Fender LT25 vs GT40 – Which One is Better and Why?

If you are looking for the next best Fender Mustang amplifier and are stuck between the LT25 and the GT40, this comparison article is just for you. We are putting them head to head, the Fender LT25 vs GT40.

We’ll look at the main features of these two amplifiers, but most importantly, the features that make one of these two a preferable option for you, depending on your needs.

With the Fender Mustang LT25 now celebrating 25 years, something that makes it a classic, is it better than the newer GT series of Fender Mustang amps?

Well, before we look at what sets these two models of Fender Mustangs apart, it’s worth noting that these amps boast a clever amp digital interface designed to ensure that you have a great at home playing experience and even smoother rehearsals, all thanks to the plethora of effects and tunes that you can use.

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Fender LT25 vs GT40

Fender Mustang LT25

The Fender Mustang LT25 is a small, high-quality modeling amp that boasts excellent performance, thanks to its design, which allows you to easily emulate the performance of a wide variety of amplifiers, as well as effects pedals.

This LT25 packs a lot of power, but the unique feature about this amp has to be the fact it boasts over 75 years of expertise into the best of small and powerful amplifiers. It has a simple interface and a wide collection of effects for you to choose from/ work with.

This amplifier is quite affordable, and you might like it you need an amplifier with great onboarding effects and a reliable USB connectivity for all your practice sessions. Overall its an excellent guitar amp for under $200.

Fender Mustang GT40

A digital and more advanced guitar amplifier, this Fender Mustang GT40 takes the top spot as the world’s best Wi-Fi-equipped and Bluetooth-enabled electric guitar amplifier.

Thanks to its modern configuration, the GT40 allows you to easily download all the latest updates to the amplifier, and you can also access new effects and sounds created by artists.

With the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, investing in the GT40 would be an excellent idea for you if you’re tired of cables.

So, in as much as technology has always been a double-edged sword, it’s clear that the use of technology in this GT40 is a great investment that leaves you with a small, affordable, versatile, and a stylish 3-combo range of guitar amplifiers.

The Gt40 is a brilliant solution if you are looking for a guitar amplifier for less than $300.

Fender LT25 vs GT40 – Features and Differences

The main difference between these two amps is that the LT25 comes with slots for different effects while the GT40 is designed to allow for the customization of the signal chain, and you get to place as many signals as you’d like.

Design and functions

The LT25 is literally a little firecracker, and even with its small size, it’s one of the most guitar amplifiers you could use for your practice sessions. It comes with an 8” speaker, a black-on-black exterior finish, and a control panel that’s so easy to use.

The exterior is quite simple, which is why its chrome Fender really stands out. But don’t let the small size fool you because this amplifier is an actual firecracker, and there is quite a lot that goes on right under its small, black hood.

Fender LT25

Some of the features that offer great power to this amp include the 20 amp modes, USB connection which means that you can hook it up to your computer easily, 25 onboarding effects, as well as the auxiliary input which makes it easy for you to along to all of your favorite music tracks.

Its features also make it an ideal fit for beginners – it’s versatile, compact, and quite easy to hone the chops as needed. This LT25 also boasts 30 presets, meaning that if you don’t have the time to tweak the effects already available, these 30 factory presets will have you covered.

And before you ask, the answer is yes – this LT25 works great and the presets which are accessible through the scrolling of the encoder on the side of the LED screen are easy to work with. With this setting in mind, this amp is pretty much the best amp for beginners.

The other impressive feature of this amp is that the presets and the effects are editable – editing requires you to press down on your encoder then scroll through the different categories to select the effects you like. You can save the tones too.

Some of the other effects you might like from this LT25 include modulation, pitch-shifting, filters, reverb, and delay, among others.

Then you have the GT40, easily the most technologically advanced amps on the market. The GT is stylish, very compact, and it sports a stylish and perfectly textured vinyl finish that matches the grill cloth and the control panel that beautifully brings out the Fender Mustang badge.

Fender LT25 vs GT40

It has a design flaw, though – you have to look down to see what’s going on because the display and the panel are both positioned upwards. Other than that, the controls are in the form of knobs for volume, gain, and tone.

It also comes with a small and sharp color display and nice soft-touch buttons for switches. The encoder takes the rotary design, but it also comes with the push-to-select option switch.

The GT40 features a printed circuit board, and thanks to the Wi-Fi enabled to function, you can connect the amp to your phone – it accesses the available internet connection automatically and has firmware updates, patches, plus downloading presets all available in the tone portal.

It also has a simple setup, and with over 100 presets, it would be a good option for you if you need more power and robustness.

On top of more realistic as well as access to more spillover models and effects, when you change the patches, the delay and reverb tails won’t be cut automatically. It also boasts core sounds with 20 amp models, as well as dozens of stomp-box, modulation, and reverb effects.

With display screen, software updates, Wi-FI/ Bluetooth connectivity, the GT40 is a great option for home practice, recordings, and rehearsals. It has a 6.5” speaker that comes in a sturdy ported enclosure and boasts great clarity and volume, and you might also like how well the EQ controls work.

ConclusionFender LT25 or GT40

A comparison of these tow guitar amps shows that these Fender amps are two of the best amps on the market, and you wouldn’t regret investing in either amp.

But as we can all imagine, one of these amps is better than the other. The LT25 is suitable for someone who doesn’t need too much power but would appreciate a small, robust amp for small gigs or practice sessions.

On the other hand, the GT40 has more power, it’s bigger, but its best feature has to be the zero presence of cable, not to mention the best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

You could also use the GT40 for recordings, besides home practice and rehearsals. So, if you need a more versatile guitar amp that’s easy to work with, we’d recommend the GT40.

I hope you enjoyed my post comparing the Fender LT25 vs GT40. If you have any questions or feedback, please comment below.

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