Top 6 Best Ovation Guitars in 2021 Complete Review

Looking for a new acoustic-electric guitar for your collection? Ovation’s catalog sports some great acoustic-electric guitars that are innovative, unique and attractive. Check out our guide of the best ovation guitars in 2021. Ovation & The Roundback Acoustic Guitar: Ovation is the original acoustic roundback guitar that shot to fame in the late 1960s. The … Read more

Top 8 Best Wireless System for Bass w/ Review (2020)

Do you want to be liberated from the conundrum of instrument cables? Are you looking for a hi-tech and reliable wireless system than can handle bass guitars without any performance issues? We’ve got just the thing for you. A good digital wireless unit gives you the freedom to prance around the stage and strut up … Read more

Top 10 Best Epiphone Guitars in 2020 Ultimate Review

An instrument is much more than just a piece of gear for a passionate musician, it is a companion they share their journey with and a partner they turn to in their highs and lows. However, finding the ideal instrument from a plethora of online catalogues can be a difficult and time consuming task. So … Read more

Easiest Songs To Play On The Guitar? 40 Easy Guitar Chords

We have compiled a list of the easiest songs to play on the guitar for beginners. These songs will help you improve your guitar skills and get to the next level If you are a beginner learning to play guitar, you will be eager to start playing some great guitar songs. But as you probably … Read more

BOSS ME-80 vs GT-100 | Which One Should You Buy & Why?

BOSS ME-80 vs GT-100

Two of the most famous multi-effects pedals happen to be produced by the same music giant, BOSS. The ME-80 and GT-100 are two fantastic multi-effects pedals that produce a wide range of sound effects and have superior sound quality as well. However, getting both of them would be redundant since they more or less do … Read more

Best Electric Guitars for Beginners | 6 Options Worth Considering

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

It can be difficult finding the Best Electric Guitars for Beginners. But don’t worry, I am here to help. I have compiled a list of what I feel are the best beginner electric guitars you should consider buying. Albeit, this list could’ve included 20+ models, but I don’t want to confuse you. Learning to play … Read more

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