Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Under $1000 – 3 Worth Considering

In this post we are looking at some more mid to high end amps, in particular the Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Under $1000. We will look at the key features, design, sound quality, price and more.

An acoustic guitar amp is an electrical device designed to boost week sound signals. Thanks to its design, the amplifier gives your acoustic guitar a sound boost, a function that comes in extremely handy when you are performing in a room of people and need to be heard.

The best of these acoustic amps enhance the sound in different environments where they are designed to work well at.

Whether you are performing at a coffee shop and need the best portable acoustic amp or if you have a bigger crowd and need one of the most powerful amps for the best live band session.

Regardless of what you need, there is an acoustic guitar amp for anyone with a budget under $1000.

Below, we look at a few of the best options on the market today. We look at their design, build, sound quality, price and more.

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Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Under $1000

Fishman Loudbox Artist Bluetooth 120

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As a brand that’s well-known for creating some of the best pre-amp systems specifically for the acoustic guitars, Fishman continues to impress acoustic guitarists all over the world.

This amplifier is one of the most powerful and popular mid-sized amplifiers for acoustic guitars. It offers great value for money and comes with a host of crucial functions designed to enhance its performance.

It’s a 2-channel amplifier, and it comes with great controls as it is geared towards the enhancement of vocals.

Both channels come with an XLR/TRS combined port, which makes it easy for you to choose what you’d like to use the ports for.

The control features include two clusters placed on top of each other, a pad button, effect A knob, anti-feedback knob, a gain knob, and the 3-band EQ.  The Effect A represents the standard effect channel, and B is the optional channel.

This amplifier is also a solid 120W bi-amped amp with 2 high-frequency speakers (8 inches) and a 1” soft-dome tweeter. All these features work together to deliver the great power and performance of this mid-sized guitar amplifier.


  • Great value for money
  • 2 powerful 8” speakers and a tweeter to enhance sound effects
  • It comes with numerous control options
  • It comes with 2 separate channels
  • 120w, bi-amped power
  • It’s versatile
  • The footswitch input allows for remote muting and for the input of channels, flagger, chorus, and the slap echo effects


  • No issues reported

Fender SFX Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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Boasting great sound effects such as Delay, Chorus, Echo, and Vibratone, this Fender SFX acoustic guitar amplifier could be one of the best musical instruments investments that you will make.

It offers great value for money, especially if you are looking for an amplifier that offers an optimal range of tone reproduction.

This acoustic guitar amp comes with a wide variety of transducers, as well as a 6-inch radiating mid-range, an 8-inch woofer, and a powerful HF tweeter. With these features, the amplifier covers all the important frequency ranges thanks to the dedicated range of speakers.

Then there’s the unique FSX technology, which further pushes and upends the performance of the amp, making it an excellent amp for adopting different tone profiles depending on the qualities of the room you play in.

These functions are also the reason why this acoustic guitar amplifier is the best option for you if you perform on stage often.

This amp boasts great controls as well, as the control functions are super easy to use. First, the amplifier is the 2-channel kind, with each of the channels running on the combined XLR/TRS jack.

Individually, there are channel controls that you need to work with, which include the 4-band EQ section, volume, reverb, and there’s also the Phase switch.

There also are knobs and the Stereo cluster in the middle (options here include Chorus, Delay, and Vibrato – applicable to both channels). These controls are quite intuitive, and you might also like the AUX port and the line out for the headphones.

The other features of this amplifier include 160W of power – 80W for each channel, an 8” low-frequency driver, a tweeter, as well as a 6” radiating midrange.

There’s also a compressor driver horn, which adds complexity to the amplifier while creating a configuration covering the whole frequency range.

On top of all these features, this amplifier boasts top-notch performance and superb tone quality, which gives you a great and natural-sounding projection.

The SFX technology (Stereo Field Expansion Technology) will give you a huge and unique dimension that you can work with, also making it easy for you to adapt to the tone profile and the output of the amplifier depending on where you will be playing.


  • Incredible tone quality
  • It has a sound projection that sounds natural
  • Remarkable quality
  • Feature-packed
  • Ideal for stage performances
  • It comes with 5 dedicated effects
  • Great speakers
  • Great value for your money


  • None

Boss Acoustic Singer Pro

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If you prefer powerful but portable gear to your performances, then this acoustic guitar amplifier by Boss might be the perfect fit for you.

Boasting 2 separate channels – one for your vocals and the other for your guitar, this amplifier is versatile, and you can personalise your sound effects with great ease.

Its 120W power ensures great sound for solo gigs, and the combination of the amplifier and the pedal masters mean that you can set up your solo gig and hold a successful performance with less.

Along with the 120W power is the 8” speaker, as well as the 1” dome tweeter, which enhance the sound effects of this guitar amplifier.

The two channels are easy to use with the guitar channel fitted with an EQ section, which comes with everything you need for a plugged-in acoustic session.

The vocal channel also has cool features and effects, which will ensure that you enjoy great sound.

Each of these channels features an anti-feedback option in addition to onboard effects like Delay, Chorus, and Reverb, all designed to enhance the sound effects.

You might also like its inbuilt looper, which turns you into pretty much a one-man-band. Its harmony function will create nice harmonies while the USB connection allows you to plug into your computer directly. The other inputs are the AUX and the microphone inputs.

This amplifier also allows easy change of settings thanks to its broad range of controls in the form of knobs and pushbuttons.

There are EQ/ Effects controls, as well as controls for the harmony and the looper sections, which come with individual LED indicators displaying the operational modes.

Sound level control is with the volume knobs, and you can mix the levels easily since each channel comes with its control knob for volume.

Thanks to all the features above, this amplifier boasts great performance for the small and mid-sized gig.


  • A small but powerful speaker
  • It’s loud
  • Amazing tone
  • Great controls
  • Feature-packed
  • Durable
  • Punches above its weight
  • Realistic acoustic sounds
  • The looper works great


  • It lacks a footswitch
  • No Bluetooth integration

Conclusion – Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Under $1000

Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Under $1000

Before you buy an acoustic amp for your guitar, check the format (tube/ solid-state amps, channels, power it drives, and the effects that the amplifier boasts.

These features determine how well the amplifier works, where you can use, as well as the things it can and cannot do. Opt for the amplifier with most features, more than one channel, more effects, and more power for the best sound and tone quality.

I hope you found this post discussing the Best Acoustic Guitar Amps Under $1000 and you found it helpful to make your own buying decision.

If you are looking to some cheaper options, be sure to check out my posts on acoustic guitar amps under $200 & Amps Under $300.


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