How to Begin Learning Guitar | Easiest Way To Get Started

Ok, you want to play guitar but you are unsure on where to start. I will walk you some easy steps how to begin learning guitar. Here’s what I think is the easiest way to get started.

Choose Your Guitar Type

How to Begin Learning Guitar

Picking your first guitar is very exciting. For your first guitar you need to choose between acoustic or an electric guitar.

It doesn’t really matter which one you decide to start with; but generally people are naturally drawn to one of the other.

For example, if you like Rock music, and want to learn to play rock music; you will automatically be more inclined to get a electric guitar.

Have a think about it and see which you think is the right fit for you. Acoustic is the probably the cheapest option and doesn’t require any guitar amps to sound good.

Get A Guitar

Once you have decided on the type of guitar you want, it’s time to find one. You can go to a physical store or maybe check out Amazon, eBay, Thomann or WallMart.

Amazon is probably one of the best places to start when buying a guitar. You have plenty of options and there’s lot of reasonably priced beginner guitars.

More importantly there’s some detailed reviews so you know you are buying a good quality guitar.

You don’t have to buy new either. You can pick up some very good second hand guitars on eBay or check your local craigslist.

However, if you are buying one second hand, I would bring someone with you who already plays guitar, just so they can inspect it a little better and make sure you’re nothing wrong with the guitar.

Personally, I think Amazon is the cheapest and fastest way getting a good deal as you can also pick up your tuners, guitar picks in the one order.

Search for guitars and only select models with a 4 star and up review. Have a look at your options and find a few that fit your budget. As a beginner, I would not be spending more than $300 anyway.

Get Guitar Lessons

How to Begin Learning Guitar

Now it’s time to really find how to begin learning guitar. You have a few options here how to start learning guitar.

  • One to One Lessons
  • Online Guitar Lessons

Now if you have read some of my other posts about learning guitar, I am a huge fan of learning guitar on your own.

However, you don’t necessarily learn on your own. I mean learning by using online guitar lessons. But how does that work?

You technically do have an instructor, but it’s a virtual one. Online guitar lessons are in my opinion to best, cheapest and quickest way to learn guitar.

I think one to one lessons are too expensive, take you longer to see some real progress and are inconvenient, especially if you are on a busy schedule.

A lot of people ask are guitar lessons worth it? In some ways they are; but in modern times I don’t think that is the right way of learning.

Using online guitar lessons like Guitar Tricks, Jam Play or Fender Play, you still learn with an instructor by following them step by step.

Which One Would I Pick?

How to Begin Learning Guitar

If it was me and I was just starting out and trying to figure out how to begin learning guitar; I would start out with Guitar Tricks (Full Review).

Why? Well they have been teaching 1000’s of students online with over 20 years, have over 11,000 videos and it has so many success stories.

I won’t go into too much detail here about it; but I would ready my Guitar Tricks Review that goes into much more detail on the course and what it includes.

There’s a 14 Day free Trial Here that’s definitely worth looking at; just to try it for 14 days to see if it’s for you and you like that way of learning.

If you to know how to begin learning guitar, they’re beginner videos are a great place to get you through the basics first.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

What If You Want One to One Lessons?

If you want one to one lessons that’s perfectly fine as well. Some people prefer the hands on learning approach.

I would do a quick google search for ‘guitar lessons near me’. There should be plenty options pop up.

Give them a call or email to suss out their pricing and availability. However, I would prepare to spend roughly $50-$100 a lesson, depending on the length of the lesson.

Make A Plan

Is It Easy To Learn Guitar

Look, nearly everyone would love to play guitar. It’s great you are here looking to find out how to begin learning guitar; but you need to commit yourself.

The first few weeks will be the hardest. You might get a little overwhlemed with information and become discouraged not sound great right off the bat.

This is normal. You will need some time to learn the chords, finger placement and piece it all together.

What I suggest is set aside 20-30 minutes a day for the first few weeks. I wouldn’t include tuning in this, as tuning could take you 10 mins or so when you are just starting out.

20 minutes a day might not sound like a lot of time; but trust me it is. 20 minutes a day will build your muscle memory and you will find it all becomes more natural to you.

20 minutes is one episode of some Netflix sitcom that you have maybe seen 10 or more times. I think we can say we have that time to spare.

I would opt for short 20-30 minute sessions every day or second day rather than one long 3 hour session of a Saturday. It will take longer to build the skill this way I think (at the beginner at least).

Be Patient

I don’t know why people seem to think they can pick up the guitar and bang out Sweet Child of Mine after a single lesson.

Like I said above, it will take some time. Be patient. You will see improvement and week by week you will notice improvement.

It becomes addictive when you start improving. Each day as your skills grow, you will find everything becomes quicker and easier; especially tuning the guitar.

Do I Need Anything Else To Begin Learning Guitar?

Not really. I mean you could say get a pick, guitar strap, small Guitar Amp and footstool, but they are not necessarily needed when you are starting out.

If you are buying a starter guitar on Amazon, you will notice a lot of things like picks, straps and guitar tuners are included in very cheap bundles.


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