How to Become Better at Singing | 7 Tips For Dramatic Improvement

If you want to know how to become better at singing, you have come to the right place. I won’t try and waffle about, let’s get right to to.

These steps to become a better singer are easy to follow and you can get started right away today!

Step 1: Learn To Warm Up Properly

How to Become Better at Singing

Warming up and cooling down before and after singing is crucial in preserving a healthy singing voice.

If you do not warm-up and cool down your voice, you risk damaging your vocal cords and sometimes permanently so.

All athletes know that an effective warm up is essential for optimal athletic performance.

But you say, singers are not athletes, so why should singers warm up their singing voices?

A proper warming up before a singing performance lets the singer to get in touch with the singer’s inner self physically and psychologically since self-awareness is the foundation of good vocal techniques.

All good singers know that there is a coordination of many muscle parts and therefore warming up before singing should be at your own pace that allows enough time for the loosening and coordination of the muscles that assist voice production.

Warming up your voice should be an enjoyable experience because as you warm up, your voice begins to sound better, effortless and a sense singing freely is felt.

Unfortunately, most of the time, the singer is warming up while rushing to a rehearsal or as a last-minute preparation before taking the stage.

The pressure of a hurried warming up may cause physical and mental tension and as such, the warming up may prove to be ineffective or worse, counterproductive.

All well-trained singers develop their distinctive warming up routines best suited to their requirements.

The routines may vary with changes in physical, mental, and emotional states. Most good singers begin by warming up their bodies first with light physical exercises.

Furthermore, light exercises help to stimulate deep breathing which is essential for good voice support.

There’s a lot of warm-up videos you can check out on Youtube. If you happen to be signing up for a free trial of the 30 Day Singer, I would check out their vocal warm-up routines.

Credit: 30 Day Singer

Warming up your vocals should be part of your daily vocal routine and done before every practice session. They might sound silly when you are doing them; but they do work very well.

Find a warm-up routine that works for you and your voice. Also, try and find one you enjoy doing, rather than one that makes you uncomfortable.

Step 2: Learn To Breathe Correctly

How to Become  a Better at Singer

Again, you might think this sounds silly. You’re probably thinking “I’m going to breathe, that’s a stupid tip.”

If you want to learn how to become a better singer, breathing correctly while singing is key. Breathing right and in time is something you will need to master to improve your voice.

When you get a one to one lesson or maybe an online course; they will 100% teach you how to breathe from your belly and not from your chest.

If you get the chance, try singing from both separately. It will feel weird breathing from your belly at first, but you will notice the difference compared to singing from the chest.

I would recommend that you try and incorporate some breathing exercises into your warm-up routine if you can. It will become much more natural to you then overtime.

Step 3: Find Your Vocal Range


Finding your vocal range is important. Your vocal range can depend on your voice; but generally your voice falls into 6 voice types.

These include Alto, Bass, Tenor, Baritone, Soprano, and Mezzo-Soprano. If you have done any singing theory in music class before or maybe sang in a choir, these will sound familiar to you.

Your vocal range is between the lowest and highest notes you can sing. If you want to know more about finding your vocal range, I would look up some Youtube videos online that go into it in more detail.

Step 4: Practice Daily

How to Become Better at Singing

If you want to be a better singer, you need to take things a little more seriously. I’m not saying you need to lock yourself away in insolation and practice for hours; but you will need to spend some time.

20-30 minutes a day will make a huge difference to your singing voice. I mentioned the 30 Day Singer above and they have some amazing tips on finding a daily practice routine.

A good practice routine will not only improve your voice but will also maintain it which is so important.

Step 5: Get Lessons

How to Become Better at Singing

If you want to know how to become better at singing, lessons are the way to go for the quickest and best results in my opinion.

You have two main options for lessons. You can get one to one lessons or online singing lessons; with the latter being the best option I think.

One To One Lessons

One to one lessons are good, but they can be expensive. They also slow you down to being a better singer. What do I mean by slow you down? Well let me tell you.

Most one to one lessons you get are weekly or maybe biweekly. This means you have only 30 minutes or maybe an hour a week to improve your voice under the instruction of a coach.

Yes, maybe they will give you vocal drills to practice, but that might not happen right away.

You must also be prepared to fork out $50-$75 per lesson. So one to one lessons could work our quiet costly every month.

Online Singing Lessons (Recommended)

Credit: 30 Day Singer

This is what I recommend. If you want to know how to become better at singing; and do it quickly, online singing lessons are your best option.

For example, 30 Day Singer is an online course that makes you a far better singer in 30 days.

I have a full review of the 30 Day Singer to give you a more detailed version of it.

Basically the 30 Day Singer is the perfect singing course for anyone looking to improve their voice quickly.

Using short 10-minute videos every day for 30 days you follow a structured lesson plan that will no doubt improve your voice.

The free 14-day trial is worth a try and will give you some tips and tricks on how to become better at singing; and it won’t cost you anything.

Step 6: Record Your Voice

How to Become Better at Singing

Recording and listening to your voice is important to get better. You can record and playback your singing sessions to listen to where you can improve.

It’s also a good motivator when you can hear your voice improving week after week. It will also help develop your musical ear.

Step 7: Improve Your Diet


You’re probably wondering what the hell your diet has to do with how to become better at singing? But you would be surprised at how important your diet is to your singing voice.

I have a more detailed post on the best foods to improve your voice that you should check out.

The post goes into detail on the foods that are both good and bad for your voice and why they are important to the singing voice.

To be honest, a good diet for a singer isn’t too far off your everyday clean diet. It consists of lean protein, green veggies, fresh fruit; along with a few interesting tips.

Summary: How to Get Better at Singing

How to Become Better at Singing

Anybody can become a better singer by following some of these basic singing tips and guidelines. Even though these tips are basic and easy to follow; they are very effective.

Now I don’t know what level of singer you aspire to be. Maybe you want to sing for a career, do a little karaoke singing, or even just sing better in the shower.

You don’t need to be naturally talented to be a good singer. You just need to do the fundamentals right, and do them well.

The suggestions I have made above will help set you on the right path. But if you are serious about being a better singer, getting lessons are your best option to guarantee your success and reach your maximum potential.

One to one lessons are the best option really with the hands-on experience working with a vocal coach; but they take time to see real progress and more importantly are very expensive.

Online singing lessons are the best option in my opinion to better singing. They work very well, are cheaper and you will see results much quicker as you can improve at a much quicker pace.

The course I mentioned above offers the best content for beginner singers. From starting at scratch from Day 1 to reaching Day 30; you will see some serious improvements in your voice and capabilities.

It will also work well in converting intermediate singers to a more advanced level with all the advanced singing lessons, singing techniques, and vocal tips and tricks for your voice included.


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