Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks? Why One Is So Much Better

In this post we put two of the most popular online guitar lessons head to head, Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks. We look at which is the better course, offers the best content and of course discuss the costs involved.

Learning guitar online is more popular than ever. It’s easy to see why. You can learn guitar at home in your PJ’s without the need to commute to meet a guitar coach.

But more importantly online guitar courses are much cheaper than guitar lessons. Now lets compare two of the best.

Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks Quick Summary

Fender Play is offers less content compared to Guitar Trick and its also geared more to beginners. Guitar Tricks is perfect for any level of guitarist from beginner right up to an advanced level.

Guitar Tricks offers more content, better training, had an huge number of members. However it does cost twice the price at $19.99 per month compared to Fender Play’s $9.99 per month.

Which would I choose? Guitar Tricks all day long.

Fender Play Quick Summary

Fender Play is an online course provided by one of the largest guitar manufactures in the world. Their course is designed to help people learn to play guitar online in the comfort of their own home.

It’s major advantage over it’s competitors is it’s low price point at $9.99 per month. Fender Play is best suited to absolute beginner level.

Guitar Tricks Quick Summary

Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular online guitar lesson courses currently available. They have been around for over 20 years. It works as a subscription and costs $19.99 a month.

Guitar Tricks suits everyone right up to advanced level. It has an active online community where thousands of users communicate everyday.

The key stand out feature for Guitar Tricks is that offer private one to one lessons for anyone struggling to learn.

Fender PlayGuitar Tricks
Skill LevelBeginnersBeginners to Advanced
Content100's (Still very new)11,000 Video Lessons
Regularly Updated Song LibraryYesYes
Free Trial14 Days14 Days

Price Difference

There is a substantial difference in the costs between Fender Play & Guitar Tricks.

Fender Play is very reasonably priced at $9.99 per month. Same price as your Netflix or Spotify account. Not bad right?

Guitar Tricks costs twice to price at $19.99 per month. Now on paper that doesn’t sound great when you are comparing the two. But there’s more to it than just price.

Now you are probably thinking, screw Guitar Tricks, I’m getting Fender Play instead because it’s way cheaper. But are you getting the best value for money? Let’s Find out.

Which Is Better? Fender Play Or Guitar Tricks?

Which is better, Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks. If I had to pick one right now, I would say Guitar Tricks, without a doubt.

Ok, personally I think Guitar Tricks is better, but is it better for you? Maybe not. But we will try and find out here in this post.

How Are They Different?

Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks are different online courses. Both are great for learning guitar online, and I am confident you will learn to play guitar pretty well with either course.

Fender Play is designed more for absolute beginners learning to play for the very first time. They do a great job at walking you through the basics. Holding the guitar, learning the chords, reading guitar tabs and playing techniques.

However, the main downside of Fender Play is the fact it’s just for beginners. Once your skills improve and reach even intermediate level, you will likely have maxed your potential with Fender Play.

Guitar Tricks goes that extra mile in almost every aspect compared to Fender Play. If you subscribe to Guitar Tricks, you will get more videos, more songs to learn and can learn right up to advanced level.

Who Has More Content & Videos?

Fender Play vs Guitar

Guitar Tricks hands down as more content. GT have over 11,000 lessons on their platform to choose from. But to be fair, they have been around since 1998.

11,000 is a crazy amount of content when you think about it. These all consist of beginner lessons, advanced lessons, song lessons (600+ songs) and style type lessons.

Fender Play doesn’t have near the same amount of content, but they are only around a couple of years now. But do they however regularly update their song library. This allows you to learn to play your favorite songs with step by step instruction.

As I mentioned already, Fender Play is designed for beginners at mind only. However with Guitar Tricks, that is now the case. You will find 1000’s of advanced lessons on their platform.

You can start off right at beginner level and work your way right up to advanced level which pretty cool.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Stand Out Feature

Fender Play vs Guitar

A major stand out feature that when you weight up Fender Play v Guitar Trick is the one to one lessons. That’s right, Guitar Tricks actually offers one to one lessons if you need them.

If you find you are still struggling to get a grasp of learning guitar, GT will organize a one to one Skype like guitar lesson to help you learn (This used to be free but now it requires an additional charge).

Modern Design

Both Fender Play & Guitar Tricks have nice clean designs. The platforms are easy to navigate and to follow. In fact they are so similar in style with similar fonts and coloring.

Maybe that’s what Fender Play were trying to do when designing it (just guessing).

Easy To Follow Lessons

which is better fender play or guitar tricks

Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks both have easy to follow lessons but with slight differences.

Fender Play works like this:

  • Choose Your Instrument
  • Choose Your Style (Rock, Pop, Blues, etc)
  • Follow The Steps

Guitar Tricks, you follow their Core learning System that involves the following:

  • Guitar Fundamentals Level 1
  • Fundamentals Level 2
  • Pick A Style (Blues, Country, etc)
  • Style Level 1
  • Style Level 2
guitar tricks vs fender play

Active Online Community

Fender itself has an online community, but it’s more for their own Fender as a guitar manufacturer rather than Fender Play.

Whereas Guitar Tricks is especially good. It’s extremely active with both beginner and advanced musicians.

Guitar Tricks community is a great way to connect with fellow beginners in the same position as you.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out their and introduce yourself. It’s a very friendly environment and people (advanced musicians) are more than willing to help you out.

You will find plenty people uploading their own songs looking for feedback, opinions etc. Have something your stuck on, ask for some help. You’d be pleasantly surprised how helpful people can be.

Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks: Final Thoughts

Fender Play vs Guitar

Both of these are brilliant online guitar lessons that are really worth considering. It’s no surprise I also recommend them in plenty of my other posts about learning to play guitar.

Fender Play is an excellent option for any beginner looking to learn guitar. It’s lessons are easy to follow and you no doubt will learn to play guitar quickly.

However, when you compare Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks, you simply get a lot more content with Guitar Tricks.

Over 11,000 videos for beginners right up to advanced and step by step song tutorials. Guitar Tricks really boasts an impressive amount of content.

The cost is something to consider. The cost of Fender Play at $9.99 is really appealing especially for beginners. You will learn to play guitar and it won’t cost you too much.

However, the overall value you get with the experience with Guitar tricks is better (in my opinion). It’s perfect for transitioning from a beginner to a more advanced level quickly.

If you have some experience and are already at an intermediate level, I would not look at Fender Play but consider Guitar Tricks instead.

If you plan to play guitar professionally, like in a band for example, then I would look no further than Guitar Tricks. It’s a more advanced option that will get you to that level quicker.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

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