Why Is It So Hard to Write A Song?

Sometimes you are faced with a huge mental block where you cannot conjure up a beautiful piece that’s going to bring about a myriad of emotions in listeners! But why is it so hard to write a song?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why songwriters are having a tough time writing up lyrically marvellous works of art.

Why Is It So Hard to Write A Song?

Why Is It So Hard to Write A Song?

It is not as simple a task as others might think. We’ve taken a closer look at some of the difficulties experienced by budding and seasoned songwriting artists alike.

We are doing this to understand exactly what they are up against when tasked with a songwriting activity. You would be surprised to learn common habits songwriters encounter:

1. Pace Slows Down Midway

At times, creativity flows wonderfully. Then there are moments when you are stuck in a rut. You simply find it impossible to bring about a piece of art that you can be proud of.

At the outset of the songwriting process, there is a surge in creativity. And then the ideas start to dwindle towards the middle of the creation process.

While this is an entirely normal issue to face; you need to find a way to carry you through all the way to the end of the songwriting process.

If you don’t take brain breaks frequently, you are bound to experience negativity.

This leads to a state of mind that is not ideal for songwriting and slows down the process.

Mindful activities allowing you to create a positive songwriting experience include taking breaks as well as listening to other music.

You can also sketch the song in a picture format, which allows you to map the song out and brings forth an opportunity for other thoughts and feelings, and in turn, creating more ideas.

2. Difficulty Tapping Into Emotions

Why Is It So Hard to Write A Song?

It is plausible that you are feeling uninspired and cannot tap into your emotions.

Sometimes it is possible to feel this after you have written a piece of the song and come back to continue.

However, you cannot get back to the emotion you were feeling at the outset of the initial idea and songwriting process.

Coming back to a song with a different frame of mind after a couple of days or weeks might prove to affect your songwriting negatively.

You may not be able to get back to the agony, heartache, or euphoria you felt when you started writing the song.

Holding onto your initial thoughts and ideas are important. This will help you in starting off and finishing your songwriting process.

Documenting your ideas in a notebook could potentially help you to tap into your emotions or get back to that exact emotion if you revisit the song at a later stage.

Emotions are at the core of creating beautiful lyrics to a song. Artists need to remain honest, vulnerable, and be able to dig deep into their emotions. This makes for writing an outstanding song.

You should check out my recent post on ‘How to Write a Song from the Heart‘. If offers some tips on how to do this.

3. Insufficient Absorption of External Material

As songwriters, we could get caught up repeatedly listening to our own unfinished material; and this sometimes leads to a dead-end in creativity flow.

Sometimes all we need to move forward in our songwriting process is to find inspiration in other artists; specifically our favourite ones. So, take a break and get listening.

Alternatively, be inspired by life. Meet with close friends at an intimate dinner party, go on nature walks, visit old buildings, go to the beach. Just take a break, and calm your mind.

4. Excessive Absorption of External Material

You might be listening to other artists on a consistent basis instead of listening to your own creative energy.

Sometimes repeatedly listening to a particular artist leaves you uninspired to create your own remarkable piece of work.

You need to remember to take time to look inward. Consciously and deliberately turn away from outside influence and avoid absorbing too much external material. Find your inspiration within to create a unique piece.

Clearing your mind is vital in creatively writing a spectacular song. Sometimes it may be a difficult state of mind to achieve.

One also needs to be cognisant of absorbing just the right amount of external material when approaching writing a new song.

Want To Make Song Writing Easier?

Song writing doesn’t need to be difficult. You just need a plan or process to follow that allows everything to fall into place.

Once you do this you will find it a lot easier to write songs and express yourself more freely.

If you want some help writing songs; you need to try Superior Song Writing.

Why Is It So Hard to Write A Song?

As a songwriter, it’s easy to get caught up in bad habits that hinder the creative process. This leads to many difficulties experienced in songwriting.

But, I hope the reasons I highlighted why song writing is hard. Hopefully I gave you a better understanding why its difficult; but also how you can overcome this and make it easier.


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