Foods to Improve Singing Voice | Foods To Indulge & Foods To Avoid

For successful vocal performance, you cannot ignore the role of good nutrition. Whatever you eat plays a significant role just as vocal practice does; all you need to know are the foods to improve your singing voice.

The best part is that you won’t have to dig deeper in your pockets or change your diet completely.

All these foods to improve singing voice are what we see in the grocery stores all the time. You just need to know what foods improve and harm your singing voice.

You most likely have your personal tastes when it comes to foods. However, singers must know the foods that they should add to their plates to improve their singing voice.

These are foods that are high in protein, nutrients, and vitamin A that can keep you energized, your vocal muscles strong, and of course consistently hydrated.

Note: when choosing protein-rich foods, avoid foods that are too oily and fatty. These types of foods harm your vocal cords.

Water, fresh veggies, and tasty fruits are great ways of hydrating your vocal cords. Combine these and you fight vocal strain and dry throat.

Why is Vitamin A important for singing? Our bodies need plenty of minerals and vitamins; but singers need more vitamin A than your average joe.

You should do your best to incorporate vitamin A in your diet. Basically, Vitamin A plays a big role in ensuring that your mucous membranes are in good condition and thus better throat health.

Top Foods To Improve Singing Voice

Foods to Improve Singing Voice

Fresh fruits

With the convenience of ready-made juice, it is tempting to substitute fresh fruits with fruit juices.

The truth is, these two do not have the same nutritional benefits. Fruit juices are loaded with excessive sugar which will cause an energy spike.

This can lead to energy crashed and exhaust you. Eating fresh fruits will give you fiber, vitamins among other nutrients.


Chicken is a great source of lean protein. As I said earlier, proteins are important for singers. They will fill you up faster and better yet, chicken is a great source of clean protein and very low in fat.

Proteins take longer to digest, they will supply you with the energy you need to keep singing. Lean protein is also important for keeping your vocal muscles strong.

For better results, go for baked or grilled chicken as opposed to deep-fried. Deep-fried chicken consists of excess oil and will not improve your singing voice. So avoid any southern fried chicken, take away, and of course your local KFC.


Fish is another good source of lean protein. Just like chicken, fish will keep you fuller for longer while giving you energy.

Fish is a great example of healthy oils and fats and is great not only for your singing but for your everyday health as well.

Fish is best when baked. This alternative allows you to limit the amount of oil used to cook while giving you time to prepare some vegetables. Online Singing Lessons

Green Juices

Foods to Improve Singing Voice

Green juices are not only great for your health in general, but are great for keeping your voice hydrated.

Fruit contains more sugars compared to greens and is the better choice, especially late in the evening.

Instead of going for ready juices, make yourself green juices at home in a juicer. To make green juice, combine items like cucumber, kale, or spinach and add some ginger for a great healthy juice. Note that you can vary the ingredients as needed.


While enjoying your lean proteins as stated above, adding a side dish of vegetables. But, tossing a salad is much better as it will help you become more hydrated as salads offer brilliant lubrication for your throat. Also, salads are good at maintaining a good shape.


Eggs are another good source of protein as well as vitamin A. You can eat them along with your salad, or you can simply boil and eat them.

Boiled eggs or scrambled are preferable to fried ones since they are not cooked in oil. Just like the other proteins, they will keep you full and energized during your singing and keep your vocal muscles strong.

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark green vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin. Leafy greens like kale and spinach are the perfect choice.

Aside from getting vitamin A, you will stay hydrated. If you have a hard time eating them, you could benefit from drinking green juices as mentioned above.


Foods for a better voice

Honey is a brilliant lubricator for your throat. Adding a small spoonful of honey in your water or tea will help soothe your throat and protect your vocal cords from drying out.

I like to add some honey to my tea in the morning and decaf tea before bed. Try not to go crazy on the honey. Remember it is high in sugar, so use it sparingly if you can.

A good time to use honey is also after a vocal performance or tough singing practice. You will find it helps to soothe your throat and fight against it straining or drying out. Online Singing Lessons

Foods That Are Bad For Your Singing Voice

There are some foods that singers should avoid, especially the day of a performance. Not because they will destroy your voice, but because their effects will deter you from singing well as time goes on.

However, this does not mean that you completely cut them out of your diet; because this can be very hard. Therefore, achieving the right balance should be sufficient.

To balance, you will need to eat the above-recommended foods consistently and avoid the following foods before your stage performance.


Many singers like to take a shot to calm their nerves and lubricate their throats just before the show. Unfortunately, alcohol does not lubricate your throat.

In addition to being an addictive habit, alcohol, just like caffeine, will dry out your throat making it difficult to hit those high notes. You don’t want to fall into that habit. Try and hold off on that drink for after the show.

Cutting back on alcohol is one of the hardest things to do, especially if you are under 30. You might go out a lot with your friends.

But even that glass of wine in the evening will have long term effects on your voice. White wine dries up your throat and should be avoided.

Dairy Products

While it is not easy to give up on dairy products, it is best to avoid them, especially before the show. Consuming dairy thickens mucus that is present in the throat; and hinders your throats flexibility.

This forces you to keep on clearing your throat which is not a nice sound. In addition to this, dairy can lead to acid reflux which will burn your throat, making you throat strain while singing.

Soda and Ice Cold Drinks

Soda is not only carbonated but also full of sugar. Carbon causes burping. You don’t want to keep belching in front of a microphone.

Ice-cold drinks might be fun and cooling but will wreak havoc on your voice. They will contract your throat muscles that can lead to causing strained singing. Online Singing Lessons

Fried & Fast Foods

Fried foods contain excessive amounts of oil when cooked. The excessive fats are bad for your voice but are also bad for your stomach.

Fried foods can trigger heartburn and also cause indigestion. Not a great combination when you need to focus on your breathing.

If you want to improve your singing, you need to learn to breathe correctly and sing from your belly. We discussed this in detail in ourHow To Be A Good Singer‘ post.


Now this one is tough. How do I give up chocolate? For most of us it’s impossible to give up entirely, but chocolate before a performance is a serious threat to your voice. It contains excessive sugar and caffeine which affect your voice negatively.

Additionally, chocolate is a trigger for acid reflux. If at all possible avoid, especially the day of a vocal performance or long practice session. Online Singing Lessons

Final Words: Foods to Improve Your Singing Voice

This article was about finding out more info about foods that are good and bad for your voice. The info I have provided you with here today is a good guide for eating right for your voice but also everyday eating.

Even if you are not actively singing or have no major performance coming up I do suggest you stick to foods that improve your singing voice. They will improve your voice in the long run but will also keep you healthy.

If you do eat some of the bad foods for your voice, try to do so in moderation. If you overdo it, you will notice the effects they have on your voice.

While there are quick fixes that can save your voice in the short term, making regular efforts to eat well is beneficial in the long run.

By eating these foods regularly, you will not only achieve a better singing voice, but you will also improve your health.

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