Is Guitar Easy To learn? How To Teach Yourself Guitar

Is guitar easy to learn? Well it can depend on two key things really. Your approach to learning and your commitment to learning. In this post I will explain how to teach yourself guitar.


How To Teach Yourself Guitar

I’m going to talk about commitment first because I think it’s the most important thing about teaching yourself guitar. You are not going to pick up the guitar today and start jammin’ out by tomorrow.

It will take a little time to get through the basics. It will be frustrating at the beginning; but once you break through that wall and learn the basics. By then you will notice your skills pick up much quicker and learning becomes more normal to you.

I don’t mean you need to dedicate 100% of your time to this and focus on nothing else but learning guitar 24/7. All you need is 20 minutes a day to make serious progress.

That’s one episode of some show on Netflix. Surely, most of us can manage that?

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How Should I Learn Guitar?

Ok. Now that we have got the commitment part out of the way. Let’s talk about how you should learn to play guitar.

You are two main options:

Work With A Tutor

Working with a tutor is probably the best way to learn a guitar. Why? Well it’s 100% hands on. Your tutor can guide you step by step to learning the guitar.

Working with a tutor is great for learning the basics like holding the guitar, tuning, key chords and finger placement.

However the main downside of this process is the cost and speed of learning.

A one to one lesson can set you back $50-$75 each per lesson, depending on your tutor. This is expensive. You will need a minimum of 10-20 lessons to learn to play guitar.

20 lessons @ $75 a lesson is $1500

To make this a little cheaper you can try and find some group lessons. Do you have a friend or maybe a family member who also wants to learn guitar? A tutor might be willing to offer group lessons. This should get you a better rate.

The other major downside is the time. It’s hard to progress quickly with a tutor. You are limited to your weekly session. You will need at least 5 lessons before you can really start learning more on your own and putting the things you have learned in the lesson into practice.

Maybe you have the patience for this, but I don’t. I wanted to learn to play the guitar quickly. So I got myself an online course and worked away on my own.

Online Guitar Lessons (Recommended)

This is what I would recommend the most. Online guitar lessons have a lot of benefits that you should consider.

The main benefit is the cost. Some of the best online guitar programs cost lot less than one to one lessons. For example Jamorama (Link HERE) costs less than $100. That’s a full guitar course with a lifetime membership for the cost of 2 lessons.

Online guitar lessons are cost effective ways to learn to play to guitar. But you might be thinking, “Can I learn to play the guitar online?“. Yes, let’s discuss this further below.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Learning To Play Guitar Online

How To Teach Yourself Guitar

Learning guitar online is much easier now than it was 20 years ago. Everything is going online now. Learning guitar online is no different. In fact, I think it’s better to learn guitar online than get one to one lessons.

Easy To Follow Programs

Online guitar lessons now are more interactive. The old school methods of learning are gone with boring theory and more. The way your school music teacher would try and teach you.

Guitar Tricks (Review Here) uses probably the best and quickest method of learning guitar. They really believe in learning by doing. So they skip the boring theory and have you holding and playing the guitar as quickly as possible.

You follow their core learning system that teaches you are a new skill in each step, and apply that skill into the next lessons. Their step by step system is easy to follow and extremely enjoyable to follow.

Guitar Tricks for example has 11,000+ video tutorials. Yes, you read that right, 11,000 videos. These aren’t just for beginners either, they go right through from beginner, to intermediate, right up to advanced level. So you will never tire of their amazing program.

No Time Constraints

The worst thing about one to one lessons is the time constraint. You need to organise your lesson in advance and commute to it also. This is difficult if you don’t drive or aren’t near any public transport.

Online guitar courses allow to work from anywhere. All you need is your guitar and a laptop/tablet or smartphone.

You can also learn to play whenever you want. Lessons with a guitar tutor restricts you to that 1 hour. Whereas with an online course you can learn as long as you want.

If you have a Saturday afternoon free, you can spend 5 or 6 hours teaching yourself guitar. That’s 5 or 6 lessons done in a single day without any extra cost.

Do you get what I mean? You can learn to play so much quicker if you have the time to put in.

One To One Online

If you are nervous about online courses and that you might not be able to teach yourself guitar, I would try Guitar Tricks.

They actually offer one to one lessons if any of there members are struggling to learn.

Guitar Tricks will set you up with a live online one to one lesson with one of their global instructors. That’s pretty amazing I think. They really go the extra mile to make sure you learn to play.

Online Community

This may or not be of interest to you. Most of the best online guitar courses have very active online forums. Like a guitar community where members can chat, ask for advice, share their work and get some help.

It’s a great place for beginners to help each other out and get some advice from more advanced players. If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. These online communities will be more than happy to help you.

Which Online Guitar Courses Would I Recommend?

I would recommend these three. The reason I am offering you three is because they are all very good.

In my opinion Guitar Tricks is the better option. It offers more long term but costs $19.99 a month. Which amazing value when you think of the material it offers and it’s constantly updated.

Every week they upload the latest songs and step by step tutorials how to play them.

Fender Play is the cheapest option that costs $9.99 per month; which is half the price of Jam Play & Guitar Tricks.

When you think of the value you get from your $9.99 Spotify and $9.99 Netflix, it’s amazing in my opinion.

You get nearly 300 videos lessons to help you learn to play guitar. Is it easy to learn guitar with Jamorama? Yes. It’s perfect for beginners.

But as you advance, you will need to try a different course eventually as it doesn’t offer much past beginner level.

How Long Will it Take to Learn Guitar?

How Long Will it Take to Learn Guitar

If you get an online guitar lessons like Guitar Tricks or Fender Play, you should start to see some serious progress in about 3-4 months. Now when you think about it that’s not a very long time.

But in order to learn in that time frame, you need to be committed. If you can set aside 20-30 minutes a day (not including tuning). You should learn guitar quickly.

Try to avoid single long sessions once a week. Short regular sessions will be better for your muscle memory. It will all become more natural for you.

However if you are doing 30 minutes a day and have time to commit a longer session on the weekend as well, well even better. You will learn quiet quickly.

Conclusion: Is it Easy to Learn Guitar?

Is It Easy To Learn Guitar

Yes, I think it can be with the right mindset and approach to learning. having the right mindset here is half the battle in my opinion.

I hope this post was of some benefit to you. If you liked this article or have any questions, please don’t be afraid to comment below.

Disclaimer: Keep In Mind We May Receive Commissions For Any Purchases You Make From Clicking On Links & Images In This Article.

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