and whether they are realistic or not, lesson modes, metronomes, energy efficiency, connectivity, pedals, sound quality, quality of the in-built speakers, construction, design, and value for money.

While there are budget-friendly digital piano options, you need to make sure that the piano keyboard offers all the features and functions you need.

I hope you enjoyed this post discussing the Best Piano Keyboards with Weighted Keys. If you have any questions, feedback, or perhaps some recommendations; please make sure you comment below.


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