How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week | 8 Tips To Better Singing

If you are reading this article you are most likely here to find out ‘How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week’. This means time is not a luxury we have. But don’t worry, I am here to help.

I have 8 tips that will quickly improve your singing voice. These include warming up correctly, proper posture, voice projection, and even your diet. Yes, your diet can have a big effect on your singing voice.

If you’re a beginner, these tips are especially important to you, as you will likely be at fault for not doing some of these tips mainly due to inexperience. But enough of me rambling, let’s get to the good stuff.

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Learn to Warm Up Your Vocals Properly

How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week

It’s very important to warm up before you sing. Runners warm up their muscles before they run, singers need to do the same before they sing. You use your muscles when you sing; you must warm them up correctly before using them.

What is a vocal warm up? A vocal warm up simply put is a set of vocal exercises that prepares your voice for singing.

How do you warm up your voice? Warming up your vocals is very easy. There are tonnes of different routines and everyone has their preference.

You can find plenty of these online and Youtube. Find one that works for you and implement it into your pre singing warm-up.

Practice Proper Singing Posture

Improve Your Singing Voice quickly

Practicing proper singing posture is one of the most overlooked things for singers looking to improve their singing voice.

Ok, so how do get a good singing posture?

First things first. Stand up straight. Try and stand as tall and straight as possible with your chin parallel to the ground.

This keeps your head high facing the crowd, helping you project your voice. It also helps you with your breathing from your belly.  This immediately helps you sing out at your audience, rather than down to the ground.

You can practice this by standing with your back against a wall. This can be done easily learning to sing at home.

The heel of your shoe, bum, shoulders, and head should be pressed against the wall. From there you’re in a good singing position. Online Singing Lessons

However, don’t be tense or uncomfortable. Your body needs to be in good posture, but you also need to be relaxed.

When you are practicing against the wall, at first your body may seem tense; but don’t worry. Try and sing a few songs and before you know your body will become more comfortable and will naturally fall into this posture for singing.

Learn to Breathe Correctly

How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week

If you are wondering how to improve your voice in a week, you need to learn how to breathe correctly while singing. Breathing correctly when singing comes much easier when you are singing in the correct posture.

Lie on the floor on your back with your hands on your stomach. When you breathe in your hands will rise.

But when you are breathing in, try and get your stomach to rise rather than your chest. Try to breathe like this when you sing and this will improve your breathing and vocal performance.

When you are inhaling, practice inhaling from both your mouth and nose simultaneously rather than either one. Why so? Well when you inhale using both your mouth and nose, you can inhale more air.

It’s also important to control exhaling. Practice inhaling through your nose and mouth for about 4 seconds, pause and slowly exhale in a controlled manner for about 8-10 seconds. Practice this a couple times a day and it will help you to be a better singer in a week.

Project Your Singing Voice

Improve Your Voice fast

Projecting your singing voice is one of the best ways to improve your singing voice in a week. When you are singing, you need to make sure you are facing your audience directly.

Don’t be facing away from your audience. The goal here is to make your voice easy to hear for the audience.

To practice this properly, you should try and practice on the stage you will be performing on. This way you will know where your audience is and where to project your voice to.

For example you can pick a spot or an object at the back of the hall, central to where the crowd will be. You can focus on projecting your voice to that area; so when you are performing you will know where to stand.

Another option is to pick someone or a small group of people in the middle of the crowd. This will narrow your focus and project your voice to them and the crowd around them.

Get an Online Course


I mention a few tips this post that will help improve your voice, but if you are looking for instant results, you need to use an online singing course or at least some free videos to improve it quickly.

All of the other tips I have given you below are free methods on how to improve your singing voice in a week.


One of the best ways to do this would be to get an online singing course. Yes, this might require you to spend a little money, but not necessarily. It depends on the course you try.

A 14 day Free Trial is all you might need to make your voice in a week. You can use the 14-day free trial to your advantage for the two weeks and get as much content as you can from it for the 2 weeks.

There are plenty of online singing courses out there. But one that I think you should consider is 30 Day Singer.

It’s easy to follow, reasonably priced and most of all it works quickly (it’s in the name).

It will help you become a better singer quickly in 30 Days. 30 Day Singer offers a 14-day free trial that you should try.

The 14-day trial will offer you some great tips to help you improve your voice in a week and it won’t cost you a dime.

You have nothing to lose by trying it at least and then decide if you want to continue. 

Why should you get an online singing course?

Well, if you want to improve your singing voice quickly, this is the best and most feasible way of jump-starting you to your goal.

I recently did a 30 Day Singer Review and there’s so much amazing content packed into this online singing program that will no doubt improve your vocal range, vocal power, tone, and more.

Find Your Own Style to Improve Your Voice

tips to improve voice quickly

You came here to find out how to be a better singer in a week? So time is exactly plentiful. So what I recommend you do is to find the right songs for you.

Find songs you are comfortable with and capable of singing. Find a song that can test you a little but you don’t need to be Celine Dion to sing.

This is very important if you’re auditioning. You will want to perform a song well; so don’t bite off more than you can chew and perform a difficult sing poorly.

Record & Listen To Your Own Voice

How To Improve Your Singing Voice In A Week

This is a great way to help you find your style. You can test yourself on certain songs and see what songs you are capable of singing.

A lot of people can be hard on themselves, lack confidence, or in some cases don’t even know how good they are. That’s why I think it’s important to record and listen to your voice.

Recording and listening to your voices allows you to pinpoint your weaker areas and diagnose the problems.

The more you listen to your own voice, the quicker you will notice your weaknesses; and the quicker you will be able to improve and become a better singer.

There’s a couple of free apps you can use for recording your voice; but probably the easiest thing to use is your smartphone.

Most of the newer generation phones have pretty good quality microphones that are more than capable of doing the job.

Eating the Right Foods for Your Voice


Singing utilizes your muscle movements with your diaphragm and mouth. Singers, just like runners rely on their muscles to perform.

To enhance your vocal muscles and voice, singers need a healthy diet to protect and improve their voice.

Vocal cords are quite fragile and need to be protected. If you sing a lot, it’s very easy for them to go dry and become strained.

One of the best things you can do is drink a lot of water. I don’t mean your doctors recommend 8 glasses a day. If you are a singer; that’s nothing.

I recommend at least 3 litres a day. A minimum of 500-700 ml with breakfast.

The right diet for a vocalist isn’t too far from your standard ‘typical’ healthy diet. Plenty of healthy clean protein, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats are all part of the ideal vocalist diet.

Foods to avoids are the types of food that dry out your throat. That’s not what we want to do. We want to keep your vocal cords hydrated.

The key foods to avoid are salty and spice foods. So your burger joint or Indian takeaway should be avoided if at all possible.

I can go into more detail here on the right foods to eat and not to eat but I will be here all day. But, if you would like to know more, make sure you read my article about foods to eat to be a better singer.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice in a Week

I hope you enjoyed my article and the tips I gave you today will help jump-start you on your way to becoming a better singer.

If you are a beginner and new to singing; performing these tips should have a dramatic improvement in your voice.

The reason being you more than likely didn’t consider posture and breathing or warming up. However, if you did, kudos to you.

The tips on breathing correctly, posture, and projecting your voice are all covered in detail in the 30 Day Singer singing course I mentioned above. They have some in-depth videos on each of these that are well worth checking out. Online Singing Lessons

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