Guitar Tricks Ultimate Review 2022 [Free Trial]

Learning the guitar requires time, hard work and can be expensive. But not everyone can afford to learn through a personal tutor. Not everyone has the time to meet up with a guitar coach for sessions every week. However, things have changed. Online guitar lessons are becoming more and more popular. Guitar Tricks is currently one of the most popular online guitar courses out there. Let’s find out why. Here’s my full Guitar Tricks Review.

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Guitar Tricks Review

While YouTube also offers you a convenient approach to learning guitar and at your discretion.

The number of guitar tutorials posted on the site can be overwhelming.

More often than not, you end up with a bad video, with bad audio and poor instructions with no learning structure.

Aside from YouTube, there are a couple of sites online that offers you the best way to teach yourself guitar. Guitar Tricks is one of them.

This site has been online for more than 20 years since it was established in 1998.

Over the last 20 years, they have tweaked, polished, and fine-tuned their course to be one of the best online guitar lessons you can find anywhere.

You might be thinking “Why has this site been popular?”, Then this guitar tricks review just might enlighten you.

How Does Guitar Tricks Work?

During my Guitar Tricks review, I was really intrigued by how Guitar Tricks work and teach it’s students how to play.

While most traditional guitar lessons force the student to learn boring guitar exercises.

We all need to cover our basics, but the repetition of the boring exercises does get to you at some point.

Guitar Tricks offer you a more suitable approach. You’re going to make music on your very first day. How cool is that?

Does Guitar Tricks teach guitar theory and sheet music?

Yes, there are plenty of video lessons on theory if you want to learn more theory. I like how the approach Guitar Tricks uses and you learn as you go.


But how does guitar tricks do this? Guitar Tricks offers you a Core Learning System that will have you playing easy guitar songs in the beginning.

The Core Learning System is a step-by-step system that starts from simple songs and slowly progresses into harder ones as you go.

The lessons are interconnected and organized from easy to hard.

With the press of the ‘next’ button, you move on and develop your guitar skills.

To be honest, this is a much better approach than scouring YouTube for the right guitar tutorial.

A structured learning plan that’s fun, challenging, and not boring.

11,000 Lessons & Counting

Guitar Tricks has offered the easiest way to learn the guitar and has taught over 3 million people since 1998.

You have 11,000 lessons to choose from more than 600 songs to learn. It offers top-notch instructors to teach you from all over the world and with the easy-to-follow instructions.

This allows you to build the confidence that you need that you’ll learn guitar quickly with such ease.

Here’s An Example Below

Huge Collection of Songs

While doing my Guitar Tricks review, I was impressed with the huge library of songs to choose from, you can learn to play your favorite song in an instant.

If there’s a brand-new song that just came out then you won’t have to worry.

Guitar Tricks adds a new song to their library every week.

So you can learn your favorite new song the moment you find it available in the song library.

Not Just For Beginners

When I was doing my Guitar Tricks review I originally thought it was just for beginners or maybe intermediate level players.

But it’s not, Guitar Tricks caters for all skill levels, even very advanced players.

Guitar tricks offer lessons from beginners to advanced and even offers song lessons and various style lessons.

Even if you’re an experienced guitarist who wants to learn a particular song that you can’t get on your own; you can get a tutorial to learn it with Guitar Tricks.

One On One Sessions Available

If you still think that you’re struggling with learning, then Guitar Tricks also offers a one on one session.

You can work with an instructor that’s dedicated to helping you in your guitar learning journey. Guitar Tricks makes sure that you learn how to play no matter what it takes.

I realized during this guitar tricks review, it’s safe to say that Guitar Tricks is more than just a teaching site.

It provides you with instructors when you need it and offers you a simple approach to learning the instrument.

So, move over YouTube and one to one guitar lessons, Guitar Tricks has paved the way for a much better approach in learning.

Is Guitar Tricks Good for Beginners?

For the most of starting your guitar lessons when you’re an absolute beginner, the idea of having to sit through boring lessons can be painstakingly overwhelming.

Especially when you’re itching to get the chords for your favorite song.

The best thing about Guitar Tricks is that it’s perfect for an absolute beginner.

But you’re not exactly treated as a beginner per se.


For starters, obviously you’re going to have to cover the fundamental basics of guitar playing.

It covers the entire how to’s that you need to deal with likes of how to hold a guitar, hold a pick, play simple guitar chords, and how to strum the guitar.

But, to keep things interesting, you’re going to learn this by actually playing a song.

You’re simply not just strumming aimlessly.

You are learning the basics but playing at the same time.

Learning to basics the old fashioned way is mind-numbing.

Guitar Tricks makes it fun, and I just love that.

The best thing about Guitar Tricks when it comes to beginners is its step-by-step approach using it’s Core Learning System.

Obviously, it gets you started to learn easy songs that you can eventually progress into harder ones.

Even though they are still meant for beginners to ensure that you truly are learning and becoming a great guitarist.

If you’re still worried about whether or not you’re doing it correctly, Guitar Tricks offers you one on one sessions with instructors.

Guitar tricks has a global network of instructors all over the world. If those aren’t enough to convince you how perfect Guitar Tricks is for newbies; then I honestly don’t know what else will.

Guitar Tricks vs JamPlay

Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar Tricks may be the oldest site out there that serves as a learning tool for aspiring guitarists around the globe.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only site out there available.

There are tons of online guitar courses available like JamPlay. If there’s a site that’s giving Guitar Tricks a run for their money, then its JamPlay is their biggest competitor out there. So, the question is, which of these two top guitar teaching sites are better?

Guitar TricksJamPlay
Skill LevelMeant for both beginners and advanced playersMeant for both beginners and advanced players.
For BeginnersHas a step-by-step approach for beginners with a comprehensive system approach that makes it easier for beginners to learn the instrumentLessons are taught by various teachers with their own lesson laid out which might not be the teaching style suitable for you.
ContentHas over 600 songs to learn from and is updated every week.

11,000 Video Lessons
Over 300 songs to learn from and offers more styles and genres of guitar lessons.

6,500 Video Lessons
ForumsActive Online Forum & CommunityActive Online Forum & Community
Price$19.95 Monthly$19.95 Monthly
Free Trial14 Day Free Trial7 Days Free Trial

Well, if you’re a newbie who wants to learn how to play the guitar then Guitar Tricks is the best choice for you.

It offers a step-by-step lesson on how to play the guitar.

It covers all the fundamental basics that you need to know using the Core Learning System that progresses you quickly as a guitarist.

Meanwhile, JamPlay, on the other hand, the beginner’s courses are taught by various teachers.

For me, Guitar Tricks is the better option when it comes to beginners and even for the advanced guitarists.

It also offers more songs to learn from. Albeit JamPlay offers you more style and genre.

But the fact that it may not have the specific song you want to learn is kind of a downer for me.

Besides everything else, Guitar Tricks instructional videos are easier to follow than JamPlay. I’ll always choose a more simpler approach when it comes to learning.

If you would like to know more about JamPlay compared to Guitar Tricks, I have a full post discussing that HERE.

Guitar Tricks vs Fender Play

Guitar Tricks Review

Just like JamPlay, Fender also caters for beginner guitarists.

But despite the effort that the people behind Fender made, they still couldn’t top Guitar Tricks.

No matter how hard they try, GT seems to come out on top (my opinion).

The best thing about Fender Play vs Guitar Tricks is the fact that it’s far cheaper than Guitar Tricks.

Then again, its cheap price has become its own weakness.

Fender doesn’t offer as much content as it should with the price that it has.

Because of that, Guitar Tricks is a far more superior option to choose from.

The 200+ lessons that Fender offers is nothing compared to the 11,000 lessons that Guitar Tricks has under its belt.

Aside from that, Fender only offers five styles in total.

This isn’t even half of the 12 styles that Guitar Tricks offers.

The eight instructors in Fender has nothing on the twenty instructors signed with Guitar Tricks’ teaching site to date.

Although Fender does focus on the beginner materials, it still can’t compare to the broad beginner guitar lessons that Guitar Tricks does.

When it comes to the intermediate and advanced content, Fender has very little to offer.

Guitar Tricks still cover that area well enough to keep its crown.

In the end, Guitar Tricks still sits on the throne although Fender did try its best.

The substantial content that Guitar Tricks offers; not just the beginners, but also the intermediate and advanced guitarists as well seems to top the rest.

I did a full review of the Best Online Guitar Courses You Can Check Out HERE.

Guitar Tricks Community

Guitar Tricks Review

It’s always nice to know that you’re not the only one out there trying to learn the guitar.

Guitar Tricks offers you a community where you are free to ask questions and make friends with fellow guitar students like you.

The forum offers you a community where you can openly discuss general topics or ones that music-related.

If you’re also a newbie in this world, then there’s a community that offers you guitar basics.

If you want to venture into songwriting and need opinions of someone, the Guitar Tricks community can help you.

Speak to people who are going through what you are doing and network.

If you’re an aspiring musician. You might be a bit scared to show the world what you’ve made.

You might need a second opinion. The Guitar Tricks Community offers you that too. They’ll listen to the music you’ve made and help you out with it.

It’s a great way to help your music and to gain your confidence.

The great thing about having an online community is that you won’t be alone in your journey learning to play guitar.

We all know learning guitar isn’t easy and it’s great to have a community around you to help and motivate you.

There are thousands of people using Guitar Tricks in your position.

Together you create an amazing guitar community to help each other.

Don’t be shy. Introduce yourself and network with other musicians.

You’ll soon realize that it’s a great decision on your part if you did.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

After all, we all need fellow guitarists to spur and motivate us.

Having an amazing community to help makes a difference.

Because who wants to do it alone? And you know what?

Maybe joining in this community means that you’ll have people cheering you on this musical journey of yours.

How Much Does Guitar Tricks Cost?

Guitar Tricks Cost

Basic access to Guitar Tricks is free in the beginning.

You get access to a 14-day free trial.

What you get is with 24 lessons rather than the access to the 11,000 lessons that Guitar Tricks has.

You get limited tutorials and instructors at first.

You’re going to have to end up with putting up with ads that keep on popping up.

But that’s the free trial. After the free trial, you see the full potential of guitar tricks.

You can access the full subscription of Guitar Tricks monthly and that costs $19.99 a month.

If you want to involve yourself further into this community, then you can purchase the full subscription for $179.99 which saves you $60 overall for the year.

The full subscription lets you learn guitar at your discretion and your own pace.

A wide range of lessons will be at your beck and call and all you have to do is choose which one you want to learn.

You’ll have unlimited resources for your learning and that’s not something that the other online guitar sites offer.

If you think about it, it’s a great offer.

I mean, the access that you’ll have and the resources that they offer.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

If you’re serious about learning to play guitar then Guitar Tricks is the online teacher that you’re looking for.

You should at least check out the Guitar Tricks Free Trial (Trial Link Here) as you have nothing to lose.

The Free Trial is well worth trying as it will show how much amazing content you are getting with Guitar Tricks.

With over 11,000 video lessons for all skill levels, you will be shocked at how good it can be.

I will dive into the more advanced lessons as well just for a look at what’s ahead of you when you aspire to that level.

Don’t let it intimate you.

You will get there.

I would also check out the Guitar tricks online community.

It’s a very active community that is great fun but also very helpful.

There’s always someone there that knows the answer to a question or query someone has.

Pros & Cons

Step-by-step lessons for beginners and uses a Core Learning System that progresses from easy to harder lessons.Doesn’t offer a live tutorial session with the instructors.
Offers a one-on-one lesson with top-notch instructors.Other competitors offer DVDs and CDs to for further lessons meanwhile Guitar Tricks is solely internet base which would be a disadvantage of you don’t have the fast internet access or internet access at all.
11,000 lessons to choose fromExpensive
600 songs and updates the song library weekly
Offers you access to an online community
HD videos to learn from

Guitar Tricks Review – Final Verdict

In the end, Guitar Tricks might be expensive if you want to continue subscribing, be it monthly or annually.

But it would certainly be the best investment that you’re going to make in your musical career.

Besides, if you’re a newbie to this whole thing, then this would be the best choice for you to choose from.

The costs of guitar lessons from a guitar teacher will set you back a hell of a lot more with far less value compared to Guitar Tricks.

As a beginner, you’re going to be given a step-by-step approach to learning the guitar quickly.

You’ll be given the basics of the art of playing the instrument.

It’s an easy approach if you ask me and the Core Learning System works amazingly well when it comes to learning guitar as a beginner.

The fact that this program also offers you a wide variety of songs to learn from is a massive plus.

With the number of instruction videos and songs at your disposal, you get your money worth.

There might be other guitar learning sites that would offer you the same deal at a cheaper price.

However, I know that in Guitar Tricks, the content and resources that it offers compensate the price.

The fact that it’s solely internet-based, is not entirely such a disadvantage.

With how advanced tech is nowadays, I would think that DVD/CD’s are outdated and behind the times now.

Overall I Guitar Tricks is the best online guitar course you can buy right now.

They offer a two week Free Trial that you should at least check out.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I hope you enjoyed my Guitar Tricks Review. Please share this post if you liked it.


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