Best Weighted Keyboards Under 300

I’ll be honest right from the get go; there aren’t many options available for the best weighted keyboards under 300.

If you want a good weighted keyboard piano, I think you might need to willing to spend a little more but I will give you best options I can find under $300.

Alesis Recital

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The Alesis Recital is probably the best weighted keyboards under 300. However there is a catch. They keyboard has semi weighted keys rather than hammer action weighted keys.

You are getting semi weighted keys with this keyboard piano, but you can still adjust the touch sensitivity to suit certain playing styles. If you are looking for a starter piano; this might be a good place to start.

Premium Sound

Best Weighted Keyboard Under $300

Even though its quiet a small build, this piano packs plenty power with a pretty decent sound engine accompanied with a number of voices & FX.

You get a choice of premium sounds like acoustic, electric, synth, bass and organ. Along with a large number of FX to choose from.

Get creative and combine built in voices using layering and splitting sounds to your right and left hands using the split mode option.

The Alesis Recital is an Amazon exclusive and one of the few brand new weighted keyboards under $300 that I can find anywhere.

100% Portable

One thing I really like about the Alesis Recital is how its completely portable. You don’t need a power source all the time to play this keyboard.

If you are playing piano at home; sometimes you might need to get out of the house for being too busy or loud. Perhaps you want to go outside if its a nice day.

Not a problem with this with the battery power you can play the keyboard on the go without any power to mains.

Connect External Devices

Using USB Midi you can connect external devices like PC, MAC, iOS & Android devices. This is great for connecting external recording or producing software with additional instrument sounds, audio clips, etc.

Free Online Lessons Included

Another thing I must mentioned is the 3 months premium subscription lessons included. Skoove is an online piano course that is great for beginners learning piano; and 3 months subscription is included for free.

You also get the option to choose from a 2 month subscription of Take lessons which offers unlimited amounts of live lessons. I will leave it to you which one you choose.

However in my opinion my favourite online piano courses are Piano For All & Flowkey Piano.

No products found.

Weighted keyboards Options Under $300

There’s very few options under to $300 to choose from if you are looking for weighted keys. I recently did a post on some cheap digital pianos with weighted keys that you should check out.

However you will find most of them cost more than $300. Weighted keyboards are just more expensive as they are a much better quality of keyboard piano.

However there is a solution if you wanted to try it. You can buy one second hand on eBay or Craigslist. However you might need to do this at caution as you are not covered with the same warranties and they could be damaged.

I have a post done on Buying A Guitar On eBay that might be worth checking out. I know its a different product but the same buying principals apply.

For example – how to find products, how to distinguish from good/bad sellers, the questions to ask, things to look out for, etc.

See below an image for a search for “Weighted Keyboard 88”, Filtered by ‘Used’ & ‘Under $750’. You can see some used options available for less than $200.


Craigslist is another place to look at. Do a search online first for ‘weighted keyboard pianos’ and jot down some of the best models available.

Search for those options on your local craigslist and see if there’s some reasonably priced options around. Reach out to the seller to find out more about the price, condition, etc.

If you are unsure how to find some decent options; I have a post on classical style digital pianos and made some recommendations to might help.

Best Weighted Keyboards Under 300

I know this wasn’t exactly a long post and might not have been what you wanted. I would love to list 5 or more of the best weighted keyboard pianos under 300 but the reality is they aren’t there (unless you buy used).

If you are serious about buying a decent weighted piano but don’t want to spend a fortune; do check out my cheap digital pianos with weighted keys post.


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