Martin LXK2 Review | Should You Buy It?

In this Martin LXK2 review, we take a closer look at one of the best-balanced guitars that the brand has to offer right now. This guitar features a compact size, a durable construction, and gives you excellent performance at the same time.

In addition to all of these great features, the guitar also comes at a price that most competitor options with similar qualities are unable to beat.

The Martin brand of guitars has been offering top-quality instruments to the world for more than a century. The brand still continues to be among the highest-rated options when it comes to buying a guitar.

Guitars from the Martin brand have been used by many celebrities as well. Think the likes of Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Ed Sheeran, and Johnny Cash.

Martin has a large number of guitars for customers to choose from. For those who need something more compact, the Little Martin range of guitars is ideal.

With so many options in this range to choose from; you might find yourself confused – which one will serve your needs best?

But the Martin LXK2 is one that you should really consider. Let’s dig a little deeper into the key features of the Martin LXK2 to find out why.

Key Features Of The Martin LXK2

The main feature of the Martin LXK2 that attracts a lot of musicians is the compact size of the guitar.

While the Little Martin range of guitars has a few different options for customers to choose from; this is the smallest one in the range.

What this means is the Martin LXK2 guitar is an ideal companion for musicians who often find themselves traveling.

In addition to the compact size, other noteworthy features that come with the purchase of the Martin LXK2 guitar include:

  • The product features a solid High-Pressure Laminate construction to reduce the chances of damage caused by bumps and environmental conditions.
  • A brand-exclusive FSC Certified solid Richlite bridge is used in the construction of the Martin LXK2 guitar.
  • The design of the guitar makes it a great choice for both children and adults; and it offers the perfect layout for beginners who want to learn guitar.
  • The guitar comes at a price that is lower than many competitors ¾ guitars; particularly when the features and quality are taken into consideration.
  • Even though the guitar features a small and compact body; it is still able to deliver exceptional quality and tone in terms of sound.
  • The purchase of the Martin LXK2 guitar comes with an accompanying carry bag for easier transit during travels. This also doubling as a protective case to keep the guitar safe when you are not using it.


Martin LXK2 Review

In this Martin LXK2 review, we start by considering the design of the guitar. In terms of design, you will find that there are no natural materials used in the construction of the entire instrument.

Instead of utilizing real wooden material, the Martin LXK2 instead features a body that is constructed from High-Pressure Laminate material. This is a plastic material made to provide a similar appearance to wood.

The Martin brand used a special FSC Certified Richlite bridge design for the neck of the guitar. The product also features a patented neck mortise, which offers you better comfort while playing.

The design is made in such a way to be good for beginners who have never played the guitar before.

The product is also an ideal choice for children; particularly due to the compact design of both the body itself and the neck of the guitar.

The top High-Pressure Laminate material features a Koa Pattern design. This particular feature is for aesthetic purposes only but does offer a convenient element for many musicians who would like a guitar with a real wooden appearance.

The one-inch Sitka Spruce bracing adds to the overall durability and the aesthetics of the Martin LXK2 guitar.


Martin LXK2 Review

When looking at a Martin LXK2 review, you also want to know about the performance of the guitar.

The lack of natural materials might seem like a drawback in terms of sound quality. But the patented design from the Martin brand does make up for the use of High-Pressure Laminate material.

The guitar features six strings that made from steel. Even though compact; the structure of the guitar is still able to produce excellent quality sound. This is perfect even for some of the more experienced musicians who could be seen as the pros.

This is also a sturdy option that features high-quality construction. The Martin LXK2 (Check Price Here) can easily withstand bumps and knocks. Even certain elemental conditions specifically due to the lack of natural materials used.

The strong design makes it perfect for any musician who does a lot of remote gigs. You will need a guitar that can take some bumps along the road.


Considering the guitar is made by the Martin brand, quality is to be expected; but this usually comes at a price.

However, the great thing about the Martin LXK2 is that the company provides an all-around balanced guitar to its customers.

The price of Martin LXK2 is around $329 (at the time of this review anyway.)

In addition to being the smallest guitar in the Little Martin range; this particular product is also one of the more affordable options that you can choose from.

Final Verdict

The Martin LXK2 Little Martin Guitar is the smallest of the range. It comes with the performance that you would expect from this brand’s original instruments.

The compact design of the guitar makes it a great travel companion. While the features still provide the appropriate performance and sound that you need to play like a pro.

The only real drawback for some people who are interested in the Martin LXK2 is the fact that the product is primarily made from High-Pressure Laminate.

At the same time, the use of HPL material does add to the durability of the guitar. Providing better protection against bumps, while also reducing the risk of damage from water and other elements.

The guitar also has several unique features, including the FSC, certified solid Richlite bridge, which is exclusive to the Martin brand.

The product features a good balance between features, sound, and pricing. We provided a comprehensive overview of the guitar in this Martin LXK2 review to help you make a more informed decision.


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