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Classical pianists take their piano playing to whole other level. They are passionate about playing and have an acute ear for sound quality. Performance and sound quality are crucial to meet their demands. Now if you are reading this post, you are likely looking for the best digital pianos for classical pianists.

I have compiled a list of not only what I feel are the best digital pianos for classical music; but are also reasonably priced, easy to acquire and can be delivered right to your door.

Best Digital Piano for Classical Pianists

Yamaha Arius YDP-144

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The Yamaha Arius YDP-144 is the perfect place to start. It’s beautifully styled with a traditional finish but with a modern twist that seems to naturally blend into any environment.

The Arius YDP-144 is a high performing piano that looks great but is also affordable and should meet the demands of a classical pianist. The perfect addition to anyone’s home or office.


You are here looking for the best digital pianos for classical pianists, well this is one of them with a doubt.

Although it’s an affordable digital piano; you are getting a grand piano feel and sound with Yamaha’s CFX concert and their graded hammer standard keyboard.

The highs paired with a beautiful bass make up an amazing sound quality that projects to the room.

The 88 key piano made with ivory and ebony keys has the classical feel and touch to the piano that will continue to appeal to the classical enthusiasts.

The graded hammer keyboard has multiple sensor configurations that can interpret the pianists behaviour providing amazing quality, control and performance.

I like the sheet music holder as well that comes with this, it’s perfect for holding a sheet music or maybe you tablet if you are learning piano online.

The Yamaha Arius YDP-144 is one of the best digital pianos for classical pianists available to buy right now.

Casio Privia PX-770

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The Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano is similar in design to Yamaha mentioned above. It’s a slim compact design that has some classical roots to it but has a modern finish that blends in naturally with your furniture.

The Casio Privia PX-770 is nice, simple and performs well – exactly what a classical pianists wants.

There’s a keyboard cover that pulls out, a music stand for your sheet music or tablet, 3 pedals and matching bench for you to sit.

It is nicely priced. We are looking for the best digital pianos for classical pianists, not a 10K grand piano, so we want it to be affordable.

You can pick this for around $700-$800 depending on the extras you choose from (at the time of this post).

On Amazon you get a few extras as well included such as headphones, instructional DVD, and music magazine.


The Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano has a beautiful sound and feel. The 88 weighted hammer keys are made from ebony and ivory and give you that grand piano feel.

You can adjust the sensitively of the hammer keys to match your own personal playing style and the delay between the keys and sound produced.

Paired with amazing sound quality, the PX-770 is a amazing digital piano that can replicate that grand piano sound.

It’s award winning Air Sound offers a realistic resonance along with 19 instrument tones to choose from. What’s cool about the PX-770 is that you can layer and split the 19 tones.

The Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano is the perfect digital piano regardless of skill level. Wether you are are skilled player or complete beginner, the PX-770 can work for you.

It offers a cool duet/lesson mode. This is a nice feature for the home users, especially if you are a parent and would like to play with your child; or they are getting lessons.

You can also record your playing sessions and play them back to dial in your playing and practices.

The Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano is as close to an acoustic sound a digital piano can get; and for me it makes it one of the best digital pianos for classical pianists.

I had a look at other reviews on Amazon and much of the consensus is the same. I would check them out to see what they are saying

Casio Privia PX-160

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The Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano is probably the most popular of the bunch so far with the sheer number of people who have purchased it over the years and at one of the most affordable prices.

You can pick up the PX-160 for around $500- $650 (Depending on the bundle you choose), the cheapest of the digital pianos I’ve mentioned so far.

It’s easy to see why the Casio Privia PX-160 is one of the best digital pianos for classical pianists. It’s so reasonably priced but I think it also outperforms its price. You are getting so much for your money with the PX-160.


Again like the digital pianos I’ve mentioned already, you are getting weighted hammer action 88 keys with ebony and ivory textures.

The resistance in the keys is brilliant and really allows you to match it to your playing style and technique.

You are getting some other excellent features that you might not expect for a digital piano of this price such as duet mode, split and layer options and built in recorders.

If you are buying a digital piano to play classical music but not break the bank, this could be one the right one for you.

You can mess around with the different bundle options that change the price a little but I would make sue you get the matching bench. It just looks classier and seems more complete.

You can place it under the keyboard rather than having an old wooden chair or worse and office chair sitting in front of it. Keep it classy!

Yamaha YDP164R (Rosewood Finish)

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I’m just going to straight into and mention the finish here. Regardless of performance, price, etc, the Rosewood finish is my favourite thing about this digital piano.

I know you can get this in black if you wanted to, but I wouldn’t. I think the rosewood finish is just sensational and it’s what sets this digital piano apart from the rest and makes it a great digital piano for classical music.

You can also get it in white, and white ash also but the rosewood finish is the nicest in my opinion.

Yamaha YDP164R Arius is on the higher end of the price bracket and falls into the premium pricing for digital pianos. The Yamaha YDP164R Arius could set you back around $1500 (or $1300 for a used one).


You are getting a full set of 88 weighted key with a 3 pedal unit (soft, sostenuto and damper) and built in stereo speakers. The GHS weighted keys are are heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys.

The Yamaha YDP164R is like an acoustic piano and will appeal to the classical pianist. The black keys are designed to soak up moisture (sweat) to allow for extended long piano sessions and keep to maintain performance and not let the keys get slippery.

Yamaha’s success with Piano’s and digital pianos over the years was no fluke. They take their sound quality very serious and it’s well regarded.

With the Yamaha YDP164R Arius you are getting CFX Premium Grand Piano Voice that matches the quality of Yamaha’s flagship CFX grand piano. A sound quality found on many stages around the world. You will know the resonant bass and beautiful high ends.

With the YDP164R Arius you are getting plenty of sound options. 10 in total that include various CFX options, Organs, electric, orchestral and more. Listen to playback through your headphones or 20W amplified speakers.

This piano is create for messing around. You can experiment with this piano using layers, dual play, multiple functions and record/playback all of this.

Smart Pianists App

The Smart Pianists App to control is great to configure the keyboard parameters to your desired settings to maximise your performances.

To be honest, to maximise the benefit of this piano, you need to use the app to get everything moving together. It might be a little much for an absolute beginner but nothing a few YouTube tutorials can’t fix.

I will say that if you do order the YDP164R Arius, make sure you have someone to help you set it up when delivered. It’s made of high-quality materials and is very heavy. Just a note you might need someone strong to help you set it up.

Roland F-140R Digital Piano

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The Roland Compact F-140R is everything you’d expect from Roland. Stylish and high performing offering amazing rich tones of an acoustic grand pianos that classical pianists want. The Roland Compact is one of the best pianos for classical pianists I think.

The Roland F-140R is designed more so for home use rather than professional use.

It’s designed with the purpose to pack a high performance digital piano in a compact unit that is perfect for any home or apartment. Which I think it succeeded doing.

You can get the Roland Compact F-140R in two finishes, contemporary black and satin white.

The style of this piano is beautiful. It’s style is the perfect fit for modern designed homes and apartments. There’s also a pullout cover for the keyboard for when its not in use.

The Roland Compact F-140R is slightly more on the expensive side; especially when compared to other models I mentioned in this post. Right now you can get it for around $1999.99


The Roland F-140R has a beautiful rich authentic tone with a classical acoustic sound with Roland’s SuperNatural sound engine.

With 88 weighted keys, hammer action and ivory feel, you are getting amazing sound and feel of classical grand pianos. Roland’s advanced sensitively keyboard allows to experiment with their huge tonal range.

You can also play the Roland F-140R in a 3D effect using the headphones provided. This allows you to get lost in your performance and block out all surroundings and distractions.

The Roland F-140R allows yo to be creative and create your own music. For example, with 72 rhythm styles, access to over 70,000 classical music scores, iOS apps and more you can unleash your inner creativity.

You can also use other instruments other than just acoustic piano. You can also use electric piano, strings, brass, guitar, and more. Record your sets and refine your performances.

Using USB and bluetooth you can connect your devices to the piano and control them via the piano controls. For example you can turn the sheet music pages on your iPad by using the pedals of the piano.

Check out what others have said about this piano on Amazon below. The piano gets very good reviews, except for one guy who went on an absolute rant which I think would’ve happened with no matter what he bought.

Best Digital Pianos for Classical Piano Players

Best Digital Pianos for Classical Pianists

I hope you liked my post outlining what I feel are the best digital pianos for classical pianists available right now.

The post didn’t go overboard on price and ranged my options between $500 and $2000.

I would recommend you read some of the Amazon reviews and see what other real customers said about the pianos.

If you need some help learning to play piano I would check out Piano For All or Flowkey. They are great options to help you learn to play piano.


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