Zoom G3XN Vs Boss Gt1

In this post we are looking at two amazing multi effects pedals, the Zoom G3XN and Boss GT1. I will discuss each pedal briefly first and then put the Zoom G3XN Vs Boss Gt1 head to head for performance, design and of course price.

Boss guitar effects pedals have a great reputation. These stompboxes are rugged and reliable and sound great. There are about 40 models available for a whole range of sound effects. They are built to last and have several user-oriented features for ease of use.

Here we look at a compact, affordable effects processor from Boss, the GT1. Portable and easy-to-use, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and musicians on the go.

For a good comparison, we’ll put it up against Zoom G3XN. A great effects pedal in the same price range, Zoom G3XN offers some features that the GT1 doesn’t.

Zoom G3XN

Weighing in at 1.84kg, the Zoom G3XN has a very professional look. The unit has six footswitches, with three LED lights above the upper row. The expression pedal feels very sturdy, as do the footswitches.

The most distinctive feature is the three separate display screens with dedicated controls. This lets you control three effects settings simultaneously. The Zoom G3XN has 80 effects, a built-in phrase-looper, and a drum machine.

This pedal has an AUX port to connect to a portable music player and jam along. It is powered via an AC adaptor, with no option for batteries.

Boss GT1

More compact than its counterpart, the GT1 weighs 1.3kg. Stylish and intuitive, it has a large expression pedal on the right and three footswitches. There are three control knobs and a row of function and control buttons under the back-lit screen.

The GT1 doesn’t provide Zoom G3XN’s flexibility with multiple effect control.

However, it comes with the CTL2,3/EXP2 jack to connect an external footswitch or expression pedal. It comes with 108 effects and a built-in phrase looper, but no drum machine.

The GT1 also comes with AUX and USB ports. Unlike the Zoom G3XN, it can also be powered by AA batteries.

Which Performs Better The Zoom G3XN vs Boss Gt1?

Both units have excellent sound quality, but a very different philosophy. The GT1 sounds more like guitars on recorded albums.

It’s also tweaked to work nicely when playing live without putting in much extra effort. The G3XN seems to provide more of the actual sound of the amps.

There are plenty of great distortion effects in both. The GT1 comes preloaded with 108, which is more than the G3XN at 80.

But Zoom is constantly adding new effects to the G3XN. Both have beautiful modulation, but the Zoom G3XN has a much better noise gate.

They both have an inbuilt expression pedal. However, the G3XN has a better built-in looper and drum machine.

The GT1 does not have a built-in drum machine, and its looper isn’t as good. Another key difference is that the GT1 can do USB recording, whereas the G3XN can’t.

What you go for depends on what you are interested in. For live recordings, the Zoom G3XN offers more flexibility and ease of use. It’s also great for practice because of the inbuilt drum feature.

The GT1 is lighter and more compact and works great on the go. It can run on battery for up to seven hours, making it very versatile.

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Which One Has The Better Design?

Now lets look at the design of the Zoom G3XN Vs Boss Gt1. If you are just starting out learning guitar, the Boss GT1 may be your best bet. It has a very intuitive design and easy interface.

It also has a huge selection of amps and effects for all types of music. It’s also very rugged and portable, perfect for weekend gigs and travel.

The GT1 gives you access to lots of freebies by connecting to BOSS Tone Central. These include pro patches and editing software.

So, if you have a home studio and do PC recording, this is definitely a good choice. Its back-lit screen and indicator lights also make it easy to use in dark environments.

For those of you that play live, the Zoom G3XN may provide a better experience. Its three display screens, each with dedicated controls, give a lot of flexibility during a live gig.

You can set a chain of up to seven effects. These are very quick and easy to edit during a performance too. In this respect, the GT1 is usable but just cannot compete with the G3XN.

In terms of sound quality, both units are good but very different. Boss GT1 generally has clean sound and low/medium gain tones. The Zoom G3XN has more convincing, better-sounding hi-gain tones.

Which One Is Better Value?

The Boss GT1 and Zoom G3XN are both priced in the affordable, entry-level range. The current price for the GT1 is around $199.99 (At the time of this post).

This makes it a little bit cheaper than the G3XN, which comes in around $219.99 (Again, at the time of this post).

These are both good value for what they offer, but ultimately, you have to decide. But, if you prefer the clean sound and good low/medium gain tones, the GT1 is for you.

The GT1 is also worth buying if you’re after a simple, intuitive interface. The option to power from battery or record direct to PC may also be a reason to go with the GT1.

But which one is better value comparing the Zoom G3XN Vs Boss Gt1? Ultimately, however, the G3XN provides better value for money. The build quality seems to be higher. The expression pedal and footswitches feel very sturdy.

It has a better looper with built-in rhythm patterns and an ever-expanding range of pro patches. And flexible control is useful in any situation.

Which One Would I Pick?

So which one would I pick between the Zoom G3XN vs Boss Gt1. I would go with the Boss GT1.

Admittedly, Zoom G3XN provides better value for money overall and has the flexibility. But it lacks some of the features that I really love with the GT1, especially Boss’ signature sound.

Being a beginner, I totally appreciate the easy to use interface and overall intuitive design of the Boss GT1.

I’m also a big fan of the Boss sound, and the GT1 maintains the tradition. The USB interface gives an option to record directly to the PC, which works great for me.

I’m no pro. It’s all about goofing around with my guitar sound at home and with friends.

And for those occasions when I actually do a gig, the battery pack comes in handy. It’s a great backup option for travel.

The indicator lights around the footswitches also make it easy to handle when playing in the dark. And I just love the stylish, rugged feel of the unit.

I hope you liked my Zoom G3XN Vs Boss Gt1 post. I tried to compare the two as best I can to help you make the most informed buying decision.

If you have any questions or comments, please make sure you leave a comment below.

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