Can I Learn To Sing On My Own? Here’s What You Need To Know

You are here because you are like wondering to yourself – ‘Can I learn to sing on my own?’. Well, I’m here to help and tell you what you need to do it.

In this post we will cover what you need to do, how you can do it, and also what you need to learn to sing on your own.

Can I Learn To Sing On My Own?

Before I answer that question right, there’s a different answer for a lot of people, depending on what their singing goals are – for example do you want to get better at Kareoke or perform professionally (In a band or plays, etc).

My quick answer is Yes, you can learn to sing on your own. If you are just looking to become a good singer, its very possible to do this on your own.

You just need to follow some basics tips like learning to breathe properly, have the correct posture, finding your vocal range, etc. I have tips on how to get a good singing voice at home worth checking out.

However, if you want to sing semi-professional or professionally and wondering ‘Can I learn to sing on my own?’; I would say NO! Well not entirely on your own at least which I will explain a little better.

Learn The Basics

Knowing the basics is essential for knowing how to sing. I mentioned them above briefly, but here they are again with a few more:

  • Learn how to warm up vocals
  • Practice vocal exercises daily
  • Improving your posture
  • Know how to project your voice
  • Find your tone and vocal range

Once you learn how to do these, you will notice some dramatic improvements in your voice, especially if you are a complete beginner.

I’m not going to go into detail of each of these now as I have covered a lot of these in some of my other posts. You can find these under the ‘Singing’ tab in the header of this page.

YouTube is Your Friend

There is so much free information out there now on YouTube, you are sure to find 100’s of videos for each of the tips I mentioned above.

Try and find a YouTuber that you like and stick to their content. Try not to keep switching between YouTube coaches.

If you are bouncing from person to person, you might find some conflicting information, get confused and fall down that rabbit hole of a combination between procrastination and information overload.

Can I learn to sing on my own using YouTube? Yes, but if you need to get to that next level you will need some help. YouTube will only take you so far.

The majority of the time most YouTubers will offer some decent beginner lessons, tips, or how to videos; but as soon as you get going, they normally try and get you to sing up to their course or premium content.

Getting To The Nexl Level

As you already know some people are naturally good singers; and take it from me, I know how annoying that can be. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot get better at singing than them.

Don’t get me wrong, YouTube is great, and its brilliant when you are starting out; but to get to that next level, you need some help.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Getting Vocal Lessons With A Coach
  • Get Online Singing Lessons (Recommend)

We are living in different times now. You do not need a teacher to learn to sing anymore. We are living in a digital era now where everything is moving online now.

It’s not just singing, you can find online piano lessons, online guitar lessons, and pretty much every other instrument online these days.

The reason online singing lessons are great is because they are cheap, easy to follow, and in most cases they work; once you know you are buying a good on. At the end of the day, online singing lessons will help you learn to sing on your own at home.

If you eventually do plateau, then maybe it might be worth getting one to one professional help. I also think this will only be necessary if you aim to reach an extremely high level of singing.

But at least this time you already know the basics and can move straight to more advanced level training and get your money’s worth because they are not cheap.

Why I think online lessons work great is that you are following the right process in learning to sing right from the beginning stopping you from picking up bad habits from the get-go.

In my opinion, nobody does it better than the 30 Day Singer. They offer some amazing content on just about every aspect of singing. See below some of the sample lessons.

This is just one screenshot from the 100’s of videos they have available. The aim is in their name; they help you become a better singer in 30 days.

The guys over at 30 Day Singer have given us a 14 Day Free Trial Coupon for you to try it out completely free for 14 days that you can claim with the button below.

If you are a complete beginner and have some time, the 14 days should give you enough time to see if it works for you.

Summary: Can I Learn To Sing On My Own?

Yes, you can learn to sing on your own (to a certain level). By following some basic tips, you should be able to learn to sing on your own or at least start to see some improvements which are fine for some bedroom singing, karaoke, and some beginner level singing.

If you want to take things to the next level and want to sing professionally or semi-professional, I would suggest you get lessons or try the 30 Day Singer below.


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