Piano Marvel Review | Does It Work?

Marvel Piano is becoming very popular among new piano enthusiasts. I was very excited to my Piano Marvel Review. I dive into all aspects of this course to see if it really is a good online piano program worth buying.

How Does Piano Marvel Work?

Piano Marvel works by teaching its students using short frequent short interactive lessons.

The short lessons are easy to follow and allow you to be fully focused during the short lesson. This is great for beginners so they don’t get overwhelmed with information.

Each section is broken down into 20 short lessons. Each lesson can also be downloaded into a PDF for using on the go or for a quick refresh when needed.

You can use Piano Marvel on your laptop or download the app on your iPad. However, either way you will need to be connected to the internet in some way.

 Piano Marvel Review

What I really liked about Piano Marvel is how they get you playing the piano in the very first lesson.

Some online piano lessons do tend to do a long boring intro’s that can be annoying if I’m honest; especially when all the user wants to do is to get started.

With each lesson starts by you learning about the note values how to play them. From there then you will learn the finger numbering and placement.

I do think they do this a little backwards. I think you should be learning the finger placement before you start playing notes etc; but either way you get their in the end.

As you go through the lesson and get to the final steps of each lesson, you will find the songs are quiet easy to follow.

You will see a person live playing the piano with the chords been showing to show you what to do (see below).

Piano Marvel Review

I wish the keys were labelled for this, because it would be easier to learn when doing new songs. If you know the names of the keys combined with the natural muscle memory getting used to the keys.

Piano Marvel likes to keep you motivated by earning trophies. Learning piano can be difficult and stressful at times. By setting goals, targets and achieving trophies, I feel it does keep you motivated to keep going.

Learn Your Favourite Songs

While doing my Piano Marvel Review, I think one of the reasons it has become so popular is the amount of songs they teach you how to play.

You have over 3000 songs to choose from. These will include a mix of old, new songs and some classical sounds.

You can also filter the songs by difficultly – Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and professional.

There’s over 800 beginner and nearly 2000 intermediate songs to learn. So if you are a beginner, you will have heaps of songs to keep yourself busy.

In this example, I used Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Perfect’. Piano Marvel breaks this down step by step and shows you the songs chords and how to play the song.

Does Piano Marvel Work?

From here Piano Marvel will give you all the chords you need in order to play the song.

However, if I had one bad thing to say about this would be a video showing the keys would make a huge difference.

For example, Flowkey Piano will show you the all the chords and also highlight they relevant keys. For example see below from my Flowkey Review.

Don’t get me wrong, Piano Marvel is brilliant and offers a more old school way of learning with theory. But, I much prefer the Flowkey Piano way.

How Much Does Piano Marvel Cost?

Piano Marvel price has two payment options. Monthly or annually subscriptions.

Most people use the monthly subscription method which will cost you $15.99 ($12.99 with my discount code) . This is a very good price and cheaper than a lot of other online piano lessons that require a subscription.

The cheapest option is to get an annual subscription which will save you a lot of money, even with my discount code for the monthly subscription.

An annual account will cost you $110.99. This works out at $9.24/monthly which is very good value and one of the cheapest online piano lesson prices available.

However, I would recommend you try a monthly subscription first and then maybe look at doing an annual subscription once you are sure it’s right for you.

Piano Marvel Discount Code

The good news is, I have a discount code for you to get nearly 20% off.

By using your promo code ‘instrument‘ a subscriber you can activate a monthly account for $12.99 instead of $15.99.

Does It Work?

Piano Marvel Review

Yes, Piano Marvel does work very well. You will learn piano using this course.

I would say after doing my Piano Marvel Review that this online program is more suited to people who enjoy both the playing and theory aspect of learning piano.

Because, I will honest, there’s quiet a bit of theory involved. Where’s some courses are a bit more learn as you do.

Piano Marvel is very popular for adults looking to learn piano. Either way, Piano Marvel is a very good piano course that will well worth your time.

Don’t forget to use my discount code ‘Instrument‘ to avail of a monthly discount.


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