Best Keyboard for Intermediate Players – The Only 4 Options Worth Considering

Just because you are still learning doesn’t mean that you are not entitled to the best piano keyboard available in the market. In this post we will look at some of the Best Keyboard for Intermediate Players.

We make recommendations and discuss the key features of these keyboards and also the design, build quality, sound quality, price and more.

The truth is that regardless of your level of experience, the only way for you to be great at playing the piano is by using a high-quality piano keyboard that gives you a near-pro feel and experience.

It makes no sense to spend your savings on a cheap digital piano that will wear off or come apart in weeks, one because it is a waste of money and two, you will not learn anything significant during that time.

So, if you are going to invest in a piano keyboard, even as an intermediate player, you better make sure that the keyboard comes with all the nice features to help you get to the pro level sooner.

Keyboard for Intermediate Players

The good news is that the market has some pretty cool, reliable, high-quality, and affordable keyboard options for you, and the best part is that some of these keyboards are from the biggest brands in the world of musical instruments.

It’s also worth noting that the best keyboard for the intermediate player boasts an improved designed in comparison to a piano for beginners, it’s a lot more responsive, it’s an 88-key (weighted with full hammer action) full-length keyboard, its touch sensitivity is improved, and it comes with more panels and displays.

This piano keyboard is also sturdy, and it’s designed to last long. The other features that come with this keyboard include the built-in MIDI recorder, a wider range of dynamics allowing you to play very loudly or softly, at least 128 polyphonic notes, as well as a more realistic multi-sampled piano sound with more than 3 different piano tones.

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Best Keyboard for Intermediate Piano Players

Now let’s get straight to it. I have put together what I feel are the best piano keyboards for intermediate skilled players.

They each vary in features and the of course price, but I’m sure there’s one that meets your requirements below.

Roland FP-30

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The Roland FP-30 is, without doubt, one of the best keyboards for intermediate players as it boasts the best key action, as well as the most impressive dynamic range. With these features in mind, this Roland piano keyboard is among the best models released by Roland.

Along with being a top-rated piano keyboard, this 88-key keyboard is quite durable, and it’s reasonably priced.

It boasts an almost supernatural sound engine that works together with the key action to deliver the most natural and also the most enjoyable playing and learning experiences.

The other impressive features of this Roland FP-30 include its PHA-4 standard and solid keyboard action that comes along with its ivory feel and the Escarpment action.

The simulated ivory key have an excellent feel, and they make use of the triple-sensor detection system, which offers more precise control and a faster note repetition.

The PHA-4 solid and standard action of the keys will also provide just the perfect amount of weight, and it will also reproduce the ideal level of mechanical action of the hammered keys.

The other reason why this keyboard is our favourite has to do with the fact that the keys are weighted individually, which means a super-quiet action and excellent sound effects.

Then there’s the superNATURAL tone generator function that will combine the most sophisticated of physical modeling algorithms with grand piano samples to give off a natural and a super-detailed piano sound that boasts long and beautiful resonances and decays.

The piano keyboard’s dynamic range comes from the multi-layered piano samples and the two powerful 11W speaker system – these two work together to provide that thunderous fortissimo and the soft pianissimos.

You might also like that the keyboard comes with 34 built-in tones, powerful speakers, a metronome with a good array of preset rhythms, a MIDI recorder, as well as the layer mode and its connectivity which means that you get to expand the keyboard’s capabilities.

It also has Bluetooth connectivity and access to the Piano Partner 2 app, which makes it easy for you to navigate the settings, sound, and its functions with ease. It also comes with Type A and Type B USB ports.


  • Realistic and powerful keyboard action
  • Great connectivity
  • Good selection of the built-in tones
  • A powerful keyboard that comes with an Escarpment and nice Ivory feel keys
  • Rich and natural piano sounds that come with string resonance and simulated key-offs
  • 34 built-in tones
  • Bluetooth MIDI connectivity
  • Powerful speaker system


  • No lesson function and you cannot practice the left and the right-hand parts of external or built-in songs. You must find a third-party app
  • It lacks a dedicated Line Out jack
  • It’s heavy

Casio Privia PX-S1000

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If you are looking for a feature-packed and a super-slim digital piano keyboard to enhance your skills in the piano playing world, this Casio PX-S1000 might be a great option for you.

As one of the new models by Casio, it holds up well against its competition, and you might like it because it boasts that expensive feel and look, while boasting a huge array of advanced features.

It looks great as it boasts a nice black, glossy minimalist design, and it has touch-based controls (illuminated), all features that make this keyboard really standout.

Despite the ultra-slim design, this Casio keyboard has high-quality speakers fitted, and it also features a great fully-weighted key action thanks to the new Smart Scaled Hammer Action (Check The Price).

While this design and the action of the keys mean that playing towards the keys at the back is harder, playing has become significantly quieter.

The keys aren’t as bouncy, and they have been scaled individually with material that simulates the real ebony and ivory coating in the older grand acoustic pianos.

It also boasts an excellent sound selection thanks to the use of piano samples from the g-foot concert grand piano and the enhancement of the sounds with the best of resonance modeling algorithms, all of which work to give you the sparkle and the liveliness that’s missing from most other musical instruments.

You might also like this keyboard because it has sound tweaking functions that allow you to adjust parameters like the damper resonance, string resonance, on/off key action noise, and the damper noise.

The other features include the built-in 18 tones, 60 preset songs, versatility from its battery-powered option, an audio port for streaming, and Bluetooth audio. It lacks the Bluetooth MID function, but you can use the Chordana app for more functions.


  • Great keyboard for gigging
  • It has a slim, futuristic design
  • It boasts a solid keyboard action
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries, hence its portability
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • 192-note polyphony
  • Well nuanced and natural piano sounds with adjustment options


  • No MIDI Bluetooth function
  • No-touch sensitivity function
  • The length of the key pivot is too short

Korg SP280 88-Key Piano

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Designed with ivory-white-colored keys and a black matte finish, this keyboard piano could be a great option for you because it comes with numerous important features, including adjustable height, and being a full-length 88-key keyboard, it’s an excellent option for an intermediate player.

It boasts a rich acoustic feel, can be used for live performances, and the 8-key hammer action means that it will be much easier for you to try out different playing styles.

It also comes with stereo headphones for private practice, and high-quality speakers. You might also like the responsiveness of the keys and their touch sensitivity, which can be normal, heavy, or light.


  • It has a lightweight design which makes it portable
  • It has an authentic vintage feel
  • Natural and reliable weighted hammer action for the keys offers great, natural acoustic sound
  • Comes with stereo headphones
  • Rich, dynamic sounds
  • 30 high-quality sounds
  • Damper and soft, sostenuto pedals
  • It has pitch transpose and fine-tuning features
  • It comes with a folding metal stand that attaches easily
  • Polyphonic sounds included


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

Yamaha P-125

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This Yamaha P-125 is an excellent option for intermediate piano players as it boasts the perfect blend of features and functions to help you master the art of the piano. It’s a portable piano and part of Yamaha’s Portable/ P series.

A full-key weighted piano keyboard, this keyboard boasts the true, Graded hammer Standard/ GHS keyboard action, which has been proven as the best option for entry and intermediate-level pianos.

This is also the most basic fully-weighted action of Yamaha pianos, and it’s quite decent for a learner keyboard. The GHS system makes use of a 2-sensor system of detection, and it also comes with some of the smoothest plastic, black keys with a matte finish, for that nice, non-slippery feel.

The other winning features of this Yamaha P-125 (Check Price SP) include the sound engine (Pure CF) that provides an excellent grand-piano like sound.

It also comes with a 192-note polyphony meaning that you can hear all the details of your performance with no notes cut off.

Then there’s the 2-way speaker system made of 4 speakers, each fitted with two 7W amps, hence the delivery of a rich and a well-balanced sound.

You might also like that this piano keyboard allows you to record 2 tracks for every song, and it also features a MIDI recorder, as well as a metronome and also transpose functions and modes (Duo, Dual and Split modes).


  • USB audio interface
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • 2-track MIDI recorder
  • Dedicated Line out jacks
  • Great speaker system
  • 192-note polyphony
  • Nice sampled grand piano sounds
  • Accompaniment rhythms (20 built-in)


  • Very limited sound customization options
  • No temperament functions
  • No Bluetooth

Final Thoughts

These are some of the best-quality keyboards for intermediate players. While there are non-weighted options on the market, these full-length, 88-key keyboards all feature a weighted hammer action, which means that the keyboard provides a natural acoustic sound, the same as you’d experience with the grand pianos.

As a result of the natural acoustic effect, these weighted key keyboards are ideal for intermediate players.

At the end of the day, you need to be able to play the real thing, albeit competitively, which is why the keyboards above some of the best options for you.

I hope you enjoyed this post discussing our recommendations of the Best Keyboard for Intermediate Players.

If you have any more recommendations, questions or feedback, please comment below.


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