Best Online Guitar Lessons

Learning the guitar is a skill that many of us want to achieve. Some of us just want to strum along on an acoustic guitar, enjoying its gentle, rich sounds. Others want to jam out like Hendrix or Santana, making amazing sounds happen on an electric guitar. No matter your goals, using one of the best online guitar lessons will stand to you no matter what your skill level.

After all, a solid guitar playing; whether it is for fun, a career, or just your own satisfaction, starts with getting quality lessons from a reliable source.

These great lessons, plus practice, dedication and patience will make you great and take you wherever you want to go. Let’s get started.

Best Online Guitar Lessons

I have listed below what I think are the best online guitar lessons available right now. I go into more detail about each one below.

  • Guitar Tricks (Winner Best Online Guitar Lessons)
  • Jam Play (2nd)
  • Fender Play (Best For Beginners)
  • Jamorama (Best One off Payment)
  • Justin Guitar (Best Free)

Guitar Tricks – Best Online Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks is really amazing, and their website features a lessons page with the tabs right beside the video lesson. That’s the first thing we noticed about this great site. I think this is not only the best online guitar lessons for beginners, but also for advanced guitarists.

The Guitar Tricks lessons are varied in their length and come in a series of individual parts/steps, instead of just being one long lesson.

This will make it a breeze to learn a solo you might struggle with otherwise. It really made us feel we are processing and learning to play guitar online with each completed step. It motivated us to keep going.

The videos load quickly, and you can use the A/B looping that let you repeat the full video or a certain segment continuously, which is important when you are trying to master a song.

You can also slow down the song as you learn also. The video quality is amazing, 4K to be exact, it just looks pristine. There are different camera angles you can enjoy too.

The instructors are brilliant and keep you motivated and playing right along. The advanced lessons will keep you challenged also.

You can enjoy learning the fundamentals of blues, country or rock music to keep your skills and abilities fresh and varied.

Here’s an example of one of the lessons:


Final Verdict

It is just $200 for a full years’ membership, a great price for what you get. The instructors, videos and lessons are all challenging but not too hard.

We really couldn’t find a lot of cons with this program, aside from the fact that there is nothing available for bass guitar players.

However, the value and quality of the program is worth your time. You also get a 2 week free trial to see you if you like it.

Jam Play

We really liked Jam Play because the format was easy to follow and there’s heaps of content.

Jam Play reminded us a lot of Guitar Tricks, which was another great program. You simply log in and get to work-right there on the dashboard, you will find the Lessons Tab.

Just click on that, and you can start working your way through four phases: Beginner, Genre and Skills, and Songwriting.

Upon starting the lesson, you will be taken to a page that has everything a person needs to know about the song and the techniques needed to master it.

The video player is easy to follow for a person holding onto a guitar. The video is in the center of the screen, and you can use the Scene Selection menu on the side to learn whatever part of the song you are most interested in.

This also gives you the chance to change lessons; just simply click on what you lesson want. The bottom of the page gives you the song tabs, the chance to download the song, and even the place to ask a teacher about your progress.

Final Verdict

Coming in at $160 for the year, we found this to be a pretty good value. There are over 6000 lessons to learn from and several different levels to work on.

You can enjoy features like live courses, and the online community loaded with members to help you and encourage you on your guitar journey.

One thing we did not like was that some lessons seemed incomplete. Some songs only show you parts that you can learn instead of the whole song. But for the price, you cannot beat it, plus the support is top notch. 

Fender Play – Best Beginner Friendly

Fender Play is one of the best online guitar courses available. It’s relatively new but has really hit the ground running and become a very popular.

Fender Play works a little like Guitar Tricks and Jam Play by offering a monthly subscription, but it’s a lot cheaper costing only $9.99 a month. That’s half the price.

Fender Play is design primarily for beginners just starting out. Once you start learning to play, you could outgrow Fender Play as you transition to a more advanced level.

You don’t get as much content as you would with Guitar Tricks (Link) & Jam Play (Link) but Fender Play still have 100’s videos and add content daily.

Their hands on videos are amazingly detailed that cover pretty much every inch of the guitar and from all angled.

They also release new songs with step by step tutorials how to play them weekly. This is brilliant for learning new current songs rather than the same old songs.

What quiet cool as well that you also have the option to learn bass guitar and ukulele with Fender Play.

Final Verdict

Fender Play is without a doubt one of the best online guitar lessons available to anyone looking to learn guitar online. It’s cheap and so easy to learn guitar with it.

I have done a much more detailed Fender Play Review. I would check that out as it goes into much more detail on the costs, course content and how it works.


online guitar lessons for beginners free

We really liked that Jamorama was clean and easy to follow. Navigation was definitely a breeze and students can start playing right away. It’s for sure one of best online guitar lessons for beginners.

The lesson page features a few different aspects such as a sidebar with a full course content listing, and a bar that measures your progress. You can also mark the lesson as complete, so you don’t repeat anything you don’t need to.

We found that the video player could be a little easier to use; there was no looping feature, or even speed control. Having these options are really handy when starting out and learning finger positions, chords, etc.

Having it loop automatically is saves you starting the video over each time or stopping/rewinding the certain spot.

The lesson quality is high. All of their videos are clear and professional with great audio and teachers. You can also download PDF exercise docs, making it easy to pull them on a phone or tablet and practice anywhere.

We also liked that learning with Jamorama was like a game. You can use the Gamefield Learning feature to get points and badges that show your achievements. It really keeps you motivated.

Beginner lessons are fun and easy to follow. For five weeks, you will learn chords, strumming, and riffs, getting you confident and ready. Beginners will not get discouraged.

Final Verdict

For $99, a one time, never pay again fee, you get access to all this great material. It is a great bargain! You can enjoy 275 lessons in total, which will keep you busy for a long time.

You will enjoy the community aspect of it too-chat online with other users, ask questions, and overall get help perfecting what you need to work on.

This program is really good for beginners who want to learn to play guitar online. However, if you are advanced and looking to gain even more skill, we advise looking elsewhere.

You will also probably need to look at a more advanced option like Guitar Tricks when you get past the beginner stage.

Sure, you can learn a new style, like blues, but beyond that, there is a lack of songs to play with and not a lot of advanced skill tutorials. All in all, it’s a great place to start, and you should try out a free trial membership to see if it is for you.

You Can Find More Info On This Here –

Justin Guitar

This website recently went through an overhaul and is a lot more efficient and useful than it was in the past.

It used to be that everything was on the side, but now it is all at the top and is much more streamlined than before. It actually reminded us of Guitar Tricks (mentioned above) a bit.

The lessons all follow a similar structure, which is great because familiarity will help you learn.

You click on the lesson page and start with a video lesson. Then, you can find some tips, chords and text that will ultimately help you perfect your technique.

Everything is on YouTube, so you can take it anywhere and access it no matter where you are.

You will already know how to work it from watching YouTube videos, slowing things down, speeding them up, subtitles, etc. No special platform to learn here.

Because it is free, do not expect clear, crystal audio, different camera angles, or any “extras”. It is not a bad thing, but you do get what you pay for. Justin just sort of sits wherever and plays the guitar, which is fine, but is not as “refined” as a paid site.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of free tutorial sites out there on the web, but these do not come close to the quality and comprehensive nature of Justin Guitar.

Justin is very committed to bringing people guitar lessons that work, and it really shows.

There are tons of lessons you can choose from no matter your ability level, and all the reference materials you get along with the lessons make them high quality.

Everything is user friendly and provides a nice, upbeat place to start learning guitar.

You Can Find More Info On This Here –

Which One Should You Pick?

Any of these programs will be good for you as you start your guitar journey. Each of these programs make it easy for you to start on guitar and have fun while doing it.

Take a look for yourself, as well as your budget, to see what you can afford and go from there. You will be a skilled player before you know it. Practice, dedication and hard work will take you and your guitar anywhere.

Personally I think Guitar Tricks is the real winner. The amount of content they have and how they go the extra mile for each user is really something they should be proud of.

Fender Play is also a great option for anyone beginning to learn guitar. It’s a very good course and also costs half the monthly cost of Guitar Tricks.

Can I Learn Guitar Online?

is it possible to learn the guitar online?

Thankfully, there is several methods that will help you learn without ever having to leave your house. You can learn online from a wide variety of websites that have one common goal-to teach you the guitar and help you master it.

You may be wondering, can I learn the guitar online? Yes! Granted, there are a few drawbacks, even with the best online guitar courses.

For example, you will not get the same treatment as you would get with a real live teacher in front of you to help with chords or key changes, or help you adjust if you sound “off”.

You will also not be able to ask questions directly, rather you may have to email or post a video of what is bothering you to get some help.

But the good things far outnumber the bad. You can rewind tutorials as many times as you like, and you can practice anytime. Plus, online sources state that it is possible to learn online.

One article from VICE News showed a guy who was successful at learning guitar online, and there are also numerous YouTube videos that show people positively reviewing some of the programs we will talk about today.

Disclosure: We may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. However, this does not impact our reviews and comparisons. We try our best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

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