Fender Play Review

I am a little surprised it took some of the big guitar manufacturers this long to bring out their own online guitar course. Here’s my full Fender Play Review where I cover some things like the cost, how it works and if I would recommend it.

Quick Summary: Fender Play is an online course provided by one of the largest guitar manufactures in the world. Their course is designed to help people learn to play guitar online in the comfort of their own home.

It’s major advantage over it’s competitors is it’s low price point at $9.99 per month.

Who’s Fender Play For?

Fender Play Review

Unlike some other online guitar course like Guitar Tricks; Fender play is for absolute beginners. Once your skill level passes beginner status, you really outgrow Fender play.

Fender Play is designed with absolute beginners in mind. They hold your hand so to speak and walk you through the basics as if you never touched a guitar in your life and know nothing about playing one.

There’s no shame in this and it’s completely necessary for the majority of people who are just getting started. But if you have a little experience learning guitar you can simply skip or maybe skim over these early lessons.

Fender Play is also not just for learning guitar. You can also learn to play Bass and Ukulele on Fender Play. This is pretty cool I think.

How Much Does Fender Play Cost?

Fender Play Review

Fender Play works like a subscription service and costs $9.99 a month. This makes it one of the most affordable online guitar courses available (subscription based at least).

Two of the most popular online guitar lessons right now are Guitar Tricks & Jam Play, and these both cost $19.99 per month. So you are talking about a 50% saving. But is it Fender Play worth it? Let’s find out.

How Does Fender Play Work?

Choose Your Instrument

When you sign up for Fender Play, you must choose your instrument you want to play. You can choose from Acoustic, Electric, Base Guitar and Ukulele.

Choose Your Style

After you have selected the instrument, you can then narrow your learning and select the style of music. You get the choose from a number of styles like Rock, Pop, Blues, County and even Folk.

Some may disagree but they I do like the way I can select a style. From the get go I am learning the correct way for that particular style of music I want to play.

Follow The Steps

From there you follow a step by step learning process in what they call “Bite Sized Lessons”. I like this phrase.

Bite sized lessons are the best way to learn guitar in my opinion. It’s perfect for learning to play when you have a busy life schedule balancing work, family and more.

Fender play has you picking up the guitar right away. No boring theory or any of that crap, you are picking up the guitar and playing from the get go.

I must say the lessons are very detailed with various video angles and more you can see exactly what your instructor is doing. It’s extremely easy to follow and Fender Play deserve a lot of credit for this.

What Do I Get With Fender Play?

does fender play work?

Lots of Content

When you sign up to Fender Play you are getting heaps of content to indulge in. You can watch and learn hours of instructional videos about techniques, chords and your favourite songs and more.

You can learn your favourite songs which is really cool. Fender regularly update their course with the latest songs with step by step tutorials to learn each song. Each song has a difficulty star rating out 3. 1 being to easiest and 3 being difficult.

Modern design

I love the layout of Fender Play. It’s clean, simply laid out and has a modern touch to it. Fender Play’s layout is very appealing and easy to navigate.

It’s actually what I dislike the most about Jam Play vs Fender Play. Jam Play is a great course but has a dated look that’s off putting.

The layout style of Jam Play has very early 00’s feel about it, which puts me off. Even though it’s a great course.

Easy To Follow Lessons

I love how each lesson is quick and short. Perfect if you are caught for time or only have 20 minutes to spare. That’s literally all you need each day. Just 20 minutes to learn to play guitar with Fender play.

Each lesson can vary from 2 minutes to 15 minutes. I like how a lot of the videos have guitar tabs also on screen that are easy to follow.

Although the lessons are short and easy to follow. You will need to repeat most of the lessons. It wont be as simple and watch the video, play a string and I’m done, next.

You will need to take time to learn and master the each step before you move on. These lessons are short for this reason. You are repeating each video quickly and mastering that particular technique.

I love how there’s a number of camera angles available to view, so you aren’t missing anything.

Track Your Progress

It’s very easy to track your progress on Fender Play. Each style you follow has a progress percentage bar that’s easy to follow and monitor. It a nice touch and motivates you to complete each section fully.

Does Fender Play Work?

Yes I think Fender Play does work. If you signed up for Fender Play, even as a complete beginner that never held a guitar, yes I am very confident you will learn yo play guitar.

Is Fender Play Worth it?

Yes, fender play is worth it? At $9.99, it’s half the price of the major online guitar courses out there.

Both Guitar Tricks & Jam Play cost $19.99 a month. One other solution that offers a one time only life time ownership is Jamorama which you can pick up for $99.

$9.99 a month is a great price considering you also get the option to learn guitar, bass and ukulele for the same price.

Fender Play Review: Final Thoughts

Fender Play is an excellent option for any beginner looking to learn guitar. Learning guitar online is the way forward.

Does Fender Play Work? Yes, Fender Play does work and will help you learn to play guitar. Even better, but you can learn to play guitar at home in comfort.

Fender play is perfect for any beginner. You start off with the absolute basics not knowing a thing about a guitar. You follow a structures proven formula that works.

However, I would say one that Fender Play is more for the beginners and not for more advanced players. Advanced players will feel they are more skilled than the lessons being taught.

If you have some experience and already at an intermediate level, I would consider Guitar Tricks (Review Here). Although more expensive, you will get endless value from it.

If you plan to work professionally playing guitar or bass, I would suggest Guitar Tricks. I have a post comparing Guitar Tricks vs Fender Play thats work checking out.

One of the best features about Fender Play is the regular song updates. Fender Play updates your favourite songs right to their library with step by step instruction guides.

I love how Fender Play can be used anywhere via any device. You can download and use Fender Play on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

You can do a lot worse than Fender Play. For the low cost price and a great quality product its’ definitely worth a try.

4/5 stars for me, and I’m only dropping the 1 star due to the fact it’s only for beginners.

I hope you enjoyed my Fender Play Review. If you do like it, please like and share this post. Thank You

Fender Play Review


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