How to Write a Song from the Heart?

Knowing how to write a song from the heart is paramount; especially if you would like to move your audience or that special someone.

It’s an incredible feeling when you connect with people and invoke feelings of pleasure, pain, intimacy, and more.

It’s even more remarkable when you can inspire others through your songwriting.

How to Write A Song from The Heart?

How to Write A Song from The Heart?

Writing a song from the heart involves you being completely honest and exposed. Naked. Open.

It is best writing a song from the heart when you’re entirely immersed within that exact emotional state. Let’s get into the details…

1. Structure of A Song

Make sure you understand how to structure a song first before you attempt to write from your heart. If you’re a seasoned songwriter, this should be easy.

However, newbies are in for some practice and repetition to perfect their craft before attempting to write from the heart.

You would want to be aware of rhyming, patterns, and different tools available when songwriting.

2. Emotions Are Rife

Raging emotions in the form of happiness, sadness, or whatever you are feeling should be at the forefront when starting a songwriting session.

Words flow so easily from within when you’re overwhelmed with intense emotion.

Songwriting is the perfect avenue to release negativity or boost positivity. In light of this, you should try and complete the song whilst caught in the emotional state.

This is important to avoid losing the particular emotion if you had to come back to continue writing the song again.

3. Be Unguarded

Songwriting from the heart needs you to fully lay your emotions out on the table.

When you are unguarded and honest, this allows you to naturally pour your heart out truthfully.

It can create great power and allow others to heal through the words in your song or be inspired and create change.

4. Focus on Your Essence

writing a song from the heart

Use your personal stories when you are writing from the heart. You are consequently able to bring a message across in a way that nobody else is able to.

Try not to think about how others will perceive your message. Just focus on being yourself when the words are flowing.

5. Create an All-Inclusive Message

Write the song in such a way to appeal to various people who share the same emotions. Specific details can be used when writing the song for a particular person.

However, try to only include the detail that would make sense to someone who was or perhaps never experienced the situation.

6. Presentation and Performance

If you are able to perform the song yourself as a singer, this counts in favor of writing a song from the heart.

Someone else performing the song should have the ability to perform the song as if it were their own and therefore needs to believe in the song. This is important to consider when writing lyrics from the heart.

If you are looking for some singing tips, be sure to check out my post on how to be a good singer to get some easy to follow tips.

7. Write When Energy Is Abundant

When you’re lacking in energy and burnt out, it becomes challenging to write from the heart. This would seem arb when you’re writing from the heart, but it rings quite true for most songwriters.

Having energy helps to set yourself up perfectly for writing a song from the heart.

So, try and exercise or take a quick shower to clear your head. Anything that gets you into an energetic state is good for writing a song from the heart.

8. Create the Material Required

Write a title that links to the emotion you are experiencing and list a few questions surrounding the title.

Explore the answers to these questions which you’ve linked to the title. It will help you to create a song that you think listeners would want to hear.

Determine how you would like to structure your song in terms of the pre-chorus, chorus, verse, bridge, and lift.

The format of many famous songs today follows a “verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus” structure.

Answer the questions which you’ve set out within the verse and chorus.

9. Create the Melody and Chords

After you’ve noted the lyrics, work on adding melody and chords to the lyrics.

Play around with these until you feel completely comfortable with the sounds you would like to convey your lyrics with including the emotions behind the lyrics.

Create your song in sections until you are ready to record a basic idea of your song. Keep the song and the emotion fresh by taking regular breaks.

Need Some Help Getting Started?

If you need some help writing a song from the heart, I would suggest you try Superior Song Writing by Singorama.

They have a great online course thats well worth checking out and will no doubt help you write a better than song rather than going cold turkey on your own.

It goes through everything from getting creative and getting ideas, writing an amazing song and even marketing your finished product.

Writing Songs From The Heart

Remember, write with passion and vulnerability to bring about raw emotion. That is how to write a song from the heart.

This is guaranteed to have the world feeling your lyrics. This is what inspires and will have the world listening forever


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