BOSS ME-80 vs GT-100 | Which One Should You Buy & Why?

Two of the most famous multi-effects pedals happen to be produced by the same music giant, BOSS. The ME-80 and GT-100 are two fantastic multi-effects pedals that produce a wide range of sound effects and have superior sound quality as well.

However, getting both of them would be redundant since they more or less do the same job. So, which one should you buy?

The BOSS ME-80 vs GT-100; and why?

Multi-effects pedals are quickly gaining popularity as their DSP capabilities, and advanced processors continue to revolutionize the music industry.

Gone are the days where multi-FX pedals were looked down upon as a tool for the less talented.

They are also a big jump up from your more basic guitar looper pedals.

Now, leading brands such as BOSS are striving hard to create the perfect multi-effects pedal.

One that will give you a wide variety of unique sound effects, so you have more room to be creative with your music.

More and more guitarists are now switching over to multi-effects pedals from their trusted stompboxes, simply because of the ease and artistic freedom a multi-effects pedal provides.

To make a choice easier for you, we’ve compared the two multi-effects, putting the BOSS ME-80 vs GT-100 head to head in a detailed review below!

BOSS ME-80 vs. GT-100 Comparison

Based on a knob system to dial in the sound effects
Menu and icon system to introduce sound effects
Can produce about eight effects at a timeCan produce up to 15 effects at a time
Relatively limited flexibilityOffers much more flexibility of sound
Can be plugged directly into the ampCan be plugged directly into the amp and also by using the four-cable method
Has 72 programs on its board; 36 preset ones and 36 user
Has 400 programs on its board; 200 presets and 200 user
Contains 9 amp modelsContains 25 amp models
Has a single signal path
Has a dual signal path
Has three parameters for editing sound effectsHas numerous parameters which are different for different sound effects
Fixed order of effects
Order of effects is not fixed
USD 299.99
USD 499.99


Battery-operated and mobile, this BOSS multiple effects guitar pedal is an excellent tool for guitarists looking for no-fuss, quality sound effects.

An excellent tool for performers, the BOSS ME-80 (Check Price), has superb, clean sound effects and amps that are unmatched!

Its interface, based on the knob system, makes dialing in sounds easy and fast.

The super-efficient operation modes on this nifty device offer you the choice of using a separate stompbox-style on/off system.

They can even give you an instant repeat of complicated multi-effects setups.

It also features exceptional footswitches that deliver double the control that previous designs offered.

This makes the switching of effects, real-time sound shaping, and patch selection easy and effective, especially while you’re performing in front of an audience.

Like all BOSS models, the ME-80 also comes with a ‘tonal software ’that allows you to tweak sound effects as much as you like on your computer.

All in all, the ME-80 is a classic, efficient, and simple multiple effects pedal.

The Boss Me 80 also featured in my best multi-effects pedals for beginners that you can check out HERE.


The new and improved GT-100 is one of the best tools for modern guitarists to enhance their music.

Added to the basic features are two new amp types, an acoustic guitar simulator, the latest MDP effects, and even an upgraded rotary effect.

This powerful multi-effect pedal features a dropdown menu with icons for better control over sound effects.

The BOSS GT-100 also contains a useful guitar-to-MIDI function that allows you to connect your guitar to a computer to play soft synths.

It can also be used to put in MIDI notes into your tune using any guitar.

The GT-100 has a vastly increased special sound effects capability so you can create loads of different kinds of music and truly explore your artistic side.

It offers great flexibility when it comes to re-amping applications, as well.

The BOSS tonal software, which is included with the GT-100, allows you to edit further and tweak your tunes

Performance Differences

BOSS ME-80 vs GT-100

The Boss ME-80 vs GT-100 are both excellent, albeit different, multi-effects pedals from BOSS.

Where the ME-80 has always been a clean and clear-sounding multi-effects pedal; the GT-100 is its fancy cousin sporting the latest technology and a multitude of features.

The Boss ME-80 has a limited number of programs and effects that can be used at one time and amp models.

For most old fashioned guitarists, these are more than enough.

However, they can leave the newer generation of guitarists, who look for innovation everywhere, wanting more.

The GT-100, though a bit pricey, goes beyond what is expected of a multi-effects pedal. Don’t let its simple looks fool you.

This device can pack a punch when it comes to sound effects.

The GT-100 has great features such as 400 onboard programs, 25 amp models; and the ability to produce up to 15 effects at a time.

This multi-effects pedal is making waves in the music industry! Performance-wise, both multi-effects pedals do great.

Mainly because they’re from the same company, so there’s no issue about quality between the two.

The GT-100 has more features; but if you compare both for sound quality and performance, then they both do a pretty good job.

For ease of use, though, we would have to go with the newer GT-100, simply because manufacturers realized the need for a four cable system.

With the Boss Me-80 (Check Price), you have to plug the multi-effects pedal to the amp directly.

You could use an amp with channel switching to have more variance in your music and play with clean sounds and effects at the same time.

But setting it up and switching channels can make the whole process rather inconvenient.

The GT-100 avoids this issue by using a ‘four-cable ’method so you can have a lot more control and variance in the sounds you play.

Design Differences

BOSS ME-80 vs BOSS GT-100

The ME-80 is designed for stage performances.

If that’s what you need a multi-effects pedal for, then the ME-80 is the perfect match for you.

You don’t use a ton of multi-effects when you’re on stage. You mostly rely on a few effects with clean and crisp sounds.

The ME-80 gives you more than enough room to be creative during your performances; while being simple, straightforward, and reasonably priced.

The Boss GT-100, on the other hand, is more for music producers and studio-based music recording.

Where you have ample time to play around with tunes and add or tweak the sounds to your heart’s desire.

The GT-100 is a little on the pricier side.

If you’re looking to have much more variety with sound effects, and have the time and studio for it; then the GT-100 should be your top priority.


The new GT-100 is priced a lot higher than the ME-80 and will set you back around $499 (Check Price Here).

Whereas the ME-80 will cost you around $299.99.

The GT-100 is understandably more costly than the ME-80 because of all the added features it contains.

However, these features aren’t necessarily useful for everyone.

If you’re a stage performer, for example, you’d be better off with a ME-80 multi-effects pedal because it has ample effects and a very reasonable price tag too.

But, if you’re someone looking to add more creativity in your work and produce music, then the GT-100 is definitely worth the price tag.

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BOSS ME-80 vs GT-100 Conclusion

All in all, both multi-effects pedals produced by BOSS do an excellent job of introducing sound effects to your guitar.

The GT-100 is pricier and contains a wide variety of features and effects that are a dream come true for music producers.

However, the high price tag isn’t worth it if you’re a performance artist and use your guitar for stage purposes. In which case, the ME-80 is a great choice.


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