Singorama 2.0 Review- Should You Buy this Singing Lesson?

Everyone has this opinion they can sing. Of course we do. We sing aloud in the clubs when our favorite song comes on, we hum and dance alone when we find a delightful song and we sing to our loved ones as well.

Often times, people might tend to try out singing as a profession. You perhaps have this gut feeling you can sing.

There might have been an admiration from your friend who was in awe of your vocal texture or the way you sang in church was so melodious that people made mention of it.

Either you pretty much have a good voice or you feel your voice has to get better before you can put in as a singer, it can be fine-tuned and improved.


Through Singorama 2.0. Singorama 2.0 occupies a position as one of the best courses for singers to sharpen their craft.

What is it about Singorama 2.0? Is this Course Really Good? Is it worth it?

Let’s dive in and dissect this course so you know what it entails.

About The Course Creator

First question that’s raised about most courses is the person who’ll be teaching or instructing you. As a student, you should know if this person is worthy to be instructing you on this path.

Melanie Alexander is the creator behind Singorama. An Australian singer, Melanie started her career as a member of the famous band, Girlfriend.

Melanie herself talks about the hassles to make her voice delightful and sultry as it is now.

She battled with voice issues while she was young and knowing how important it is to possess a good voice as a quality of a soulful singer, she was determined to improve her vocal ability.

She learnt several methods and also sought help from various artists, learning from them as time went on.

With her as a powerful asset in the band, she has Four Top 50 hits as well as the Number 1 hit “Take It from Me” while in the band, Girlfriend.

Even after the band went separate ways, Melanie persisted in training her voice to the high standard it is now.

Thus, she has accumulated a wealth of experience learning different strategies for people with different vocal textures

Overall, Melanie is a good fit as an instructor for this program. Her wealth of knowledge and experience over the years will prove instrumental to everyone who enrolls for the course.

Why Should You Be Interested In This Course

Of course, there has to be a reason why you’re interested in this course.

Singorama 2.0 is for:

1. Artists who are looking to improve on their vocal strength and be able to hold down a stage performance

2. People who might like to be a back-up singer for artists and want their voice to function at the highest standard possible

3. This program will also help to develop your musical knowledge

4. Artists who would like to learn new vocal strategies and want to have a grasp of things like falsetto etc

Singorama 2.0 is like a bootcamp. A place of learning but this time on a computer. However, there has to be optimum dedication from people who will be interested in this program.

There has be that hunger to succeed. That thirst to succeed after completing this course. This means you have to put your all into it and undertake every lesson and task embedded in this program. Every piece of advice has to be adhered to.

It might seem tasking and exhausting. It could seem you’re not up for it. During the program, you could be worn out and want to pull out if it. Still, the focus and willingness to succeed in this career has to be there.

The goal is for your voice to get better and ultimately this will have a ripple effect on your artist career as well.

Look around, artist who are successful and possess the hit records nowadays mostly have a good voice. Think Beyoncé. Think Ariana Grande. Think Billie Eilish. Think Tame Impala. And there’s also Taylor Swift. Sam Smith. Ed Sheeran.

These artists vary when it comes to vocal texture and voice types but with the sweetness of their voice and with the way they’ve been able to use it, this has been a useful tool for their career.

Benefits of Singorama

Singorama 2.0 exists as an all-encompassing singing course that has been developed to assist people get the best out of their natural voice.

With Singorama, you’ll learn different voice styles and how to modify your current vocal texture and make it better than it was before.

Another advantage Singorama offers is how versatile it is to most singers. It has various options and segments that caters for both beginner and advanced classes. This is very much different from other programs that don’t have the luxury to do that.

Besides, Singorama 2.0 also offers other benefits that makes it rank as one of the best and most trusted software singing classes around.

More benefits of Singorama include:

  • Tons of material to help you learn everything from singing to career moves.
  • Available in both a physical product and an affordable digital download. Though you still need a computer, either way, the digital download is an affordable backup option and still gets you everything you need.
  • Bonus inclusions: A PDF workbook works as a written companion and Perfect Pitch Software and a mini recording studio to track your journey with Singorama and beyond.
  • Studio software so you can record and measure your growth. One of the hardest parts of courses like Singorama is the lack of feedback. With this tool, you’ll be able to hear where you started and how far you’ve come each day. With studio quality, you’re guaranteed to hear things just the way you would from a professional recording with no adjustments.
  • A variety of learning tools to help you regardless of how you learn best.
  • Singorama is a combination of audio lessons, a workbook, and vocal exercises designed to help you find your best pitch.
  • Five-day free mini lesson to learn the basics of how the program operates and what would be required of you.
  • Sixty-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with your results.
  • Of the top three singing platforms, it is the most cost-effective.
  • Has additional training for a monthly subscription to keep your singing voice on an upward climb.
  • Engaging, easy to follow audio lessons make it fun.
  • Includes lessons covering far more than just techniques to help you on your career path.

In all. Singorama is a complete product. It has everything you’ll need to help transform your voice to a start studded one.

The lessons could be tasking, take your time and have you give up some of your precious time you could have spent with friends and family. At the end it’s worth it. To be a superstar, you surely have to sacrifice some of your free time.

This will also happen when you get into the music industry. Recording sessions might take the whole day. As well as things like photo shoots, press runs or even rehearsing with your band.

This is like a preparatory class for the music industry. Singorama has all you need to prevent your voice from failing you. Indulging yourself in this and ultimately completing this course is sure a boost to your career.

Disadvantages of Singorama

For sure Singorama has its benefits. Its advantages are numerous and it’s a potent ingredient critical to the success of an artist. Possessing an admirable voice is one if the first steps to being successful in the industry.

Even having a voice people have glowing reports of could make other artists want to work with you. They could decide to make you a back-up singer for their stage performance and you might even be featured as the singer on their songs.

For sure, the advantages are thus numerous. The benefits of completing this course would open doors.

Yet, we can’t deny there are disadvantages. It would not be fair if I didn’t make mention of the flaws of this program. For sure they can be worked on and avoided.

1. The physical product is expensive

At this depressing period, buying this could chalk up essential fund. With CoronaVirus at its peak in several countries, people for sure are finding it hard to make ends meet and businesses aren’t booming as usual.

2. Requires a fast internet to download the product and get started

While downloading, things could be slow and it won’t be nice for you to be almost done with downloading and the things ultimately fail. While downloading the product, ensure you have a good internet speed

3. No audio. Just Video

This could be very difficult for people who have hearing abilities to participate in. And for sure, there are people who learn fast by watching videos instead of listening and following instructions.

4. No ability to download and take on the go

This could be stressful if you have a 9-5 and can’t afford to sit on your computer all day. The mini recording studio software can only be installed on a laptop.

5. There’s no way to answer direct questions when you find yourself challenged

Of course, you could be confused while taking the course. There however lacks a feedback system and you might not know if you’re improving or not. You’re the only one who will decide that.

Overall, the benefits this course will offer displaces these disadvantages. In true fact, these advantages can be solved as the instructor has a working contact system that’s open to opinion and issues.

Breakdown of Singorama

The singorama program contains twenty-eight audio lessons which are broken down into six different sections

Part One — Getting Started

Part one contains lessons to get you acquainted and recognize your own voice. There are several warm up exercises to help get you started. The instructor has also added proper breathing and posture advice to keep you singing safe

Lesson One: Introduction and How To Understand Your Voice:

Many for now don’t know what kind of voice they possess. If it’s treble, soprano or bass. In this lesson, you’ll learn what exactly is your true voice.

Lesson Two: Voice Stregthening

Tactics and advice on how to have a firm grip on your voice. How to make sure your voice doesn’t go off-pitch while you’re singing

Lesson Three: Loaded Sonancy Method

Tips on how to give your voice more sonic value

This part one could be challenging. But it’s more useful to beginners who don’t even know the type of voice they possess. Here you’ll learn how to manage and effectively manage your voice.

Do you know you could damage your vocal chords by attempting to sing notes with serious strain?

Part Two – Voice Techniques

Part two of the program explains the various methods used in singing. There are instructions on them and how you can practice them

Lesson Four – Tone

Vocal tone is the sound of your voice as you sing. In this lesson, you’ll learn about the phonation and resonation systems working together in perfect harmony

Lesson Five – Pitch

Lesson Six – Bridged Vocalization

Lesson Seven – Avoiding Bad Habits

Lesson Eight – Octave Power Generator 1 (Extending Your Range)

Part Three – Music Theory

This part is all about the delicate and in depth look at the technicalities of music. You learn the framework behind most songs. Music theory is what’s behind the music – what makes the sounds we hear.

To be a successful singer, you should know how it works and this segment helps to explain that.

Lesson Nine: Rhythm, Key signatures and Time Signatures

Lesson Ten: Minor and Major keys: The solfege system

Lesson Eleven: Solfege and Intervals (Reading Music)

Part Four – Styles of Singing

Here, you’re being taken through the different singing styles and how you can adopt or make use of them. There are practice lessons on each style and this section is mostly seen as the fun part in the program.

With Alexander Melanie’s wealth of experience and expertise as a singer and performer, she helps to bring her own experience into this, explaining to the last detail

Lesson Twelve – Different Singing Styles

Here, you learn about the various styles like pop, opera, rock, rap etc. There’s in depth knowledge about every of these singing styles, helping you to make you a well rounded artist.

Lesson Thirteen – Recognzing Progressive Intervals

Lesson Fourteen – Singing a variety of Music genres

For those who want to be an experimental artist or be versatile in more than one genre, this lesson has tips that will give you the ability to sing various genres.

Part Five – Breaking Down A Song

We learn about what makes up a song. How the verses are formed, the idea for the song, what makes up a chorus or a bridge and how to write an enchanting hook.

Of course, we have the experience of Alexander Melanie as she also puts in her own personal experience in creating hit songs.

Lesson Fifteen – Song Meaning Comprehension – Lyrics and Tone

You might have been wondering on what makes up a lyrics. How an artist strings together lyrics and what kind of tone to adopt for a song. Should it be brassy? Breathy? Or Whispery

 Some kind of songs or some genres might require you to sing with dreamy, airy vocals while others will require you to be fierce and thick – Rap.

Lesson Sixteen – Song Meaning Comprehension – Emotion & Personality

People connect more to songs that have emotion or soul in them. You ever listen to a song and you can relate to them so much. It’s because the artist has put their emotion and struggles into that song

 We are faced with difficulties and it’s becoming a norm these days for artists to include what’s happening to them in their songs. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to do such

Lesson Seventeen – Creating Your Song

This lesson exposes the secrets and gives you tips to song creation. How do you go about creating your own song. From writing verses and chorus to singing and arranging them.

This is one of the most important lesson in the module as it puts to test all what you’ve learnt from lesson one to lesson sixteen

Lesson Eighteen – Learning Full Songs Part One

Most people think a song is all about a verse, a chorus, followed by the second verse and the chorus closing out the song

However, not every song follows the rule. Here, you learn other aspects such as the bridge, hook and the refrain. It also gives you tips on what kind of song deserves these elements.

Lesson Nineteen: Learning Full Songs Part Two

Part Six: Moving Forward In Your Career

This segment is for people who want to make a living out of their music career. People who want to earn from the multiple streams of income the music industry provides.

From touring to royalties from singing, there’s a bit of Melanie’s experience in this as she carefully explains how to navigate this challenging industry.

Lesson Twenty: Common Problem Solutions

What’s the next step after taking this course? What should you embark upon? That itself is a problem and in this lesson, there are tips and advices to possible problems you might have in your heart

Lesson Twenty-One: Your Future Career As a Singer:

As a singer, you could be confused on what path to follow. Should you stay stuck to writing and creating your own song or should you write for another artist?

Melanie helps to expatiate on how you can make use of your talent to the optimum level

Lesson Twenty-One: Octave Power Generator Part 2

Lesson Twenty-Three: Tips for performing Live

Not every singer possesses that energy and vigor to hold down a live performance. Most might have the talent or the stage craft, but performing live is way beyond that.

There has to be a synchronization with your band and also you have to make sure the needs of the audience are being met. The energy, spark and vibrancy have to be present.

Melanie was part of a band in the hey days of her career and here she lays down tips for having an effective live performance.

Lesson Twenty-Four: How To Nail Auditions

There could be occasions where you might have to audition for a reality show like The Voice or an artist is in need of back up singers for his upcoming snow and has set up open auditions to see who will be the best fit for his band.

Melanie gives insights into what exactly judges and artists are looking for in singers. There has to be certain traits and abilities singers must have to impress judges and artists.

Lesson Twenty-Five: Your First Songwriting

It’s always tricky when a fellow artist or an established act approaches you if you could write for them. It’s a known industry practice as most times, these acts are busy with the business of their career and might not have time to sit down to create.

Yet. There are guidelines. In this lesson, Melanie explains it all about the nitty-gritty game of songwriting and things you should note ask when an artist approaches you for a songwriting gig.

Lesson Twenty-Six: Singing with a band

As time goes on and you become better, there might be offers from a band for you to join them and become their lead singer or vocalist.

This isn’t easy as you really have to relate and be able to have a good working relationship with the members.

Having being a part of a popular band, Melanie bares down all she knows. You surely don’t want to skip this aspect.

Lesson Twenty-Seven: Overcoming Stage Fright

Your first stage performance might come with a lot of pressure. How do you impress this audience who might not even know you or listen to your music?

How do you hold down a stage performance that gets the crowd moving or jumping to their feet?

The tips are here in this lesson.

Lesson Twenty-Eight: Final Analysis

Asides this main product that has the lessons, when you purchase singorama 2.0, you also get a PDF workbook, training software to find your pitch, and also a recording software.

Should You Buy The Singorma 2.0?

No. If it was me, I wouldn’t buy the singorma 2.0. The reason why is because I think there is a better online singing course available called the 30 Day Singer.

It offers more indepth content, more videos, its easier to follow and also has to option to have a virtual singing lesson with a real singing coach.

The 30 Day Singer is an amazing course that can help you become a better singer in 30 days. I have a few reviews done on this you can check out or you can claim your free trial voucher.

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