Best Bass Guitar Under $300

You may want to play bass guitar but find it difficult because you can't find a base that matches your budget. Thankfully, there are plenty of bases out there under $300, which are suitable for a lower budget.

This guide will help you find a great playing bass for under $300. these bass guitars make excellent Investments for beginners who are just starting out on the instrument. You want something that is going to be easy to play and offers you a quality bass sound. The instruments in this list would all make a great selection for any aspiring bass guitar player.

In addition to your bass guitar, you should ensure that you have a high-quality bass guitar amp. This will go a long way to making your guitar sound better, even if you are not spending a whole lot of money on the bass itself. You can also do things such as change the pickups on the bass guitar, which may give you a better tone. Let's have a look at our list and see what is out there for today's bass player.

Donner Electric Bass Guitar 4 Strings Full Size P Bass Beginner Kit Black for Starter with Gig Bag, Guitar Strap, and Guitar Cable, DPB-510B

Best Bass Kit for Low Budgets

  • Build:
  • Playability:
    Good for low budgets
  • Tone Quality:
    Solid Tone
  • Suitable:
    Beginners or Students

The Donner 4-String Bass Kit is an excellent first-time bass guitar. The kit comes complete with bass, gig bag, and accessories, so the new bass player has what they need to get started playing bass.

The guitar is made with maple, basswood, and poplar, so it's got a decent tone despite its low price. The Donner P bass pickups give the guitar a great sound through your bass amplifier. It's got a C-shape neck for added comfort up and down the fretboard.

The 4-saddle bridge allows for quick string changes and good string intonation. It's got open geared tuners for stable tuning and two strap buttons ready for your bass guitar strap. Accessories include a cable, Allen wrenches, and a gig bag.

The Donner Bass Guitar Kit is a great option for the beginner bass guitar player. The player will enjoy this kit, and it's not going to break even the most limited budget.


  • Great cost
  • Good look
  • Solid pickups


  • Could use a few more accessories

2.Ibanez GSR 4 String Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSR 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Transparent Red (GSR200TR)

Best Mid-Priced Bass Guitar

  • Build:
  • Playability:
    Easy to play
  • Tone Quality:
    Excellent tone
  • Suitable:
    Beginners or Intermediate players

The Ibanez GSR4 Bass is a superior beginner or intermediate bass for those with a modest budget. The guitar has a solid and dependable bass tone that any player will love.

This bass has a one-piece maple neck which is comfortable to play with. The double-cutaway provides smooth and easy access to the higher frets for bass guitar solos. The rosewood fingerboard is smooth so playing bass notes is effortless.

You get more tone options with this bass as it's got three pickups. There's a single-coil combination as well as a split-coil with an active EQ system. This provides a lot of options in terms of your bass guitar sound when compared to other basses in this price range. It's got chrome hardware and an adjustable bridge.

The Ibanez GS4 is a great beginner or intermediate bass. This guitar provides plenty of sound options. It's easy to play and looks great. Bass guitar fans will have fun with this instrument.


  • Three pickups
  • Double cutaway
  • Solid tone


  • No case included

3.Squier by Fender Bronco Bass

Squier by Fender Bronco Bass, Black with Maple Fingerboard

Best Simple Beginner Bass

  • Build:
  • Playability:
    Simple controls
  • Tone Quality:
    Great tone
  • Suitable:
    Best for beginners

The Squier Bronco is an excellent beginner bass guitar. It's designed by Fender, so you know you're getting a quality guitar. It's got a great look and easy playability.

The bass has an ash body for good note clarity and a maple neck with a smooth fretboard. The double-cutaway allows for easy fret access higher up the neck.

The controls are simple with one volume, one tone, and a single pickup, so it's easy for beginners to pick up and play right away. The body is lightweight, so it's suitable for younger players, too.

The Squier Bronco is a stripped-down bass guitar which makes it accessible for those looking to start playing bass guitar. It sounds great and comes in at an affordable price.


  • Easy to play
  • Simple controls
  • Great look


  • May need a bit of setup

4.Yamaha TRBX174 BL4-String Bass Guitar

Yamaha TRBX174 DBM Agathis Body, Electric Bass Guitar, 4-String, Dark Blue Metallic

Best Intermediate Low-Cost Bass Guitar

  • Build:
  • Playability:
    Easy to play
  • Tone Quality:
    Superior tone
  • Suitable:
    Great for Beginners or intermediate players

Yamaha makes excellent guitars, and you get that same quality with the Yamaha TRB174 Bass Guitar. It's got an excellent tone and plenty of pickup options for tones of tonal variations while playing.

The Mahogany body gives the bass a nice tone, and it's got an easy-to-play Rosewood fretboard. The double-cutaway gives the player easy access to all of the frets.

It's got three pickups, so you have many tone options to dial in. There's two volume, and one tone control to round out the electronics. The bridge, strap buttons, and machine heads are standard.

The Yamaha TRB174 is the ideal bass guitar for any beginner or intermediate bass guitar player. This instrument sounds great and won't break your budget.


  • Good pickups
  • Simple to play
  • Low cost


  • No case

5.Ibanez GSR200SMNGT Bass Guitar

Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Gray (GSR200SMNGT)

Best Intermediate Bass for Higher budgets

  • Build:
  • Playability:
    Simple to play
  • Tone Quality:
    Excellent tone
  • Suitable:
    Great for higher budgets

The Ibanez GSR200SMNGT is a great playing bass that is suitable for those with a higher budget, but it's still under $300, so it's a bargain for today's player.

The guitar has a maple top and a mahogany body which gives this bass a lot of note clarity and solid resonance. The frets are medium, so they are easy to play. It comes with standard tuning machines and a bridge.

The guitar has great sounding passive Ibanez pickups in the bridge and neck positions. You also get a Phat II EQ system, so the guitar offers a lot of sound options. This EQ system gives the bass a nice bottom end. The controls include two volume and one tone knob.

For those with a higher budget, the Ibanez GSR200SMNGT is a solid option. It's a nice-sounding bass with lots of sound options. Both beginners and intermediate players will get a lot of value out of this instrument.


  • Good pickups plus EQ
  • Nice neck
  • Attractive look


  • No Case

6.Dean Custom Zone Bass

Dean Custom Zone Bass, Flourecent Pink

Best Bass for Rock/Metal Players

  • Build:
  • Playability:
    Easy playing
  • Tone Quality:
    Nice tone
  • Suitable:
    Great for rock/metal oriented players

The Dean Custom Zone Bass is an attractive-looking bass for today's rock and heavy metal players.

The guitar is made with maple and alder for a good tone, and it's got a comfortable rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. The double-cutaway makes it easy to access the higher registers.

It's got a volume knob, tone control, regular bass bridge, and die-cast tuners. The bass comes in attractive colors, so your bass stands out in the crowd.

This bass has everything that a rock or heavy metal-oriented player would want. The best part is that this guitar is under 300, so it is a good bargain.


  • Good tone
  • Easy to play
  • Nice look


  • No case

7.Ibanez GIO SR100 4-String Electric Bass Guitar

Ibanez GIO SR100 4-String Electric Bass Guitar (Black) Bundle with Blackstar FLY3 Bass Amplifier and 10-Feet Instrument Cable (3 Items)

Best Bass Package Deal

  • Build:
  • Playability:
    Easy playing bass
  • Tone Quality:
    Decent tone
  • Suitable:
    Great for beginners

The Ibanez GIO SR100 Bass Guitar is an excellent deal as it comes with several nice accessories and all for a low price.

The bass is made with popular and basswood, so it's lightweight and comfortable to play. It's got simple controls with one pickup, one tone, and one volume knob. The standard bass bridge keeps the tuning of the guitar stable and regular tuning machines.

Accessories include a great Blackstar Fly 3 amplifier. This is an excellent bargain as other kits don't include a nice amp such as this one. You also get a guitar chord for the amp when you order.

The Ibanez GIO SR100 Bass Guitar is a great bargain for any beginner. You get a simple bass to learn on and a great starter amplifier.


  • Easy to play
  • Simple controls
  • Ships with accessories


  • No Case

Bass Guitar Under $300 Buying Guide

Should I Buy a Low-Cost Bass Guitar?

There is no reason why you shouldn't buy a low-cost bass guitar. Many of the lower-cost instruments are made to a higher quality than ever before. You'll get a great-sounding bass guitar that is suitable for learning on.

This type of bass won't have the tone that higher-cost bass guitars produce, but that isn't the point. A lower-cost bass gives you all you need to learn how to play. As you progress on the bass, you can experiment with higher-cost instruments that have a better tone which is suitable for live performances or recording.

There’s a lot of options for you to try out, so don’t be afraid to experiment with several lower-cost bass guitars until you find something that you like. The lower cost means that it’s easier to try out basses without the fear of losing too much money like you would if you spent a lot on an expensive bass that you don’t like.

What Amp Should I Use?

Make sure you use an amplifier that is suitable for bass guitars and not regular electric guitars. The frequency of the bass is different from a regular electric guitar. Unless your amplifier has a channel dedicated to the bass, then you need a regular bass amplifier.

There are plenty you great amps to choose from in the market. Tube amps sound the best but are quite expensive. A nice combo amp is a good option as they tend to have a great tone. Digital amps are also another option as they come with tons of effects and amp simulation models, so they save you money. You won't have to buy an expensive amp as the digital amp has all the tones that you need in one compact package.

Are There Any Advantages To A Low-Cost Bass Guitar?

A low-cost bass might seem like a bad idea, but there are advantages. The first is that you'll save a ton of money. You can still get a great-sounding bass for a low cost, which is suitable for lessons or teaching yourself how to play.

The second advantage is that you can try out several brands to see what bass you like. Most manufacturers like Ibanez and Fender have stripped-down bass guitars, and when you buy one, you'll get a good feel for the brand. As you get better on the bass you can go out and buy a bass that costs a little more.

Another advantage is that your bass is less attractive to thieves who are looking for higher-cost musical instruments to steal. No one will want to steal your lower-cost bass, so you won't have to worry as much about theft occurring.

Are There Any Disadvantages to a Low-Cost Bass Guitar?

There are a few disadvantages to a bass guitar under $300. The first is that this may not be ideal for recording or playing live. You may want a better-sounding bass for these situations as the tone may not be good enough.

A lower-cost bass may also require a bit of a setup at a guitar store to change the action to what you like or to adjust the truss rod. The bass may also suffer from slight tuning problems as it uses poorer quality materials when compared to an expensive instrument.

Another downside is that it may be a bit harder to play for some players as the neck might not be as good as an expensive bass.

What Bass Accessories Do I Need?

Here’s a listing of a few accessories you may want to get for your bass in addition to your amplifier. These will make it easier for you to learn how to play.

Guitar Cable/Strap

Make sure you use a high-quality guitar cable. If you buy a bass kit, the cable probably has to be replaced. A hood cable improves your tone and is less likely to break. I like using braided cables as these have good flexibility and last forever. Get a high-quality strap that’s comfortable to use.

Bass Picks

You want to use larger bass picks with your instrument and not regular guitar picks as these tend to be too small. You can also use your fingers to play bass, and many players prefer this method, but it takes some getting used to. Get a few bass picks and experiment with your fingers as well as a pick to see which method works the best for you.

Music Books

Try to pick up a few music books, such as a bass method book, to go along with your new bass. You’ll want some material to inspire you as you learn how to play. Many books are step-by-step and easy to learn from. Use YouTube as well as there’s plenty of lessons there or take lessons from a private teacher.

Music Stand

Make sure you have a heavy-duty music stand that won’t tip over. You’ll want a good stand to hold your music books in place. You can also use your phone as there’s plenty of digital material online, so you may not need a stand.

Guitar Maintenance Tools

Get a couple of extra sets of strings, a polishing cloth, guitar polish, and other related accessories that you can store in your case or gig bag. You want to maintain your bass, so it lasts a long time.

Should I Buy a Case?

I recommend a hardshell case if you can afford one for your bass. A goof hardshell case offers you the most protection for your guitar. A soft case is fine if you plan to transport the bass to lessons as this type of case is easier to carry, but it's not ideal for longer-term storage. If you get a good case, then you won't have to worry about your bass, and it's going to be protected in all situations.

Do I Need Effect Pedals?

You may want to buy a fee bass guitar effects for your amplifier, but you don’t need a whole lot. Effects can give you a different sound and inspire you to play more often. A good effect pedal can enhance the sound of a lower-cost amplifier, so this can be a good option.


My Bass Guitar Doesn't Sound Right, what is Wrong?

Lower-cost bass guitars under $300 will probably need some setup at your local guitar shop. The bass may have sat in a case for a long time or been played by other players off of a guitar rack in a store. A good setup can make your bass sound a lot better. A guitar tech can et the bass up, so it plays how you like or make it easier for you to learn if you’re a complete beginner.

Make sure you have a good amplifier, as this can improve the tone a great deal. It can also be a good die to have a couple of effects pedals which may also improve the tone of your new bass guitar.

Make sure you use fresh strings on your bass. A new bass probably already has a worn-out string, so it’s a good idea to change them once you get the bass home. Use top-quality bass strings for the best results. These will cost you more but be well worth the investment. Use a high-quality guitar cable as you’ll get a better signal and less cracking if you have a decent cable.

How Do I Clean My Bass Guitar?

Your bass needs periodic cleaning, so make it a habit to clean the bass when you change strings. Use a guitar polishing cloth and guitar polish to clean the instrument. Don’t use any household cleaners as these may leave stains or ruin the finish of the guitar. Polish and a good cloth are inexpensive, so use this to clean the dirt and grime off of your bass.

It’s a good idea to change strings at least once a month. If you play often, you may nee dot change them at a faster rate. You lose tone and clarity if you play with old bass strings. One of the best ways to improve the tone of your guitar is to change the strings, so make this a habit as it will give you the best sound out of your bass.

Do I Need to Take Bass Lessons?

It can be a good idea to take lessons as this will help you learn faster. Getting a qualified teacher can go a long way to helping you master the basics of your new bass guitar. You can teach yourself to play, but a teacher will help you through the beginner stages where a lot of people quit as they don’t have proper guidance.

Is $300 Enough for a Bass?

A lot of the bass guitars on the market in the $300 price range are better than you might imagine. They are perfect instruments for beginner or intermediate players. You will save money yet have a decent bass to practice your music on.

A $300 bass is not a professional instrument, and it shouldn’t be seen as that, but it’s the ideal option for the beginner that hasn’t played bass before and probably doesn’t even know what they may or may not like in a bass guitar. A lower-cost bass gives you the


It’s possible to find a great bass for under $300. This is an instrument designed for a beginner, but still worth buying as you’ll save a lot of money. Most manufacturers of bass guitars have several lower-priced models in their lineup.

Make sure you get a good amplifier to go with your new bass, as this will improve your sound. Change your string often and get the bass checked at your local guitar shop to ensure it plays well. Enjoy your new bass and learning how to play.

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