Oscar Schmidt Oe20 Review

Not a big brand, yet cost-effective, the Schmidt Oe20 surprisingly offers more in an electrical guitar than anticipated. Here’s our full Oscar Schmidt Oe20 Review.

The model boasts the signature single-cutaway style and impresses with its strikingly black finish, amongst other paintwork.

The Oe20 requires adjustments and fine-tuning, but its good looks and the standard of construction are quite fair.

For a considerable price, the craftsmanship on the guitar is not the absolute best. Yet the offering is sufficient with its solid body, good looks, and workable playing profile. The sounds offered up by this beauty of a guitar are pleasant and adequate in quality.

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Oscar Schmidt Oe20 Review

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The Design of The Oe20

– Key Design Features

The design of the Oe20 is immediately known to guitar enthusiasts by its Les Paul style and shape.

With a solid, single-cutaway body and raised pick guard; it provides optimal protection for the beautiful paint finish on the guitar.

– What Its Made From

Crafted with a solid mahogany body and a maple veneer top; the guitar weighs in at about 8 pounds.

This makes for a user-friendly experience for young and inexperienced players compared to its more expensive counterparts.

The Oe20 fabricated with maple for the neck, set into the body of the guitar, and accompanied by a tune-o-matic bridge design and a stop bar tailpiece.

Simple die-cast sealed machine heads are placed at the headstock providing a constant tune without any struggle for winding. Further, a set of functional controls and pickups are fitted to the Oe20 for volume and tone.

– Type of Guitar

This is a full-sized electric guitar; but it is comfortable. Its not too heavy, which makes moving it around uncomplicated and fuss-free.

The Sound of The Oe20

As the neck is set on the body of this guitar; the transfer of tones is surprisingly better than if it were bolted on to the body. The sound being emitted is pleasant. Other guitar enthusiasts may beg to differ.

There are settings on the pickups where the sounds are more acceptable; and settings where the sounds do not please the senses.

Much noise is provided by the humbuckers, which are fitted at the neck and the bridge of the guitar.

However, the sound comes across as a little too thin and may prove to be disappointing for seasoned guitar players.

With that being said, acceptable sounds all round are produced by this guitar to be fair; so value for money is somewhat attained.

The neck features a 22-fret profile for a great range of playing. It makes for thrilling enjoyment as well as a classic rock ‘n roll experience.

Oscar Schmidt Oe20 Final Thoughts

Credit: Amazon.com

If you are a beginner searching for an excellent electric guitar; the Oscar Schmidt Oe20 is a well-made instrument available at an outstandingly affordable purchase price of around $270.

A superb looking instrument that’s quite enjoyable to play, it is crafted quite well and decently priced. You won’t find another electric guitar that is better than the Oe20 in this price range!

The Oe20 is reasonably priced at around $ 270. For an electric guitar that is well built, with a classic Les Paul style and offers brilliant playability; you could do a lot worse. The Oscar Oe20 is excellent value for money.

I hope you enjoyed our Oscar Schmidt Oe20 Review and it was helpful for you with your purchase decision. If you have any questions or comments; please do comment below.


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