Best Tube Combo Amp Under 500

A tube combo amp is a critical accessory to help you get the best experience out of your guitar. Unfortunately, these products tend to be quite expensive. Finding the best tube combo amp under 500 can help you get your hands on an excellent amplifier, without blowing the bank.

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Best Tube Combo Amp Under 500

The search can be quite difficult, however. While there are several of these products on the market, you will find that many of these are not able to deliver the quality you expect from a tube combo amp.

1. Marshall Combo Amplifier (M-DSL1CR-U)

best tube combo amp under 500

First on our list is the Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier, model M-DSL1CR-U. This is a balanced product, offering a high-quality amp at a good price tag. The product comes with several built-in functions that will make your experience with the amp more convenient.

The product comes with three built-in tubes, including two ECC83 and one ECC82 tube. Additionally, the amp also comes with a Celestion eight 15 speaker and has a silent recording mode.

The power output can be adjusted according to your needs. The amp also comes with a reverb function, as well as a soft tube emulated output setting

2. Wangs VT-18

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If you are looking to spend an amount that reaches more closely to the $500 mark, then the Wangs Amps Wang All-Tube All-In-One Box Guitar Combo Guitar Amplifier is a good option to consider.

This one comes in a few different color options – a great feature if you want your amp to match the color of your guitar. Colors include black, natural color, and brown.

The amp features a vintage style and comes with a hemp grill, as well as a leather strap. Controls allow you to adjust bass, mid, treble, and volume. The product also includes two tubes. This includes a pre-amp tube, as well as a full power amp tube

3. Bugera V5

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The Bugera V5 5-Watt Class Amplifier Combo is another great option. The product features a 5-Watt built-in amplifier. This is a Class-A amplifier that offers an EL85 tube.

The amp also features the brand’s unique INFINIUM Tube Life Multiplier technology. This gives you much greater amplification compared to standard amps.

The amp features a vintage appearance. It also comes with an eight-inch TURBOSOUN speaker. A single 12AX7 tube is also installed in the amp to help you get a more authentic sound.

This is a great tube for enhancing the sound of your guitar, while also providing a significant boost in sound volume

4. Orange Amps Amplifier (Crush35RT)

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Next up is the Orange Amps Amplifier Crush35RT, a pure orange and unique product on our list. The product features a solid-state design, providing a more durable construction that will last longer.

The amp features two channels, providing stereo sound – something you should certainly be looking at when buying an amplifier.

The product is powered by a 35 Watt source. The amp also features a single 10-inch speaker. The Orange Amps Amplifier uses the brand’s original Orange Voice of the World speaker to give you better quality sound output.

There is a three-band EQ setting. You can also adjust the reverb, gain, and volume. The digital reverb is built into the amp.

5. Marshall M-DSL5CR-U Combo Amp

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Another excellent option from the Marshall brand. The Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifier, model number M-DSL5CR-U, is one option that reaches more closely to $500.

The product comes with several useful functions. The quality also surely surpasses many competitor models currently on the market.

The amp features an adjustable power output. This means you can decide how strong the output should be. A soft tube emulated output also helps to enhance the sound.

The amp comes with built-in reverb and features a Celestion then-30 speaker. Tonal improvements are provided through three built-in tubes, including two ECC83 tubes and a single Bh7 tube

6. Fender Super Champ X2

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The Fender Super Champ X2 is an amp head that features a tube combo system that can deliver a more powerful effect when it comes to playing the guitar with an amplifier.

The product features a 15 Watt amp. This is more powerful than some of the other options that you may find. The amp comes with a voicing knob, as well as 16 amp styles that you are able to choose from.

There is an effective control that can be used to adjust the specific effects that you wish to achieve when using the amp.

Channel switching is also available, which can make the use of the amplifier more convenient

7. Blackstar HT5R MKII

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Next up is the Blackstar HT5R MKII 5-Watt 1×12 Inches Tube Combo Amp. This is a 12-inch guitar combo amp, which means it can deliver enough power.

For most cases where you are looking to amplify the sound of your guitar. The product also comes with a built-in power reduction circuit.

The amp features two voice switches. It also offers an emulated output function to give you a tube effect, all at an affordable price tag.

In addition to these functions, the Blackstar HT5R MKII 5-Watt 1×12 Inches Tube Combo Amp also comes with an effects loop.

8. Yamaha THR5

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The Yamaha THR5 10-Watt Desktop Guitar Combo Amp is ideal if you are looking for a more portable option.

The Yamaha brand is trusted among musicians and known to produce top-quality instruments and accessories. This is one of the more affordable options that are currently on the market.

This particular combo amp does come in a few different options. We recommend the Mini THR, but other options can be selected too. The product is lightweight and used either batteries or AC power.

The brand’s signature VCM technology is built into this guitar combo amp. Effect processing is built in to provide a hi-fi stereo quality experience.

9. Fender Super Champ X2 (15-Watt 1×10-Inch Guitar Combo Amp)

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Last on our list is the Fender Super Champ X2 15-Watt 1×10-Inch Guitar Combo Amp. This one comes with the ideal balance – you get a high-quality amp at a price that won’t make you spend too much cash.

This is a 15-watt amplifier. The product features three tubes in total. These include one 12AX7 pre-amp, as well as two 6V6 tubes.

The amp contains a 10-inch speaker. This is a Fender Special Design speaker. You can expect exquisite sound from this particular amp.

A voicing knob is included with this combo amp. The voice knob features 16 effects that you are able to choose from. The amp also contains two channels.

Which One Should You Pick?

There are quite a few options that you can consider when looking to buy yourself the best tube combo under 500.

We looked at nine top options that you can consider – but you may still be wondering which one of these you should opt for.

When it comes to a small budget, the Yamaha THR5 is definitely an amp to consider. On the other hand, if you can spend more money, then you should really consider one of the Marshall Amps Guitar Combo Amplifiers that we shared on this list.

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Things To Look Out For When Buying A Tube Combo Amp

There are a few factors that you ultimately want to take into account when you decide to buy a tube combo amp. This is especially important if you are looking to spend less than $500.

When you look at the products that are available, be sure to consider these factors:

  • The number of channels provided by the amp. Two channels are a good option to consider.
  • The size and technology used in the speaker of the amp.
  • The power rating of the amp. Most options vary between 5W and 15W.
  • Consider an option that comes with adjustable power output.
  • Consider the weight, too – this helps you realise if the product is portable and easy to travel with.

Final Words

Best Tube Combo Amp Under $500

There are several options when it comes to looking at the best tube combo amp under 500. While some of these can help you get the full experience with your guitar, others will rather end up as a disappointment.

Looking for a more affordable tube combo amp should be accompanied by careful consideration. We looked at nine of the top options to consider, as well as a few tips that you should take into account while buying the best tube combo amp under 500.


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