The 7 Best 1×12 Guitar Cabinet in 2020 w/ Review

Guitar amplifier on dark background

Are you looking for a portable cabinet for home/studio recordings that can double up as a reliable speaker for small or medium gigs? We round up the best 1×12 guitar cabinets in the 2020 market with detailed reviews to help you make the right choice. In our hunger for power, we often overlook how convenient … Read more

Best Guitar Amp Speakers

Everything you need to know before you buy or upgrade a guitar speaker for your amp or cabinet! Guitar players are forever in pursuit of a ‘sound’ that supports their creative expression and sets them apart from other guitar players. But tone is a complex and multi-faceted notion influenced by various components of your guitar, … Read more

Best Tube Combo Amp Under 500

best tube combo amp under 500

A tube combo amp is a critical accessory to help you get the best experience out of your guitar. Unfortunately, these products tend to be quite expensive. Finding the best tube combo amp under 500 can help you get your hands on an excellent amplifier, without blowing the bank. Bear in mind that some of … Read more

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