How to Scream Sing

You are aware of singing, but have you heard about scream singing? Well, it is a technique that allows you to sing louder without yelling. Singing is meant to create a pleasant effect on the listener, and scream singing is not an exception.

Without the risk of losing your voice or damaging your vocal cords, we have put together a step-by-step guide on how to scream sing u the right way.

What You Will Need To Scream Sing

Before you decide that this is the type of singing you want to explore, you need to exercise patience, dedicate a significant amount of time to practice and hard work to achieve the perfect scream sing. You will also need to figure out what vocal range you fit into so that you do not strain your voice. Some routine activities you will need to engage in include:

  • Vocal trainer
  • Warmups for your voice
  • Change of diet
  • Regular hydration
  • Maintain a good posture
  • Breathe through the diaphragm 

There are different types of scream singing so ensure you are familiar with which one you wish to explore. Generally, scream singing makes use of false cords to execute the high notes.

Fry Scream

This type of scream sing is known to exert a lot of pressure on your vocal cords so ensure you use it sparingly. You should also be careful when engaging in this scream sing and not participate if you are ill or tired.

Metal Scream

This a more harsh version and can be described as an acquired taste for its fans. You will need to practice breathing and proper placement of your voice to achieve the proper metal scream.

Step by Step Technique on How to Scream Sing

Whichever type of scream singing you choose, you need to explicitly follow the tips and perfectly master the art before you can move to any other routine. You are not limited to just one scream singing technique and can learn as many as you please. However, for the sake of your vocal health, you need to practice the right way. You need to know when to engage your muscles, how to breathe and how to control your voice. The truth is that it can be overwhelming, but with practice, you will slowly ease into the routine and become a pro scream singer. 

Step One: Get in Touch with a Vocal Instructor

Your natural voice already does the job of regular singing. You can learn the basics through online videos or by yourself. However, you need a vocal instructor to help you build up your tolerance and strengthen your voice for the advanced techniques. An instructor will also help you master your limits and explore safety tips that will not damage your voice. Please do not take on the task of scream singing alone without consulting a professional vocal instructor, as it could be detrimental to your vocal health.

Step Two: Voice Warmups

Any singer will tell you that they do warm-ups any time they sing. When scream singing, warm-up is essential as you will be straining your vocal cords extensively. Warmups help with relaxing and opening up your vocal cords. You can practice in front of a mirror with vocal notes you are comfortable with to help you with your warmup. Your instructor will also help you with breathing exercises, lip trills and singing scales to develop your warming up technique. For these and more warmup vocal exercises, you can visit here for a more detailed description.

Step Three: Change of Diet

It goes without saying that your diet will be affected once you pursue scream singing. Sugary foods, coffee, dairy products, alcohol, and cold water are some foods you need to avoid as they can cause a mucus build-up in your throat. Alcohol and caffeine cause dehydration and could lead to loss of coordination while singing. Mucus limits air passage and can expose you to potential injury. It is advisable to eat foods that enhance your voice such as tea and honey. Scream singers should follow a recommended diet to improve their voice. Honey makes your voice smooth and prevents cracking while singing. It is also advisable to scream sing on an empty stomach or a very light meal to avoid bloating that could interfere with breathing. 

Step Four: Regular Hydration

The effects of dehydration can be fatal for a scream singer. Scream singing causes a lot of strain on the voice and dries up the throat quickly. A dry throat could lead to a cracking sound or excessive clearing of the throat interrupting the singing. It is advisable to drink warm water before and during a singing session to keep the airway clear and the throat well lubricated. 

Step Five: Maintain a Good Posture

Your front, back and side need to be stable. Your muscles need to be relaxed when exerting a lot of pressure to prevent damage. Each body part needs to be correct as it has an impact on your voice. A weakened core over time can result in spinal injuries and affect your overall singing. A good posture also allows you to breathe properly ensuring that no airway is blocked. A visual representation of the correct posture can be found here.

Step Six: Breathe through the Diaphragm

Although listed last, this is the foundation in how to scream sing. Singing well is directly connected to breathing. Controlling the amount of air you inhale and exhale is important to prevent you from getting tired too quickly. If you plan to become a professional scream singer, you need to be able to perform for more than five minutes. You will only achieve this once you are able to breathe through your diaphragm. To ensure you are breathing correctly, you can perform the following at-home test.

Place one hand on your lower abdomen and another on your chest

Take a deep breath and observe how your chest and stomach move

Observe whether your shoulders are moving too

If your shoulders rise and your chest moves, you are not breathing through your diaphragm. The right way is to ensure that you allow your stomach to expand when you take a deep breath. When exhaling, allow the stomach to contract and flatten. If you feel that this is a bit uncomfortable, you can practice it until it becomes normal. After all, we did say that scream singing requires a lot of dedication and practice. This video is a better visual representation of how to engage your diaphragm for the perfect scream singing. 

Step Seven: Stop When You Need to

The above tips will help you to scream sing properly. However, if you feel irritation, throat burning or any discomfort while singing, stop immediately! Your voice is exposed to risk, and it is recommended you rest your vocal cords until you are in a position to sing again. Failure to stop could lead to permanent damage. 

Advantages of Scream Singing

Once you master these tips, you will find out that you will enjoy the many advantages of scream singing. Some advantages are:

Enhanced vocal range – since scream singing relies heavily on breathing through the diaphragm, you are able to make a lot of growls and explore different sounds. You are able to discover your vocal range and improve your technique.

Improved singing stamina – Scream singing puts your voice to the test to gauge your vocal prowess. You are not only testing your singing limits but also how long you will be able to put up a show. It will therefore do you more good to practice scream singing compared to the less aggressive singing styles.

Develop a powerful voice – Scream singing exerts a lot of pressure on the singer and requires a lot more strength compared to other singing styles. You are engaging your Diaphragm, lungs, and vocal cords. You are also changing your diet and performing other exercises to stay fit for scream singing. Taking extra care of yourself enables your organs to operate efficiently, which positively affects your voice.

Final Thoughts on Scream Singing

There is definitely a market for scream singing and venturing into this genre will require you to do it the right way.
Wrong techniques strain your voice and you risk permanent damage to your vocal cords. With the proper technique following the outlined steps, you have nothing to worry about as it could be like any other type of singing that is pleasant and enjoyed by many. 
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