What Your Choice of Guitar Style Could Say About You

The guitar style you decided to play can say a lot about your personality. Music impacts us in different ways. Some people like rock, blues, classical, country, heavy metal, jazz, and a wide range of other genres.

When we are younger, we may gravitate to one specific genre, such as rock, and then as we get older, play different styles of music. This is because our musical tastes tend to change as we grow up. Here is what your choice of musical style could say about you today.

Music and the Individual

There is a reason why we have varied musical tastes. We are all Unique Individuals, and not Everyone likes the same type of music that you do. This is why music is very much a reflection of your personality. You may not necessarily like the same music that your friends do.

This is perfectly acceptable because music is your own personal journey. Whenever you pick up the guitar, you tend to play what is inside of you. This will never sound exactly like the players you like. You will always put some part of your personality into the music that you play.

 Think about the different musical styles that you enjoy. These are all a reflection of you as an individual. Music is an art form, and we need to treat it as an art form. Not everyone likes the same paintings, pottery, and so on. Music is a reflection of you as a unique individual.

Heavy metal and Classical players are Creative

If you enjoy playing heavy metal or classical guitar, you may be considered to be more creative. This is because these are John rows are a lot harder to play when compared to other musical styles. For example, heavy metal often uses complex scales. Rock music, on the other hand, tends to use basic scales such as the pentatonic.

It takes more creativity to do a good-sounding heavy metal solo. Classical music tends to modulate a lot and change keys. Regular pop music or rock tends to stay in the same key for the most part. You need to be more creative when playing these genres of music so that they sound good.

Hip Hop and Rap Music

Those that like hip-hop music, as well as rap music, tends to be more outgoing. They enjoy listening to this type of music in a social setting, and listen to this music it’s a way to connect with their friends and community. This type of music gives them a sense of belonging and acceptance. Players in this genre may also be more outspoken when it comes to certain issues. The players in these are genres tend to write about personal issues or controversial topics.


Those that like regular pop music like to be part of a group. They may not be as independent as some other individuals. They tend to listen to what the group is listening to. They’re usually quite outgoing and sociable and have higher self-esteem. 

They will follow trends in music a lot more than other people. They tend to play what is popular at the time and will change what they play as the trends change. These players keep with the times and will play the music that the group is listening to.


Those that listen to rock music tend to be a bit of a rebel. They tend not to follow popular trends. This is the very nature of rock music itself. The music that they right change to reflect deep emotions and life experiences.

This music is a rejection of authority, and rock music players, as well as fans, love this music for that aspect. You may have a rebellious nature if your favorite music is rock and roll. There are multiple genres of rock music, but they all feature the same rebellious characteristic


Jazz fans and players tend to be even more creative than heavy metal players. This music is a complicated Style and requires a great deal of thinking and creativity for it to sound good. There is a lot of practice that goes into playing jazz music.

A lot of this music allows for improvisation, which requires the player to think as they are playing. If you tend to play a lot of jazz guitar, then you’re probably a highly creative person. You may also be more open-minded when playing jazz guitar. You have to be open to different sounds as jazz is quite a change from modern music such as country, rock, and so on.


Those that play country music 10 to be hardworking and down-to-earth. They are also not as likely to listen to different forms of music. They may only want to listen to country music because that is what they grew up on. Those that play country music like to write about their life experiences as this music is very much about the hardworking lifestyle. When playing this music, this type of player is not as open as other players to different musical styles and may stick to the tried-and-true country formula.


The blues guitar player is more likely to have suffered some sort of hardship in their life or show empathy to those that have suffered through various things that have happened to them. This music is highly emotional, and those that play blues may be more emotional when compared to other people.

Blues music requires you to reflect a lot on your life, and it’s usually about the hard times more than the good times. Those that play blues want to help others that have suffered the same things that they have throughout their life.


The music that you play is a reflection of your personality. You may end up playing multiple guitar styles throughout your life, or you might stick to one specific genre. Music says a lot about you, and there’s no way to know what type of music you’re going to like as it’s a personal preference. Enjoy playing music and your guitar no matter what musical genre you happen to gravitate towards.

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