Fender FA-115 Review

The newest member of legendary Fender’s entry-level acoustic guitar series, the FA-115 is set to impress. I am going to dig a little deeper for my Fender FA-115 Review and look at key design features, sound quality and offer a final verdict.

This model replaces its predecessor, the FA-100, and is a big step up. Instead of a laminated top, the FA-115 sports a solid spruce top with X bracing.

Compromises had to be made elsewhere to keep the price tag affordable. With a nato neck and laminated hardwood fretboard, the rest of the guitar is nothing fancy.

But the spruce top sets the FA-115 a solid notch above its competitors. It makes for bright sound with a dynamic range, giving excellent tone quality.

Fender FA-115 Review

Fender FA-115 Review

The Design of the Fender FA-115

– Key Design Features

This is a traditional, acoustic guitar with a 20-fret fingerboard. Its solid spruce top is strong and compliments a wide range of playing styles. This is a huge leap over the laminated top in the FA-100 and other entry-level guitars.

– What the FA-115 Made From

The FA-115 has a laminated hardwood fretboard and nato neck. It also sports laminated basswood back and sides.

This guitar’s hardwood bridge has a compensated saddle. The real wow factor, of course, is the Fender FA-115’s solid spruce top with X bracing. This sets it apart from its predecessor, the FA-100.

– Type of Guitar

This is a full-size, 6-string acoustic guitar designed for beginners. It has a traditional look and feel and is oriented for the right hand.

While a quality build, this model uses standard, no-frill materials for most of its body. The top, however, is made of solid spruce. It also a narrow neck which makes it comfortable to play, even for longer hours.

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Built for Great Sound

The Fender FA-115 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sound quality. Fender has a reputation for guitars with excellent sound, and this is no exception. Mainly thanks to the spruce top, the FA-115 has a bright sound with a dynamic range.

Combined with the solid top, the dreadnought body style makes for great acoustics. The mid to upper ranges are loud, defined, and strong.

The lower-end basses are still there, however, and will come through pleasantly. Once your strings are tuned, you’ll have a balanced, all-round sound with good tone and dynamics.

Designed for the beginners looking to start learning guitar. This guitar also comes with several player-oriented features that make getting great sound easier.

The X bracing on the spruce top helps with building a full and resonant sound. The compensated saddle on the hardwood bridge helps to enhance the tone. The 20-fret fingerboard is designed to make your playing smoother.

The Final Verdict

Fender FA-115 Review

Fender has a reputation for making good entry-level guitars, and the FA-115 is great. With a long list of pros, this guitar is a great buy for any beginner.

Comfortable and easy to play, it has great sound. It also has good overall build quality for the price.

If you are a beginner looking to get great value for your money, this is it. The solid spruce top on this guitar gives it a big edge over any competitors.

Coupled with the comfort features, it will give you hours of enjoyment.

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