Best Acoustic Guitar Amp Under 200

Our journey to finding the best acoustic guitar amp under 200 starts with knowing what we need it for and why acoustic amps are different.

This is not the same thing as an electric guitar amp. The goal of an acoustic guitar amp is to make the guitar sound richer and give it some character.

It amplifies the tone of the sound and reproduces it perfectly.

At your gigs, your audience will easily hear every note.

Even if they tend to get a little noisy, your sound will be heard by yourself and your bandmates.

Even if you do not perform live, effective practice using a looper pedal has to be done using an amplifier.

And the other good news is that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to get a great quality acoustic guitar amp.

The reason being is that there are a handful of great brands that make super great amps – let’s explore them now.

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Best Acoustic Guitar Amp Under 200

Here are my top 9 recommendations.

My suggestions below should cater for every budget and each offer different purposes like – Using at home, practicing and live performing,

1. Fender Acoustasonic 15 Watt Amp

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  • Comes with a ¼” jack to plug in an instrument
  • Also features an XLR input for a mic
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Features a headphone plugin, so you don’t disturb others while you practice
  • Also features Fender’s 5-year warranty

If you need a lot of power in a tiny package, this is your deal.

Small gigs and performances will be covered when you have this amp.

It also features a “whizzer” cone, a small speaker cone that is attached to the speaker of the amp.

This supplementary speaker can make all the difference.

The Fender Acoustasonic 15 is one of the best acoustic guitar amp under 200. It

2. Dean DA20 Acoustic 20w Amp

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  • 20 Watts of power
  • 4 Band Equalizer
  • 2 5-inch speakers
  • Single-channel

This is an amp that is perfect for bargain-minded musicians, or people who are not sure if they need an amp or not and don’t want to spend loads of dollars on one.

This works very well for acoustic guitars, and while users did complain about overdrive when it came to low notes, it is a great amp for the price.

Others noted how great the sound was-one user noted they bought it just for home use and found the sound quality, namely the tone and volume, to be exceptional.

3. Sunyin Guitar Amplifier 10W

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  • Great for guitar beginners
  • Features 10 watts of beautiful sound and tones
  • Weighs in at just 1.3 kg
  • Comes with 3.5mm output jack
  • Can connect headphones for practice at home

Here is an amp that you can run on batteries or a power adapter.

It comes with the adapter, so you can practice anywhere you like.

All you need is 6 AA batteries to take this on the road.

Even though the power comes in at just 10 watts, it still delivers great sound.

This could be an amp you could use if you would like to compliment another instrument without having to play harshly.

4. Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amp

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  • Can be used with an acoustic guitar also using the clean setting
  • Can choose between three different colors
  • Features two channels (clean and overdrive)
  • Comes with a line-in so you can jam with favorite tracks
  • Runs on battery or DC power

This is a mini amp measuring in at a tiny 3 watts, but still really worth your time if you are limited on space.

The amp features two channels, tape delay and also ISF (infinite shape feature) patented by Blackstar.

The result is that the amp is super portable and easy to tote along.

Users loved the fact that delay is offered on this amp and noted that you could easily adjust the saturation and level, plus the time, of the delay.

Although designed for electric guitars in the name; it also works for acoustics/acoustic-electric guitars once you use the clean setting.

You can see on the Amazon reviews also and Q&A that many have used acoustic guitars on it also

5. Vangoa Acoustic Guitar Amp 40W

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  • Features 3 channels for 3 different instruments
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Rechargeable amp
  • Portable and easy to carry along

This amp is made of high-density wood, which makes for a sturdy and tough amp to take around.

The unique trapezoid shape allows richer resonance compared to the usual rectangle shape of most amps.

This amp is 40 watts of great sound. For acoustic guitar use, a 1.8-inch tweeter is included.

The titanium film diaphragm creates an amazing 40 Khz frequency response.

The best thing about this is the sound, but the ability to plug in an MP3 player or USB drive, or use Bluetooth, makes it so easy to jam along with your favorite songs.

6. Roland MOBILE AC

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  • Five-watt (2.5+2.5) stereo amplifier for acoustic guitar
  • Runs Using 15 Six AA alkaline batteries
  • Easy for beginners to learn

Even though this amp is only 5 watts, it is still great for those moments you’d like to have a little show.

This amp is great for practicing at home and playing in small settings such as a guitar workshop or with friends.

It has pretty good reverb for the price, and you can use both a mic and a guitar.

Even when you put this to the test, you will find that this is pretty resistant to feedback.

7. Donner 15W Amp

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  • 15 watts of power
  • Includes headphone and guitar input jack
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Complete with a handy carry handle, this is another amp perfect for performing on the go.

The amp is compact and provides you with a superior tone at a price you can afford.

It is easy to control the volume of your amp thanks to the control knobs.

You can easily shape the frequencies of your tone thanks to the treble, middle and bass controls, too.

This amp is good for busking and is also perfect for small settings. If you do have an electric guitar, it will work for that instrument as well as your acoustic.

8. Stagg 20 AA R USA 20 Watt

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  • Comes in a variety of watt sizes
  • 3 band equalizer
  • Comes with a headphone input for home practice

This amp is perfect because it features balanced mids and highs, say users.

It is a great amp for practicing at home or playing in smaller venues.

Users liked how notes faded without dropping off.

They also noted that acoustic guitars sounded amplified but still genuine, and the tweeter in the box made for high notes that came outbalanced.

9. Peavey Vypr VIP 1

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  • 20-watt amp
  • Great for Acoustic and Bass guitars
  • Comes with a headphone jack for home practice

If you play bass, but you also play acoustic, this is going to be the amp for you.

The Peavey name has long been trusted by musicians around the world, and this amp is just one reason why.

32-Bit floating-point SHARC processors and superior analog circuitry bring players the greatest sound you ever heard coming out of an amplifier.

These amps can also be accessed by themselves-you don’t have to hook them up to a computer.

Which One Would I Pick?

I would choose the Peavey amp!

The reason being is that it has all the features you could ever want and it works for bass and acoustic guitars.

20 watts is just perfect as it’s right in the middle in terms of power.

I liked that there are 16 presets, and the 8-inch modeling speaker is another plus.

The effects needed to make your music great are all here, too.

There is delay, flanger, reverb, octave, and more.

Also, users loved the distortion on this.

For the price, the quality, and the sound, I think this is the strongest model and in my opinion the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp Under 200.

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Things To Look Out For When Buying A Guitar Amp

Best Acoustic Guitar Amp Under 200

Choosing an amp for your acoustic guitar depends on the purpose you will be using it for.

Here are a few things to look out for.

For Home & Practice Use

Let’s talk about home and practice purposes.

You will need a small acoustic guitar amp for use at home when it’s time to practice.

Certainly, you can hear your guitar in your home easily without using an amp, but hearing it with one will help you to analyze what you’re doing and figure out how to improve.

Look for one with an angled-upward design so what you hear is directed toward your ears.

The good thing about amps made for this purpose is that they are lower priced compared to amps designed for performing.

They are usually about 10 to 40 watts when it comes to power level, and this is just perfect to hear what you’re doing in that home setting.

Home Studio

If you own a home studio, and you would like to buy an amp for that purpose.

Look for a model that comes with features designed to add depth to the sound recording; as well as more easily capture the signal of your guitar.

Live Performing In Small Venues

If you will be using your acoustic guitar to perform in a small venue like a coffeehouse or restaurant, an amp rated for 40 to 100 watts will be fine.

There are lots of models from which you can choose.

You might also want to look for an amplifier that offers a 3.5mm input so you can plug in additional accessories, such as a smartphone, so you can play with a backing track or other recording.

Final Words

So, how will your playing improve once you get your amp?

Check out the reviews on Amazon to get the one that works best for you.

I hope this article has been helpful for you for finding one of the Best Acoustic Guitar Amp Under 200 for you; and that whatever amp you choose gives you the amazing sound you are looking for!


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