Yamaha MX88 vs MOXF8 | Which One Should You Pick?

Finding the right synthesiser can be hard. If you are reading this you are likely stuck between two; and are trying to decide between the Yamaha MX88 vs MOXF8.

Many people, even if they are not musical, recognize and know the quality behind the Yamaha name.

You have likely seen a professional musician using Yamaha instruments; like classical digital pianos, and you can believe that these are used in creating the beautiful synthesizer music we love to hear.

The great thing about a Yamaha synthesizer is that it has synthesis capabilities.

What does this mean?

Well, it helps you create original sounds from scratch.

Synths are unlike pianos and keyboards in the sense that they are for the creation of sound, not necessarily playability or the quality of the keys.

You use this to synthesize or create sounds, using various sound tools like oscillators and filters to create new and exciting sounds.

You can play with the settings to make them sound just as you envisioned.

Even better, most synthesizers have keyboards built right in for extreme versatility and creativity when making music.

Yamaha MX88 v MOXF8

SynthesiserMX88 MOXF8
Wave166MB741 MB
Weight30 LB32 LB
Max Polyphony128 Notes124 Notes
Tempo (BPM)5-3005-300
PerformanceUser: 128 (16 parts)User: 256 (up to 4 parts)
PriceAround $1099.99Around $1499.99

Yamaha MX88

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The MX88 features a GHS weighted action, giving a heavier response in the low keys and lighter one in the higher keys.

This gives the player a real acoustic piano sensory experience in touch and sound.

The matte black keys stay tactile after repeated use and are great for long sessions of making, practicing, and performing music.

The sound you hear comes from a Full Concert Grand Piano.

It has a superior high end and very detailed mid-range.

This creates music of all styles and genres with authentic sound in any setting.

This is a portable and lightweight synth. It features 88 touch-sensitive keys, plus 1000-plus voices from the MOTIF.

The GHS action plus the full concert grand piano voice create a touch curve like no other.

Your music will be performed and created with a high sense of dynamism and realism.

It is ideal for the studio, worship, or performance.

Yamaha MOXF8

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The sound quality is unparalleled on the Yamaha MOXF8.

There is a large selection of instrument voices such as electric pianos, wind instruments, and even sounds fit for an orchestra.

There are also basses and drums, not to mention synth sounds that are vintage and new.

Guitars are also part of the repertoire.

The sound engine is an amazing digital reproduction of two Yamaha Grand Pianos, namely the S6 and the CFIIIS.

Musicians will be impressed at the intricacies of the piano voices, and even the most sound-sensitive players will find satisfaction in the sound they hear.

The VCM or Virtual Circuitry Modelling, which is exclusive to Yamaha, is another example of the superior sound in this synthesizer.

It will simulate the vintage sounds of phasers, compressors and EQ’s to create the most authentic-sounding pieces.

If you plan on sampling, take joy in knowing that there is an option Flashboard which allows you to add an entire gigabyte of samples to the MOXF so you can customize the sound set to what you need.

Performance Difference Between The MX88 & MOXF8

Performance is very important; and it’s probably the most important thing to consider when you put the Yamaha MX88 vs MOXF8 head to head.

The Yamaha MOXF8 (SP) is perfect for people that want to make music.

If you have a home studio, this is the one. It has a huge onboard workstation that will help you record or change what music you have created.

You can combine up to four different tones, and record over 30 tracks.

You can also attach a mic and mixer. There are attachments available that will expand your possibilities.

Musicians love the 256 present songs on the MOXF8 that can be laid over your own creations.

This is also a computer-friendly keyboard.

All you have to do is attach the USB cord so you can import your work for maximum creativity.

One thing I noticed was that this model “steps” when filters are adjusted using the quick edit knobs; something that other users found bothersome.

However, it is possible to route so that filters can be adjusted by way of the modulation wheel (the wheel does not step).

However, doing this for the over 1000 sounds is a huge annoyance. In terms of people that want to both play and perform music; I think that the Yamaha MX88 (Check Price Here SP) is the way to go.

Quality and the authentic sound of instruments shined when you talk about the MX88.

You not only have these beautiful sounds, but also the synth engine and the 128 polyphony voices.

The synth sounds are more magical when you hear them in person.

It is easy to recreate 80’s tracks and even create your own simply by going under the “Keyboard” bank located on the MX88.

Here, you will find the coveted vintage electronic piano sounds, and boy do they sound great.

You will notice the keymaps and velocity curves of these sounds have been perfected and tweaked to get used out of the MX88’s GHS.

Sound recreation is second to none.

Design Differences

Yamaha MX88 vs MOXF8

I feel that the MX88 is designed for people who want to perform music, while the MOXF8 is for people that want to make music.

For instance, the MX88 has that clear and authentic sound that users cannot get enough of.

A musician can easily recreate their favorite sounds from all genres.

The tonewheel organs, as well as the Leslie effect, are superior on this particular synth.

Use the four knobs of the MX88, and you can achieve a high level of timbral control.

The synth sounds are comprehensive, and you will have no trouble perfecting your original music or covers.

Synth sounds are broken up into comps, leads, and pads and any effect you are wishing to recreate will be possible using the MX88.

Now if I were a guitarist, I would go ahead and choose the MOXF8 (SP).

Why? Well, it includes guitars as part of its bank.

And even if you are not a guitarist, but a creator, the MOXF8 is the ideal choice.

The combination of two Grand Pianos and the ability to store an entire gig of sound in the instrument makes it a dream to use.

Add in that it’s easy to transport and you have a real winner.

Price Comparison

Neither one of these instruments is going to be inexpensive or cheap.

After all, they are professional, performance-grade synthesizers.

For starters, you will be paying roughly $1500 for your MOXF8 and $1100 for the MX88; and this will vary depending on where you buy.

The MOXF8 is an instrument for both creating and performing music using the most authentic sounds.

You absolutely get what you pay for as I feel MOXF8 does outperform the MX88 in terms of value.

The inclusion of the Flash Board option slot is one of the biggest selling points, but the ultimate reason is the number of sounds included.

Over ten years of Yamaha MOTIF has been included in the MOXF8 synth.

I cannot emphasize enough the amazing sound quality.

Meanwhile, the Yamaha MX88 (Check The Best Price Here) is a real winner in and of itself for a few other reasons.

I rank this one a bit lower because it is not the ideal choice for people who want to both play and make music.

That being said, the authenticity of the sounds you hear makes MX88 the best choice for people that desire to perform or practice music, not necessarily create it.

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Yamaha MX88 vs MOXF8

The bottom line? It depends on your purpose.

I think the MOXF8 is the best deal because it gives you more creative options.

However, the MX88 cannot be beaten for the ultimate in professional performances.

I hope this post helps you make the right decision choosing between the Yamaha MX88 vs MOXF8; and you can choose the best one for you.

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