How to Learn to Sing Without a Teacher

Learning to sing isn’t done the way it used to be. You might be wondering how to learn to sing without a teacher? It’s actually a lot easier than you think and in this post I will explain how to do it.

The norm before would be to google singing lessons in your area looking for singing lessons or teachers.

However, things have changed.

Personally, I don’t I think you don’t actually need a singing teacher and I will explain why in more detail below.

How to Learn to Sing Without a Teacher

How to Learn to Sing Without a Teacher

Don’t get me wrong, one to one singing lessons do work.

But there’s main three reasons why I feel singing lessons are the wrong way to go.

  1. They’re very expensive
  2. Lessons with a teacher can take some time to see real results
  3. You’re confined to specific lesson times and locations

One to one singing lessons can you set you back anything from $50-$100 per lesson, depending on how in demand the teacher is. These costs can add up quickly if you were to 10+ lessons.

Since you can only get lessons weekly or biweekly; it might take longer to see some Major progress.

If you get a singing teacher, in most cases you will likely need to meet them at their office at set locations. As a result, this can be hard to schedule if you are busy.

Do I Need A Teacher To Learn To Sing?

No, you do not need a teacher to learn to sing.

We are living in the modern era now. Everything is going online and more accessible in digital format.

Learning to sing is no different. There is a lot of online singing courses now available that are being used by 1000’s of students.

Online lessons are used by complete beginners who want to know how to be a good singer and also more advanced vocalists who just want to get a better singing voice.

If I had to pick one, I would try the 30 Day Singer.

30 Day Singer offers one the best online singing lessons available right now that show how to become better at singing in only 30 days.

Do I Need A Teacher To Learn To Sing?

3 Reasons Why Online Lessons Are Better Than Singing Teachers

How to Learn to Sing Without a Teacher

There’s a number of reason why a singing course like 30 Day Singer is better; and in my opinion the best way if you want to know how to learn to sing without a teacher.

  • Cheaper
  • You Can See Improvements Quicker
  • You Can Learn Anywhere & Anytime

Online Singing Courses Are Cheaper

Some singing courses like the Superior Singing Method work as one-off payments; but courses like the 30 Day Singer operate as a subscription-based service.

These can be cancelled anytime; and what I love about them is that they are updated more often and offer more content.

For example, 30DS add new songs and content weekly to their service that gives its students the opportunity to learn new songs, try new techniques and more.

I would read my full 30 Day Singer Review which explains in more detail what I mean.

30 Day Singer is $30 per month on a subscription based service. This works out a hell of a lot cheaper than one to one lessons.

If you were to get x4 one to one lessons that month., it could cost you anywhere from $200-$400 (depending on the teacher’s price).

You can sign up for a 14 Day Free Trial for 30 Day Singer Here.

Learn To Singer Better Quickly

If you are working with a singing instructor, you will likely get lessons once a week or once biweekly.

If you are looking to improve your voice quickly; this might be frustrating and take too long.

However, an online singing course does not restrict you to one lesson a week. You can fly through their course. If you wanted to do 6 hours of lessons in one day; you can.

Learn To Sing Anywhere You Want

This is actually very important. Not everyone has the ablity to travel to singing lessons.

They might not have a car or live too far from public transport. Consequently, this can make it difficult to get to your one to one lessons.

On the other hand, with an online singing course, again you are in control. You can learn to sing without a teacher in your bedroom, at the park, anywhere you feel comfortable.

Having that freedom and control makes learning to sing all that more enjoyable. It feels like less of a chore.

How to Learn to Sing Without a Teacher

I hope this post was helpful to you and answered some of your questions wether you can or can’t learn to sing without a teacher.

I would check out some of my other posts on singing also; they contain valuable tips that can get you started on the right track.

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to comment below and I will do my best to answer them.


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