Singing Tips For Bad Singers

Many people love to sing but are terrible at it. Fortunately, there are some singing tips for bad singers. There are many times somebody gets up to sing, be it karaoke or a professional stage, and leaves people wondering how to deal with the embarrassment.

The fact is, if you can talk, you can sing. Granted, some people have raw talent, while others don’t. But singing is something you can be taught, not something you are born with.

And no matter your singing experience, there are things you can do to get better.

Separate the Musician from the Instrument

Singing Tips For Bad Singers

Say someone gave you a violin which you have never played before, for your birthday. Your first attempt at playing is likely to be a window-shattering screech.

Do you blame the violin? No. In the hands of a skilled player, it can produce beautiful music.

The same goes for your voice. Your voice is an instrument. The only reason it may sound terrible at first is that you don’t know how to use it.

Even if someone magically gifted you with an ‘awesome’ voice like Whitney Houston’s or R. Kelly’s, you still wouldn’t be able to do jack with it. Not unless you practiced first.

Takeaway number one: don’t write your voice off as useless. It may be bad now, but there’s a lot you can do to make it sound better.

Opinions, opinions…

The other thing with singing is that past a certain point; it is all about people’s opinions. One person may perceive your voice as terrible, while another will see it as unique.

Look at people like Louis Armstrong. He doesn’t even really sing; it is more of a rough, gravelly yelling.

Yet people love the guy. And a school grade teacher once told Shakira she sounds like a goat bleating!

So put aside what people are telling you about your voice. Take some time to practice and polish up your weaker areas. Record and listen to yourself afresh.

Do as many auditions as you can for voiceovers, theatre roles, and whatever else you can get. It may take a while, but you may just find your perfect spot in the voice industry.

No, You Don’t Get It. My Voice Is REALLY Bad

Okay, let’s face it. You are not the next Christina Aguilera or Bruno Mars (or whoever you idolize). But does that mean you can’t sing? No. Your voice may sound ‘bad,’ but what does that really mean?

Singing Off Pitch

It is the main reason people perceive a singer’s voice as ‘bad.’ You may be convinced that you are hitting the right note, but it takes a listener’s ear to determine whether that’s really the case.

Getting the Rhythm Wrong

Another reason people can perceive singing as bad is if you can’t keep the time. Either you sing the notes before they should be sung, or after.

Zero to Not-Quite-Hero

You may be completely tone-deaf, or you may think you are fairly good, just not quite good enough to sing that one song.

No matter where you are on this scale of zero to not-quite-hero, there are things you can do to get better.

Don’t think you are going to get there sitting on your couch eating a banana sundae. You’ll have to put in some good, honest work if you want to get better at singing.

But the good news is that it can be done, and may not even take too long.

How Do You Sing Good If You Are A Bad Singer?

How Do You Sing Good If You Are A Bad Singer?

Let’s begin by working out what exactly your goal is. Is there a performance that you just can’t get out of, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself?

Or maybe you want to sing at your best friend’s wedding, and want to sound at least passably good.

And maybe you want to make singing your career but are struggling to get good enough. Whatever the case, some of the tips I share here are bound to work for you.

These are my best singing tips for bad singers:

Get a Voice Coach

It is an excellent move if you are in a situation where how well you sing can have a significant impact on your life.

Say you landed a movie role that expects you to sing. Or you’re heading for an audition that can land you in the big leagues. A one-on-one voice coach is expensive but can be well worth it.

There are lots of books and video courses, paid and free, that will talk about bad singing and how to fix it. But these are generalized.

A voice coach will be able to point out exactly where the problem is and what is causing it. He or she can then give you targeted exercises tailored to you.

Take Some Online Classes

If a one-on-one voice coach is too expensive or just isn’t your thing, you can also try online singing courses. There are many good courses available, especially for beginners and intermediate singers.

These courses will not be tailored to your specific needs, and you may not progress as fast as you would with a one-on-one coach.

But they’re much more affordable, and you can do them any time, anywhere, at your own pace.

30 Day Singer is our Number 1 Recommendation and it’s probably the most popular online singing course on the market right now.

Their program is easy to follow, has some amazing video tutorials, and covers everything from beginners level right up to advanced level singing techniques.

You can read my full 30 Day Singer Review where I cover the course in depth of what it can offer.

They have given our readers Free Access For 14 Days to try their program. It’s well worth checking out, especially some of the more advanced videos.

Work On Your Performance

Okay, so you don’t have a great-sounding voice. If you’re just prepping for one show for your friends or at work, you definitely won’t be spending any kind of vocal training.

One thing people often overlook is that singing performance is much more than just a voice. People will like a singer that can incorporate movement and theatrics into their performance much more than one who just stands still.

  • Practice adding hand and head gestures to your song
  • If you can dance, go for it!
  • Even if you can’t dance, choreograph movement into your song

Go Back To The Basics

Whether you’re a seasoned singer or just prepping for one (hopefully) fun performance, this is something that can do wonders for your singing real quick.

It’s easy to overlook these small things, but they can make the difference between a wonderful natural vibrato and a breathy squeak.

  • Check that you have the correct singing posture.
  • Practice the diaphragmatic breath
  • Warm your voice up before you sing

If you want some training on the basics, the free trial on the program below should be of benefit.

Target Specific Areas

Let’s take another scenario. You’ve been working on your singing for a while, and you know your weak points. Well, that’s half the battle won.

Nobody likes working on the things they suck at. But perk up, stop dragging your feet, and get to it.

The sooner you strengthen your weaker areas, the sooner you’ll become a better singer.

Increase Your Vocal Range

Your vocal range is limited by your physicality, so there are notes you’ll never be able to hit. But there are some higher (and lower) notes that are very much within your reach if only you practice.

There are several exercises and techniques to expand your vocal range to its maximum limits safely. You won’t hear results overnight, but it’s well worth the effort.

Make Your Voice Stronger

A strong, powerful voice can project well. It doesn’t matter how lovely your voice sounds if you’re mumbling, and nobody can hear you. It is an easier thing to achieve than, for example, learning vibrato.

So if you sing often enough for it to matter, this is definitely something to work on.

Learn to Listen

It may sound obvious, but hearing a song is not the same as listening to it. If there’s a particular song you’re working on, get a quiet spot, sit down, and listen. Really, really listen.

If you are having trouble with the rhythm, this is the best way to get it right. You’ll also discover all sorts of nuances you hadn’t noticed before.

Understanding the song and lyrics translates into you being able to perform the song better yourself.

Find Your Style

One simple reason someone may be labeled a bad singer is the fact that they’re singing a style not suited to their voice. Maybe you love Aretha Franklin, but if your voice isn’t cut out for it, it isn’t.

You can train yourself to sing better in that style, but ultimately, you’re best off wherever your voice naturally fits. So stop trying to sing like someone else, and be yourself.

Find a style that works well for your voice and grow in it. It is a rare singer that can pull off multiple styles equally well.

Don’t Let Judgement Define You

Forget the popular belief that you are either born to be a singer or not. That’s simply not true. Anyone can learn to sing. And while you may not be able to sing like a diva, you can get better, no matter your current abilities.

Whether you just want to sing for fun or see singing as your career, hard work matters much more than ‘talent.’ So, be honest with yourself, figure out what you need to improve on, and get to work.


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