Can Anyone Learn How to Sing? (And How to Go About It)

Experts say that anyone who can talk can sing. Except for physical disabilities or disease, any individual can learn how to sing reasonably well. It does require some training and effort to sing intermediate to advanced songs. Nevertheless, you do not need any musical background, inherent genetics, or family history to be able to sing. … Read more

How to find your singing voice?

Every vocal enthusiast and beginner muses over what he or she sounds like. We’ve all heard terms like baritone, tenor, alto, and soprano used to describe vocalists and singers. Yet, what must you do to figure out your voice type? Just like an individual, each voice is distinct and unique. Luckily, figuring out what voice … Read more

What Note Am I Singing?

So you’re in your bedroom singing along to the greatest rock concert in history happening in your head. Your voice soars through, the crowd goes wild, and then; in an inspired moment of passion, you belt out the most amazing note you’ve ever sung. You snap back to reality as you’re surprised at yourself for … Read more

Do You Need Singing Lessons to Be Good?

One of the most asked questions about singing is, “Do you need singing lessons to be good?” There seems to always be a different way to answer this question. Some people will say yes, while others will argue no. It’s good to know that about 1.5 percent of the population has a condition known as … Read more

30 Day Singer vs Superior Singing Method

In this post, I will be comparing two popular singing courses, the 30 Day Singer vs Superior Singing Method. I will look at the course content of each, compare the teaching method, pricing, and which one is right for you. Summary: 30 Day Singer vs Superior Singing Method 30 Day Singer is the better program … Read more

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