Cordoba Mini M Review

The Cordoba Mini M offers endless musical opportunities as a travel-size nylon string guitar. Its compact size makes it a popular travel companion. We look to see if its good quality, sounds good enough and of course is it worth the price. Here’s our full Cordoba Mini M Review.

Whether gathered around a bonfire or lounging around at playing guitar at home; the Cordoba Mini M is a great little guitar that can fit into many surroundings.

The Mini M boasts a natural satin finish and is quite the looker. Cordoba did not disappoint with the solid top spruce, together with mahogany back and sides which offers a clear, complex tone. Its weightless in body, yet incredibly rich in sound.

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Cordoba Mini M Review

Cordoba Mini M Review

The Design of the Cordoba Mini M

– Key Design Features

The Mini M offers the string spacing and feel of a full-sized guitar. It has a comfortable, thin mahogany u-shaped neck and 1 7/8² (48mm) nut width.

This small-bodied guitar features traditional looks. The rosette embellished with a beautiful rose pattern really sets the Mini M apart with a distinctive look guaranteed to intrigue onlookers.

– What It’s Made From

As previously mentioned, this guitar has been constructed with a solid top and spruce. The neck, back, and sides fabricated with magnificent mahogany.

Its finished with a natural tone of satin polyurethane. This really makes the Mini M a beautiful looking instrument.

The guitar’s bridge material is made using solid rosewood and bridge pins. This creates a clear-cut tone and longer-lasting playing experience.

– Type of Guitar

Even though this is a small bodied acoustic guitar; the 18-fret fingerboard allows for a playing experience similar to a full-sized guitar. Strumming is taken to new heights with this miniature guitar.

The Mini M is a steal. Cordoba did not compromise on quality when fabricating this beautiful guitar.

The Tones and Sounds of the Cordoba Mini M

Even though its reasonable price; the Cordoba Mini M is built to perfection. The exceptional sound quality is proved the moment you lay your fingers on the strings of this guitar.

Guitars similar in size to the Cordoba do not be compare in sound in my opinion. The Cordoba Mini M delivers a superb sound quality; especially when you factor in the price.

A blend of luxurious and vivid sounds is offered by the solid spruce top. Supported by the robust foundation of the mahogany back and sides.

The solid mahogany neck also helps with providing intense transmission of vibration. The subtleties in playing are distinct and delightful with the Mini M.

The clarity and presence of the bass is surprising; and comes through defined and strong. The wide fingerboard allows for complete tone coverage and smoother strumming of chords.

The Mini M is designed for the younger player or anyone who would like a smaller guitar. However, this guitar features an 18-fret fingerboard to make playing simpler but still offering full and vibrant sound.

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Final Thoughts On The Cordoba Mini M Guitar

The entire Cordoba range is pristine with classical nylon-stringed guitars and esteemed ukuleles. Cordoba is a prominent brand, crafting beautifully shaped guitars.

The Cordoba Mini M is beautiful guitar with a loud voice which really is remarkable for a small bodied guitar.

This guitar is a great buy because you can easily travel anywhere with this guitar you without any fuss.

With a combination of comfort and a considerable price of around $219; the Cordoba Mini M will give you soothing sounds for a lifetime, therefore making the Mini M an enjoyable travel companion.

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