Yamaha CGS104A Review

This is a pocket-friendly learner’s guitar that doesn’t sacrifice build quality and sound. The Yamaha CGS104A is an acoustic, designed for classical music.

It is an excellent instrument, especially for younger students learning classical guitar technique. It is sturdy and will take some wear and tear.

While still in the entry-level range, the CGS series is a step up from Yamaha’s C series. The price on the CGS104A is a little higher than its C siblings.

But it shows in the build quality and warm, mellow sound. If you are a serious beginner, then this guitar is a solid, reliable choice.

During this Yamaha CGS104A Review we will also look at the design of the guitar and what its made from.

We will also look at wether it sounds good enough considering the low price tag; even for a beginner just starting out.

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Yamaha CGS104A Review

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Basic But Solid Design

– Key Design Features

The CGS104A body is comfortable to work with and reinforces correct posture and articulation. The full-scale neck allows you to develop proper classical skills and techniques. The fingerboard gives you plenty of space to build correct classical fingering.

– What It’s Made From

Much as this is a budget guitar, it is still well-crafted with Yamaha’s trademark quality and precision. The back and sides are laminated meranti, and the top is laminated spruce.

The body is well built with sturdy joining and braces. The CGS104A has a clean, natural look with a gloss finish. The neck is nato. The 18-fret fingerboard and bridge are made from rosewood.

– Type of Guitar

The body of the CGS104A reflects its purpose. It is about four inches deep, concert style, with no cutaway.

Full-sized, it comes with six nylon strings and is oriented for the right hand. It has a standard-length neck, giving you room to perform proper classical fingering and fretting techniques.

Good, Consistent Sound

Budget guitars in this range often have poor sound, but not so with the CGS104A. The spruce-topped concert-style body provides excellent acoustic projection. The overall quality craftsmanship from Yamaha ensures the sound stays clean and consistent.

The meranti back and sides contribute towards a warm, balanced tone. The classical body and fretboard design make for a bold, lyrical sound that is pleasing to the ear.

Yamaha’s quality construction also makes sure there is no unwanted buzz. The sound is overall balanced, from the low end through to the high. The CGS140A also sustains reasonably well.

There are certainly better-sounding classical guitars out there, but with substantially higher price tags.

For a budget classical guitar, the Yamaha CGS104A delivers reasonably good sound, well-balanced and consistent.

Once tuned, this guitar will deliver clean and accurate tones. For a serious beginner looking to pick up classical technique, the sound is more than adequate.

Final Thoughts On The Yamaha CGS104A

Yamaha CGS104A Review

The Yamaha CGS140A offers consistent, solid playing at a fraction of the cost of many similar quality guitars.

It is wonderfully suited to anybody wanting to learn classical skills, techniques, and fingering. Younger players and those used to smaller-sized guitars will find this a comfortable instrument to practice with.

The materials used in its construction are basic, but the CGS104A is solidly crafted. Strong and reliable, it will serve you well.

This guitar will progress with you throughout your classical journey, supporting correct articulation. It will give you a clean, balanced, and consistent sound for years to come.

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